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14yo?? Jack cant be 14 if he is sitting his HSC exams :unsure:

Great chapter though

Loving Macca <33

More please

When are you going to update that other fic with JM, Brally and Goeff and Annie??

sorry if that bit confused you it was supposed to be that Macca wanted to hurt Jack when he broke Martha's heart in year 9 when they were both 14

A couple of years ago, she had been a top student. Then one day she just couldn’t be bothered any more, the day that jerk Jack Holden broke her heart. If Jack had been a bit older Macca would have probably kicked his arse for hurting his little sister but how would it look if a 17 year old bashed up a 14 year old kid?

and yes i will update its gonna be love love soon :D

Next Chapter: The sleepover : a game of truth and dare reveales secrets, one in particular that upsets Martha. Plus someone gets quite embarressed over something

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Only one chapter :(


Great chapter, Jack and Martha are so funny together.

I wonder if theyll ever manage to have a normal friendly conversation.

I wont hold my breath lol

Looking forward to more.

Wonder what will be revealed in the Truth or Dare game! :unsure:

It's got to be something about them both fancying each other, that would rile them both up for sure :D lol

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here is the next bit

sorry about the amount of dislogue in this chapter :P


“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

“I don’t know.”

“Let’s watch TV.”

“Let’s not.”

“Well a movie then?”


“Well I don’t see anyone making any suggestions!”

Summer, Shannon, Tasha, Jessica, Macy and Martha were all sitting in Martha’s lounge room, trying to decide what to do. Summer, Shannon and Macy were all lying stomach down on the floor. Tasha was sitting up, resting her back against the lounge. Jessica was sitting on the arm of the lounge and Martha was lying on her stomach half on the lounge half hanging off it.

Macy, of course, was the one making all the suggestions, as she always did. She was the smart one out of the six. She was a straight A-student and all the teachers loved her. The complete opposite to Martha and Tasha who were always getting into trouble. They were loud and outgoing and the teachers hated them. Jessica was the quiet achiever. She was shy and quiet but also quite smart.

Not quite as smart as Macy, but she was determined. She would work at something until it was finished even if it took her all night. Though she was quiet, she got a lot of attention from boys. And that was because of her looks. Jessica was beautiful. She was the kind of girl who could stop traffic with one look. If Jessica was beautiful, the twins, Summer and Shannon, were hot.

They weren’t quite as good looking as Jessica, but they used their looks to win and break hearts. They were the kind of girls who wore short skirts. And they were fashion princesses or just plain princesses. If you had boy trouble, then you would go to them. They were the ones who told everyone, what is hot and what is not. They were trendsetters. Sure, they could get annoying, but Martha loved them any way.

“Let’s play truth and dare.”

That was Summer, of course.

“Oh my God, let’s!” exclaimed Shannon.

Summer gave her a look and said, “I was joking.”

“I wasn’t,” Shannon said, “Come on, let’s play truth and dare. We haven’t done that since, like, primary school.”

“There’s a reason for that,” Summer muttered under her breath.

“Actually that could be fun,” Tasha said and Martha nodded in agreement.

“Yea come on Sum, please,” Macy whined sitting up onto her knees and starting to bounce.


“Jess?” Martha asked, looking at her friend.

“No way,” Jess shook her head firmly.

“Aw why not?” Shannon whined.

“Because you guys will make me do embarrassing dares or make me tell secrets that I don’t want told!”

“Well I can’t say that we won’t do that,” Martha grinned, “But please!”


“Your no fun!” Summer said, frowning.

Jessica poked her tongue out at Summer.

“A minute ago you didn’t want to play!” Jessica said.

“Yes but now I do!”

“Well I don’t!”

“Fine, your loss. We’re still going to play,” Summer said, carefully watching Jessica’s face as that sunk in. If there was one thing Jessica hated it was to be left out.

“Fine, but I reserve my right that I have the option to turn down any dares or truths that I don’t like. And if the time comes and I wish to exercise that right, I will.”

“But that’s unfair!”

“Life’s unfair, get used to it,” Jessica said, turning up her nose.

Summer made a face at Jessica. Out of the entire group, those two got on the least. They were always bickering which was a complete contradiction of Jessica’s usually quiet nature.

“Well let’s get this over and done with,” Jessica said, jumping off the lounge arm and sitting on the floor nest to Macy. Shannon, Summer and Macy all sat up and Tash moved in so that they were in a semi kind of circle. Martha groaned then rolled off the lounge, hitting Tasha with her feet (Tasha: “Ouch!” Martha: Serves you right for getting in my way!”).

“Ok who wants to go first?” Summer asked the group.

“Oh I do!” Shannon squealed her hand waving around excitedly in the air.

“Ok, who do you chose?” Summer asked.


“Oh I knew you would!”

“Ok, Summer I dare you to … ring up James and tell him you love him and ask him out right now!” Shannon said grinning wildly. James was the boy who Summer was secretly in love with and had been since Year 9. He was the only boy who could make Summer go red when she was talking to him. The rest of the group started laughing hysterically.

“No. No way. That’s just cruel!” Summer said, giving them all the evil eye.

“Sum, Jess may have the right to turn down dares but you don’t. Do it,” Shannon said, chucking Summer a phone.

“That’s not fair,” Summer said, continuing to whine while she reluctantly pushed the numbers into the phone. Normally, even Summer would not do this but Summer was not one to turn down dares especially when dared by her own sister otherwise she knew she would never hear the end of it. A dare was a dare. She forced a smile onto her face as she put the phone to her ear.

“Hey, James? Oh hi. How are you? Oh that’s good. I’m glad to hear that,” Summer hesitated, “Why am I calling? Oh I just couldn’t wait until Monday to say this. James, I’m in love with you and I want to go out with you. How about tomorrow? Oh your busy. That’s too bad. Maybe some other time then.”

And with that she hung up.

“Too easy,” she grinned chucking the phone back at Shannon who frowned at her.

“Ok my turn,” Summer said, “Ok. Tasha, truth or dare?”

“Um truth.”

“Ok. Did you or did you not make out with Mitch Harper last year when you first started dating Kim?”

Tasha went red in the face.

“Well?” Summer prompted.

“Ok, fine. Yes I did.”

“Just the once?”

“Hey, one question only!”

“Oh my…”

“Tash what were you thinking?”

“While you were with Kim?”

“Tash…. Oh my God!”

The rest of the group fired questions at Tasha who remained silent.

“Ok, my turn,” she said cutting them off, “Mac.”

Martha groaned.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare. No truth. No I don’t know. Actually….truth.”

“Ok,” Tasha smiled, “Who was your childhood crush?”

“I didn’t have one.” Martha said immediately.

“Tell the truth!” Tasha exclaimed.

“Fine,” Martha hesitated, “Jack Holden.”

Everyone gasped and the room went completely still and quiet. Then suddenly everyone began talking all at once.

“No way!”

“Your lying!”

“Are you serious!”

“You’ve got to be joking!”

“Oh. My. God.” That was Summer.

“Shut up guys,” Martha smiled going red, “Ok my turn. Um, Jess. Truth or dare?”

“Ah what the heck… dare!”

“Ok,” Martha laughed, “I dare you to down a whole beer in 10 seconds.”

“There’s no way…” Jess began but before she could finish Martha had chucked her a beer. Jess shrugged a ‘what the hell’, which was so completely unlike her that Shannon choked on her popcorn, and opened it.

“10, 9, 8,” Martha began to chant as Jess started sculling the liquid and all the others joined in, “7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…”

“ONE!” They all screamed as Jess took her last sip and waved her now empty bottle around in the air, whilst screaming: “I did it! I did it!”

When everyone, especially Jess had calmed down, they resumed their game.

“Macy,” Jess said, “truth or dare?”

“Truth,” she answered.

“Who do you like?” Jess asked, still giggling.

“I don’t want to say.”

“You have to!”

“Fine,” Macy looked away, “I like … Jack.”

Everyone squealed and started asking her questions. Everyone except Martha. Martha’s blood went cold and suddenly she couldn’t hear anything. Jack? No that couldn’t’ be possible. No her best friend could not like Jack. He was hers. Martha couldn’t believe she was thinking these things.

She was supposed to hate Jack Holden and yet here she was confessing to herself that she liked him while her friend had also just admitted the same thing. Martha sighed. What was she going to do


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yay you finally updated :)

I knew one of her friend liked Jacky, and Maccy no likey :) Me lovey :D

I once had to confess my crush when playing truth or dare, and i found out my best friend had the same crush as well, was quite strange :P

Oh well, great chapter

More please

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