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Neighbours Night on BBC3

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BBC Three is set to screen five half-hour documentaries on Neighbours, with input from cast members, past and present, as well as behind-the-scenes footage. The special can be seen on Saturday 14th July from 8.30pm, and details of the five, individually-themed episodes are as follows:

"In ‘Everybody Needs Good Neighbours’ the story of Neighbours is told from the very beginning, how the series came to the UK, and looking at just why the series has become such a global hit.

The Talent of Ramsay Street’ recalls all the eye-catching and head turning totty who have graced Erinsborough over the years, and takes an exclusive Neighbours-eye view into unique acting classes held by the production to further their acting talent.

Neighbours Rule UK’ catches up with some familiar faces of the past such as Craig McLachlan and Anne Charleston have lived and worked in the UK, but for whom Neighbours is never far behind…

Here’s to You Mr Robinson’ joins the legendary Paul Robinson (aka Stefan Dennis) for a day in his marital life, joining him on set on the day of his fateful marriage to Lyn and wondering just why this loveable rogue is such a hit with the ladies.

And finally, ‘Life, Death and Neighbours’ recalls the biggest, the best, the sad and the shocking moments of over 20 years of Ramsay Street, that has seen more death, disaster and heartache than you have had hot barbies."

Saturday 14th July - BBC3!

Spread the word! - our parents and ex-viewers will be interested to see this, bringing back all those memories

also repeating on Sunday!

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Anyone watching this tonight?

3 of the programmes have been on so far and have been quite interesting. Particularly the first one which showed a lot of behind the scenes stuff which I've never seen before.

I wish we could see something similar about Home and Away.... *hint hint channel 5* :P

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I watched the first two, am videoing the rest, I love seeing the current cast 'back in the day' particularly the toad. I also like seeing the characters I had completely forgotten about like Taj (Nina's boyfriend) I miss Jack Scully lol, wouldn't mind if Stu and Conner came back either!

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I caught the last bit of the one about Paul and just finsihed wacthing 'Life, Death and Neighbours’. I just need to get one thing out of the way...I am Home and Away's #1 fan!!!!! :P But I love Neighbours quite a bit too :P. I thought the show covered a great mix of subjects which was awesome, it was fantastic to see all the characters from ageeees ago...and Dee's death :(. I thought the ones I saw were excellent! I loved watching all the behind the scenes footage as that is something that really interests me e.g the camera work, the scriptwriting process and the general creation of storylines and characters :D.

If Five did the same thing for Home and Away I would be soooooooooooooo happy!!!!! :D

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I think it's repeated during the coming week - one programme each night on BBC 3.

According to the BBC3 website it's on.... Monday: 12midnight, Tuesday: 1.10am, Wednesday: 12.45am, Thursday: 12.55am, Friday: 1.40am.

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