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Least Favourite Male Character

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Least favourite Male Character  

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Everyone has favourite characters that they really enjoy watching on Home and Away. There have been numerous polls on favourites and most loved characters.

There have not been as many on least favourite characters... so anyway i am sure there are many characters that really annoy, anger, irritate or you simply do not like. Who is that one character from the male cast that you dislike the most.

Let us know your opinions by choosing one from the poll and also giving a reason/s and commenting on why you despise that particular character so much.

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Lucas. His sensitive act is just another way of saying he's boring. He serves no purpose except to be someone's annoyingly perfect boyfriend. Also he always seems so full of himself like he is perfect and everyone else is always in the wrong. When he rebels he can be really spiteful and childish.

Drew comes a close second along with Kim.

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How boring can a character be?! This is a soap show for crying out loud and the man never do anything fun. I want to turn of the screen every time i see him but i cant cuz then i'll miss the show so i end up sitting there mad.

Other than him i also hate Kim, Peter, Dan and sometimes Jules (he's more of a "love and hate" character.).

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I hate many characters... but some are meant to be hated like jazz, amanda and so on, but atleast they are doing something and they are fun to watch... but BRAD is the most boring character to ever set foot in summer bay... i actually switch off when he comes onscreen... sally should dump him... she can do so much better!

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