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Welcome to the Bayside Diner

Guest Dan F

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Welcome to the Bayside Diner, the place for long-term fans of the show to come together in a dedicated forum for the discussion of the Summer Bay years of 1988-2000.

Why the Bayside Diner? Well we decided to go with a name that would mean something to long-term fans, and the years of the Bayside Diner (which was seen on screen between 1989-2000) practically cover the whole era that this section aims to cover.

We hope that this place will provide you with a place to relax and indulge in a nice shake (in a metallic coloured plastic tumbler) of the nostalgia variety!

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Just a few friendly prods over a few points.

Can I post spoilers in here?

The definition of spoiler here is the same definition as it would be in the General Discussion threads. Whilst ideally we wouldn't want you to be posting wholly about say Martha and Jack's ill-fated wedding (which is 2000 onwards) , conversations about Martha's 1988 stint do not need to be ignorant to the fact that she has returned to the show in 2005.

"What's your favourite character?"

We already have a forum for polls and so if you're just wanting people to reply "Luke", "Shannon" and "Gypsy", that is ideally the forum you should lose. Ultimately, we want this part of the forum to be about discussion and not just lists of what people like and dislike. If you were to start a topic about the two main woman in Travis' life, we could discuss whether Kelly or Rebecca was the right man for him, it is perfectly acceptable to post a poll to get a general gist of opinion.

I only started watching in 2003. I feel left out.

Unfortunately there's not much we can do if you don't feel that you become involved in the conversations, apart perhaps from read them and take the opportunity to learn. If you get the chance to watch some episodes and begin to take more and more stuff in, you might find yourself being able to become involved in the conversations.

You're all talking about Lynn. Who's Lynn?

I know not every character is there and some are of rather scratchy quality, but I suggest that as well as rushing in asking questions, you check that the you can't read more here on the BTTB site.

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I think that having this additional forum is an excellent idea and will be a great place for people to talk about the good old days. Us oldies who can remember Bobby, Stevo, Carly, Celia, Viv, Frank and Roo are very grateful. :D

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