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Guest Chris J

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You go to all the trouble to create new and unique skins, and everyone likes the default better :P

I'm sure it won't be staying, but it does feel kind of homey to me... in a faceless, sterile way... I had a private board like this once. But then my computer crashed and I lost the long and complicated link... :huh:

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*Runs around gagging anyone who draws attention to the ost-pay ount-cay!!!*

So, Chris, about those personal messages - is everyone having trouble with that, or is it just me? You should get right on that, Chris. Nothing else to see here.


Nope you're not the only one with PM issues :) I like the new skin but my av matched the old one, suppoes I could always make a new one....I don't like the invision board banner at the top though.

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I'm really glad the board's back online - have to say, though, I'm not sure what all the fuss is with the default skin :blink: People seem very excited about it considering it's the invision one :P

Aside from that, I have no idea whether post counts are staying ('cause why would I?) but personally, I still think they were taken away for a reason, and if they go again, I most certainly won't miss them. The sheer fact that people are getting so excited to see them back makes me think they SHOULD go, because that level of excitement about them was part of the reason they were taken away.

However, those are very minor issues I have - more importantly, welcome back, bttb!! :D

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