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I actually see this advertised a couple of weeks ago ... I thought it seemed pretty good but then when they showed another advert of it yesterday it looked boring this time.

I might just watch the first 10 mins or so, if I like I will continue to watch, if not I guess its Big Brother Live time.

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The first couple of episode's that were shown last night were pretty good, so i'll give it a few more weeks before i decide whether i love it or hate it.

I'm a big fan of Balthazar Getty, Ron Rifkin and Rachel Griffiths so thats the main reason i'll stick with it and give it a shot.

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Did anyone happen to see episode 3 of this, it was on channel 4 last night and E4 on Sunday, i think? Nora stunned everyone at the pool party when she revealed she knew about Willaim's affair with Holly all along. Anyway, i just wondered if anyone knew the song that was used at the end of that episode, when the cameras went round everyone and the final scene was Nora jumping in the pool, i quite liked it?

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