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It's My Life

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: It’s My Life

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Mattie, Ric, Rocco, Lucas, Belle, Drew, Lilly, Jules + a few new characters + family memebers

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: (SC) (L) (V/D)

Summary: A fic about all the teens in Summer Bay and what some teens deal with these days.

Ok, so I have had this done for a while now but something was keeping me from posting it :lol:

I guess I was worried if people would think it was good or not.

Anyways, here is it . . . .

I hope you like it. :unsure:

Please tell me what you think and if I could continue or not


Chapter 1

It was the summer time. The sun was shining, everyone was smiling. People were getting ready to go on holidays with their family. Teenagers in Summer Bay were discussing all the parties that were going to be happening. That was everyone. Everyone but Cassie Turner. She had been thought a lot since her ex boyfriend, Macca started to beat her up. In the end, she left him. Moved back home and went back to school at Summer Bay High. She was always feeling down. Hated the way she was. Cassie wanted to get over what Macca did to her, but never could. She turned to drink and drugs which were easily accessible in Summer Bay. Cassie would go out and not come home until the early hours in the morning. This worried her foster mum, Sally as well as all her friends. She didn’t care what anyone said to her. Her reply would often be “It’s My Life!” Cassie had anger problems due to her usage of drugs. She would try anything once. She had done hash, cocaine, LSD, heroin, E’s and more. She was on a downwards spiral and nothing and nobody could help her. . .

“Cassie!” Sally called from the bottom of the stairs

Sally walked back into the kitchen when her husband Brad was.

“Still not getting up?” Brad asked

“No. And I don’t know what I am going to do about her. I am so worried” Sally said

“Go up stairs and get her out of that bed. It is 1 in the afternoon” Brad said

“Well, I don’t know what time she came home at last night” Sally replied

At the moment Ric walked into the room

“Do you have any idea what time Cassie got in at last night?” Sally asked

“Nope, no idea. I got home at 12ish but I head the door at around 5 or 6ish” Ric asked

“Where are you going now?” Brad asked

“Calling over to Mattie’s” Ric answered

“Right! That is it! I am going up there now!” Sally said and stormed up the stairs shouting “Cassie!”

Sally opened the bedroom door.


Brad and Ric jumped with the fright and ran up the stairs.

“Sal, what is wrong?” Ric asked

Sally was on the floor crying. The bedroom down was closed over. Ric hugged Sally while Brad opened the bedroom door and saw two legs dangling from the ceiling. Cassie had hung herself. Tears started to form in Ric’s eyes. Brad was gob smacked. He closed over the door.

“Ric, get my phone please” Brad said

Ric ran down the stairs got Brad’s phone and came back up. Brad was sitting beside Sally trying to comfort her. Ric handed Brad the phone. He called an ambulance. Sally, Brad and Ric all knew that they were too late to do anything. After a few minutes, the ambulance arrived as well as the police.

“This way” Brad said to the paramedics

The paramedics followed Brad up to Cassie’s room that she once shared with Martha before Martha moved out and got married to Jack again. Sally and Ric came down the stairs. They couldn’t bare to see Cassie’s lifeless body just dangling from the ceiling. Ric made a Sally a cup of tea as well as Lara and Jack who were asking Sally questions

“Do you know how long she had being feeling depressed?” Lara asked

“I don’t know. About 2 maybe 3 months or so. I couldn’t tell you right now. My mind is messed up” Sally said

“Since she left Macca. So around 2 and half months” Ric answered

“And she has being doing drugs and drinking a lot as well?” Jack asked

“Yes, most night. She was” Ric said trying not to get upset

“Ok, thanks for that.” Lara said standing up

Lara and Jack left and went upstairs. Brad came down the stairs

“You guys might want to go out back while they bring the body through.” Brad said hugging Sally

Sally started to cry again. Ric comforted her and brought her out the back while the paramedics brought the body through. Brad followed they outside

“They reckon she has been dead for around 10 hours at least” Brad said

“Oh my god” Sally said and broke down on the ground crying. “How are we meant to tell people what happened?”

Ric and Brad looked at each other. How were the going to tell everyone? It was going to be hard but they had to inform the people in the town. Jack walked to the door

“This was found” Jack said handing there a note.

Brad opened it while Sally read it out aloud.

Dear Sally, Ric, Brad and all my friends

I am so sorry. By the time you find this, I will be dead. I know you and everyone have been worried about me for a long time now but I can’t take this life anymore. Sally, you took me in and gave me a life that I never had and I am so grateful for that. You will always be my mum and I will love you forever. As you may or may not know, I am just not myself, and I do think everyone has realised the changes in my personality. I have been so depressed lately that I just can’t deal with anything anymore. Death was the only option for me and how I am feeling. Please don’t be sad, please don’t feel bad, and please don’t cry. This is what I want. I wanted to escape and I got my wish. I love everyone so much. Love you’s always Cassie xxx

Sally couldn’t control herself. How was she not meant to cry? Her daughter had just killed herself. Martha came over to the house as well as Morag and Alf. They all comforted Sally while Brad and Ric went around the town to inform everyone of the tragedy. They reached the Hunter household. Brad was talking to Tony and Beth while Ric went into Mattie.

“Hey hun” she smiled

“Hello” Ric replied and kissed Mattie

“You ok?” Mattie asked

“I need to talk to you” Ric said “Sit down”

“What? Why? Ric. . . ” Mattie said worried

They both sat on the bed and Ric took Mattie’s hand and held them. He took a deep breathe and then began to talk

“It is about Cassie” Ric started to say

“What about her?” Mattie asked confused

“Mattie . . . She . . . She is dead” Ric said and looked at Mattie

“What?” Mattie said “That is not true! No! No! No!”

She stood up and paced around the room

“She can’t! No!! Noooooooooooooo” she screamed

Ric grabbed her and held her tightly while she sobbed uncontrollably. Beth and Tony had just been told the news. Tears began strolling down both there faces. Mattie and Ric came out of the bedroom and Mattie ran over to Beth who hugged her. Nobody in the town could believe this could happen. Yes, the town had its fair share of problems regarding drinking and drugs like every other town but a teenage suicide – this was the first time that this had happened in Summer Bay. Ric and Brad left and went back home. The phone would not stop ringing. Everyone was so supportive. That night, everyone in the Fletcher house cried themselves to sleep. They didn’t know what was in store for them and the town our the next few months.

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Cassie killed herself :o Wow, I didn't see that coming..

Poor Sally :(

Anyway, this is a great start and I also think you have to continue this fic :) , because I'm dying to find out what happens next, how everyone wil live their lifes without Cassie

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:o Awesome story.

Poor Cassie. PoorSally.

Maybe Rachel cound turn into a counseller and help...? :P Or is that asking toomuch? Sorry. Its your fic. I just like Rachel :P

Cant wait to see Chapter 2.


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