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  1. Happy birthday Zivile! I hope you're having an awesome day!

  2. Happy Birthday Zivile! Have a great day xxx

  3. I love this one. Really nice colouring and cropping....perfect!!!!
  4. These are amazing!! I love colouring and text
  5. Maybe you know number of the episode. And requested banner: They aren't very good. Maybe someone else will make better
  6. Wow...Bec, this one is gorgeous!! I love coloring, cropping and text is so...perfect
  7. WOW This colouring is gorgeous!! I love all avs with this colouring
  8. I love colouring in these!!!And cropping is amazing especially on 2 and 3.
  9. I love this coloring. You are really good at this...i'm jealous
  10. These are wow I love coloring and cropping but text is just amazing, so emotional... i am speechless
  11. Thank you!! Of course that's ok Wow, Barbara your avs are amazing
  12. but not reveal , but not neccessary. Another suggestion would have the two couples in sync for example both kissing... hugging..etc. Thanks in advance. Made some:
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