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All You Wanted

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Ok monster post coming up :P

So my new fic is here :D It's called All You Wanted and is a Jack and Martha based fic.

I have applied for a proof reader for this but as i haven't got one yet and i simply could not wait any longer to post this fic, i decided to post the first chapter and hopefully the rest of teh chapters will be proofed.

So my plan is to abandon all my other fics (excluyding it's gonna be love) and focus on this one. It's gonna be love is pretty easy to write at the moment

Type of story: long fiction

Rating: T/A

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: (SC) (V) (L)

Is Story being proof read: Yes but not the first chapter

Summary: keep reading

This first part of this fic will be about Jack and Martha in Year 12 and then later it will switch to 6 months in the future. At school Jack and Martha are the most popular kids, everyone thinks the should get together but they hate each other! Then something happens at a party that changes Martha's life forever. Also i would just liek to add that i know that somethings in this fic to do with teh HSC are not right, but i have made up my own rules and stuff to fit in with the storyline. e.g. they are at school leading up to their HSC and they get an assigment 2 weeks before the exams strat. Doesn't happen in real ife i know but in this fic it does :P

Character run-down:

Martha Mackenzie (18) - In year 12 at school. Most popular girl in school. Was not adopted and has one older brother Macca who will not be mentioned much. Tasha Andrews is her best friend and Jack Holden is her worst enemy. Everyone thinks they should be together but Jack and mArtha hate each other. Martha has a band of admiriers that follow her around, she calls tehr her friends but she really only has two good freinds Tasha Andrews and Jessica Brown. She does not care for school and is always getting into trouble. SHe is referred to as Martah or Mac by most but Jack Holden Calls her Mackenzie.

Tasha Andrews (18) - In year 12 at school. Martha Mackenzie's best friend. She also does not care for school and is always getting into trouble. She is going out with Kim Hyde who is Jack Holden's best friend.

Jack Holden (18) - In year 12 at school. Most popular boy in school and like Martha had a gang of admiriers thatt follow him around. Hates Martha MAckenzie and is best friends with Kim Hyde. Does not care abotu school and is always getting to trouble. Is called Holden by Martha.

Kim Hyde (18) - Best friends with Jack and is going out with Tasha Andrews.

I have also made a trailer that advertises the second part of the story which you can find

sorry for the quality of the sound <_<

so i don't know how often i will be able to update this fic but here goes


“Miss Mackenzie,” Mrs. Clark said, turning to Martha who had just bounced into the classroom late, “Late. Again.”

“Sorry Miss…” Martha said, trying to desperately trying to think of an excuse.

Truthfully she and her best friend, Tasha, had lost track of time, gossiping at the diner and if wasn’t for Colleen bundling them off to school, they would probably still be there.

“What excuse are you going to make this time?” Mrs. Clark asked as she turned back to the whiteboard and continued to write up notes. Martha rolled her eyes at her teachers back.

“Is Martha Mackenzie too good for school,” Jack Holden called out, laughing along with the rest of his gang of admirers. They only really laughed because Jack did, they did anything Jack did and they did anything he asked but Martha couldn’t comment because she had her own band of admirers that followed her wherever she went.

“That’ll be enough Mr. Holden,” Mrs. Clark said dryly, turning round to face her class. Martha made a face and gave him the finger before taking her usual seat at the back of the classroom.

“Miss Mackenzie, that was completely uncalled for!”

“I beg to differ,” Martha murmured under her breath as she got out her books.

“Martha,” the teacher said, walking down the aisle, “That’s the third time this week that you’ve been late to one of my classes and it’s only Tuesday!”

Martha mumbled a sorry under her breath.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it anymore, Martha, you’ve got your HSC starting in two weeks and you cannot afford to be missing anymore class time. Is that clear?”

“Crystal,” Martha said, smiling angelically. Mrs. Clark frowned at her and then walked back down to the front of the class.

“By the way, do you have any idea where Miss Tasha Roberts might be?”

“No,” Martha lied. Mrs. Clark raised her eyebrows. Truth be told, Martha new exactly where her best friend was: in a spare classroom making out with her boyfriend, Kim who unfortunately for Martha was Jack’s best friend.

“As I was saying,” Mrs. Clark said turning back to the class, “Before Miss Mackenzie so generously decided to come to class. Your Year 12 final assignments are going to be due in 2 weeks. You will be working in pairs…”

“I’m going to work with Tash,” Martha called from the back of the classroom, assuming everyone else had already chosen their partners.

“Actually I’m choosing the partners this time Martha,” Mrs. Clark said smiling.

“Yea Mackenzie, you would know that if you bothered to come to class every once and a while,” Jack said sarcastically, turning around in his seat to face Martha.

“Shut up Holden,” Martha said loudly, “Just because your sad and pathetic life…”

“Martha, Jack. That’s enough!” Mrs. Clark shouted, “If you two hate each other so much then I think it would be a good idea for you to work together on this assignment! Maybe then you could resolve some of the issues that you always seem to interrupting my lessons with.”

Martha and Jack both tried to protest but Mrs. Clark wouldn’t budge.

“I’m sorry but I think it would be a good chance for you to work through some problems that you two have with each other. Why I remember when you two were such good friends,” Mrs. Clark said thoughtfully, “What happened?” She asked herself.

“I saw sense,” Martha whispered under her breath.

“I realized what a bitch she was,” Jack said nudging his friend and they both sniggered and looked in Martha’s direction.

“Grow up you morons,” She called.

Mrs. Clark turned around.

“What was that Miss Mackenzie?” she asked walking towards her. Martha didn’t answer she just frowned at Jack and his friend who were both laughing silently.

“Mackenzie just called me and Jim morons,” Jack said to Mrs. Clark.

Mrs. Clark sighed.

“Martha, I cannot keep tolerating your disruptions in my class. Detention, this afternoon.”

Jack smiles faded. He had wanted Martha to get in trouble but detention was a bit much, he knew Martha would kill him after class, literally.

“Oh no miss. I was only joking,” Jack said, desperately trying to save not only Martha but himself from the hurt she was going cause him after class.

“You too Mr. Holden, detention this afternoon,” Mrs. Clark said spinning around to face Jack.

“What for?” Jack asked loudly, looking shocked.

“For disrupting my class almost as much as Miss Mackenzie and if you keep arguing then it will be tomorrow as well,” Mrs. Clark said, obviously enjoying the effect this was having on Jack and Martha.

Martha laughed at the expression on Jack’s face and the rest of her friends laughed along with her.

“Settle down class and switch on your minds,” Mrs. Clark said returning to the board.

Martha settled down and switched her mind off.

She hated History.

Martha had a rare talent where she could look as though she was paying attention and taking in everything that was being said when in fact her mind was really off in fairyland.

Today, however, her mind was going into overdrive, trying to workout the best way she could get revenge on Jack later, she was thinking something painful…


The shrill sound of the bell woke Martha. She had fallen asleep with the dull voice of Mrs. Clark droning on in her ear and now, the bell could only mean one thing – freedom. Martha jumped up, gathered her books that were strewn all over the desk though they were all unopened, and proceeded to rush out the door.

“Don’t forget, detention, 3:30,” Mrs. Clark called after her. Martha ignored her and continued to rush out of the classroom that always seemed to serve as her prison. As soon as she was out of the room, she waited impatiently by the door for Jack to emerge.

She couldn’t wait to get her hands on him, he’d be sorry he ever said anything during class. He was, after all, the reason she had gotten detention in the first place. If hadn’t opened his fat mouth…

“Ah, Mackenzie, just as I expected, here, ready and waiting,” Jack said, interrupting Martha’s thoughts.

“What is your problem Holden?” Martha said, turning to face him, “Do you enjoy seeing other people get into trouble?”

“In your case – yes,” Jack said nudging one of his mates and quickly the rest of his friends began laughing except Kim who rolled his eyes.

“Well now because of your immaturity, I have to work with you on our final assessment!” Martha exclaimed. By now a group of passer bys had gathered around Martha and Jack.

“It pains me too, Mackenzie,” Jack said grinning.

“Argh just shut up Holden!” Martha yelled.

“Or what?” Jack asked, challenging her in a way only he knew he was. Martha smiled softly. She walked towards him slowly, still smiling. Once she reached him, she raised her hands onto his shoulders.

Jack smile faded as she realized what was coming. Martha quickly raised her knee as she kneed Jack in the groin. All of a sudden, laughter swept the room as Jack fell to the floor, his teeth gritted in pain.

“That’ll teach you to keep your fat mouth shut,” Martha said, smiling triumphantly as she spun on her heel and walked to her next class, followed by most of the girls in the room.

As the crowds subsided, Kim, also laughing, threw his hand to Jack, silently offering him a hand, Jack accepted.

“You gotta love that girl,” Kim said, watching Martha walk away.

“Are you kidding,” exclaimed Jack as he got to his feet, “Why?”

“She’s the only one that can get you on your hands and knees,” Kim laughed.


PLease tell me if i should continue

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OMG i love this :D I love them.

Great start

More please :D

The clip was beautiful too. Who sings the song? I love it. Brought back some sad memories of JM during the abortion storyline :( I felt sad, but those happy scenes made me happy again :P

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OMG i love this :D I love them.

Great start

More please :D

The clip was beautiful too. Who sings the song? I love it. Brought back some sad memories of JM during the abortion storyline :( I felt sad, but those happy scenes made me happy again :P

thanks im glad you like :D

the song is all you wanted by michelle branch

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Great start Kacie :)

Jack and Martha were so funny in that chapter :lol: They really don't like eachother, do they?! lol I'm sure they'll have heaps of fun working together on their assignment; that's only if they manage to get any of it done. Probably won't find the time from all that fighting they do so well :P

You should definately continue. Please update soon!

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“You gotta love that girl,” Kim said, watching Martha walk away.

“Are you kidding,” exclaimed Jack as he got to his feet, “Why?”

“She’s the only one that can get you on your hands and knees,” Kim laughed.



Great chapter Kacie, and I love the video :)

They're a right pair arent they :rolleyes: im expecting major sparks to fly between these two when its assignment time :wub::D

Looking forward to more

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heres the next chapter

thanks to Zetti for proofing


Martha walked into an empty classroom at 3:30pm and was surprised to see Jack already there. It was a rare occasion when he was early, it certainly surprised her.

“Miss Mackenzie,” Mrs. Clark greeted her, getting up from her desk and gesturing to the table next to Jack’s, “Take a seat.”

“What are we going to be doing,” Martha said as she took a seat.

“You will sit in silence until I decide what you are to do,” Mrs. Clark said sitting down again and picking up a newspaper. Martha sighed and looked over at Jack. He grinned at her and she rolled her eyes back at him. He was such a loser.

“Thanks for before,” Jack whispered sarcastically.

“Mr. Holden,” Mrs. Clark said, not taking her eyes off the newspaper.

“You deserved it,” Martha whispered back playing along with him.

Mrs. Clark looked up from her reading and both Jack and Martha immediately looked down at their hands.

“What part of silence do you not understand?” she asked, before looking back down at her newspaper.

“I beat your little admirers don’t think much of you now. Beaten up by a girl,” Martha whispered at him.

“Shut up Mackenzie.”

“Right that’s it,” Mrs. Clark yelled, getting up from her chair, “This is detention. No talking!”

“Jerk,” Martha muttered under her breath so that Mrs. Clark couldn’t hear her.

“I have an inkling,” Mrs. Clark said, starting to pace the room, “that neither of you have even started studying for your exams which are in two weeks.”

Neither Martha nor Jack bothered to correct her. She was right.

“So I think,” she continued, “that this time would be well spent, studying.”

Martha groaned and let her head hit the table. Jack sniggered at her before beginning to take out some books from his bag.

Both Martha and Jack’s school books looked the same: all ripped and tatty and had graffiti all over them. Mrs. Clark frowned when she saw Jack’s books, but Jack ignored her and threw them down on the desk. Martha sighed and followed him, taking books out of her bag and slamming them down on the desk.

Once all the books were out of her bag, she opened one; to a page about biology, took out a pencil and started drawing small figures in the top corner of each page. Martha looked over at Jack and was surprised by what he was doing for the second time that day. He was actually studying! Martha couldn’t believe it, Jack Holden studying…since when?

“Oi,” she whispered at him.

Jack looked up from his page.

“Since when does Jack Holden study?” Martha asked him, in a hushed voice.

Jack made a face at her and continued to read over his notes. Martha shrugged, glanced over at Miss Clark then proceeded to carry on ‘studying’.


“Alright, that will be enough for today,” Mrs. Clark standing up from her desk and signalling for them to leave. “No more disruptions in class and I suggest you both make a start on your assessment.”

Martha jumped up from her seat, slid her books into her bag and hurried out of the classroom. She couldn’t afford to waste any more time at school, when she could be at the beach.

“Oi Mackenzie,” Jack said, running after her.

“What,” Martha asked, spinning around.

“Um – so when did you want to start on our assessment?” Jack asked, shuffling his feet. He regretted it straightaway because Martha gave him a funny look.

He did not usually care about asssments or anything to do with school, and he had absolutely no idea why he was caring now.

“Not now,” she exclaimed, when Jack didn’t say anything else, “And why do you care anyway?”

“I don’t,” Jack said, immediately. He could not have everyone knowing that he actually cared about his schoolwork. It wasn’t cool enough.

“Right,” Martha said, “Well if that’s all… I sort of want to go to the beach.”

Jack nodded. Martha frowned at him then turned on her heel and continued to rush out the door.

Jack sighed. He knew the reason he wanted to do well on this assessment; he knew the reason he had to do well on this assessment, on his HSC. He had dreams. He had dreams that were crashing around him. He had become exactly what he had accused Martha Mackenzie of becoming all those years ago.

Flashback ************************

Jack and Martha walked into Summer Bay High on their first day of year nine. They were just two normal school kids, they weren’t superficial teens or rebels or anything like that. They were good students, they weren’t the most popular kids in school but they weren’t ‘nerds’ either. They weren’t noticed, but they weren’t teased. They were best friends.

“So how does it feel to be back?” Jack asked, turning to Martha.

“Mmm – ok, “Martha replied, “I would much rather be back on holidays but – ,”

“Miss Mackenzie, Mr. Holden, I trust you had a good holiday,” Mr. Barker, the headmaster, said approaching them.

“Yea, it was ok,” Jack, said, answering for them both.

“Good, good,” the principal murmured, “Well we have a new student starting today. Martha and Jack, this is Tasha Andrews.”

A timid, shy looking girl stepped out from behind Mr. Barker and nodded shyly to Jack and Martha.

“She will be in the same roll class as you Martha, so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind showing her around?”

“No not at all,” Martha smiled, “Come on. I’ll see you later Jack,” she called over her shoulder as she lead the new girl into the cluster of students. Jack waved after her, then Mr. Barker giving Jack a short nod turned and left.

“Hey man, who was that?” Kim Hyde, one of Jack’s other friends asked, coming up beside him and nodding in the direction that Martha and Tasha had just been.

“Um.. new girl,” Jack shrugged, “Come on lets go get ready for class.”



“Hello, Mrs. Mackenzie,” Jack said, as Ruth opened the door for him, “Is Martha here?”

“Yes, she’s in her room,” Ruth replied smiling, stepping back so that Jack could get past.

“Hey,” Jack said, knocking on the door. Martha looked up from where she sat cross-legged on her bed, smiling.

“Hey what’s up?”

“Um,” Jack mumbled, shuffling nervously, “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Ok, shoot,” Martha said, pulling him down so that he sat next to her on the bed.

Secretly Martha was harboring feelings for her best friend but she had never worked up the courage of telling him. She was scared that he would say he didn’t feel the same way and that would be it. The end of their friendship. That was not a risk Martha was willing to take, she needed Jack as a friend or otherwise

And now, Jack was here, and he seemed nervous. And Martha couldn’t help wondering, that maybe he was here to tell her the words she had been longing to hear him say.

“Um – I don’t want this to come out the wrong way…” Jack began, “But ever since Tash started at Summer Bay High, you’ve been acting different.”

Martha frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“Just around other people,” Jack said, looking down at his feet, “You’re you are the same around me but around others you …”

“What?” Martha asked, jumping off the bed, her voice rising.

“Well your hanging out with all those bitchy girls, and,” Jack swallowed, he knew he had to say it, “Your becoming one of them.”

“So I’m a bitch now?” Martha yelled.

Jack remained silent not willing to say another word while looking at Martha’s angry yet pretty face.

End of Flashback *******

Martha ran down to the beach. Her long, brown wavy hair was flying in the wind and a wide grin was plastered on her face.

“Hey,” she said, dumping her bag onto the sand.

“Hey,” Tash answered, looking up, her eyes squinted against the sun, “How was detention?”

Martha made a face.

“How do you think?”

“That bad huh?” Tash sympathized, “And Jack?”

“What about him?” Martha asked, rummaging around in her bag for her towel, and then finding it she spread it out onto the sand next to Tash’s. When she didn’t answer Martha said, “He was acting weird actually.”

“Weirder then normal?” Tash scoffed.

“Yes actually,” Martha laughed, pulling off her school uniform to reveal her blue and white polka dot bikini and her thin, tanned body. “He was studying!”

Tasha laughed.

“Well, enough about Holden, let’s go for a swim!” Martha squealed, jumping up, pulling Tasha with her.

please rate and review

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