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Back to the Bay.net Downtime

Guest Chris J

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No change is ever problem-free here at Back to the Bay!

The main site is currently offline, as I try to finish a not-so-smooth-as-planned server move. The reasons for our downtime are long, complicated and not particularly exciting, and I'm not even sure how or when we'll be back up. Reassuring, no? :P

Anyway, now to contact the hosts and see if I can get us back online. Wish me luck.

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He said to me he was going to use it as an excuse to get rid of that Dean bloke :P

Nah I'm only kidding, it was weird seeing a 'forbidden' notice.

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NOTHING ever goes smoothly here at Back to the Bay.

What should've been a quick and painless upgrade turned into hours of pain and confusion. Thankfully, it's now sorted and we're back online, albeit with a very boring skin, and undoubtably with the odd feature not yet working.

I'm off to sleep now (it's been an exhausting few hours), but I'll be back to get everything fully fixed in the morning.

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