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    Sociallising, tv, music, internet, bowling, swimming.<br />Fave Artists: Shania Twain (Mark Furze can definately be a man of mine), KT Tunstall, The Corrs, Maroon 5, Stereophonics, Texas, Lene Marlin, Leann Rimes, Eva Cassidy, Delta Goodrem.<br />Fave shows: Cold Feet, Taggart, Monarch of the Glen, Band of Gold, Peak Practice, The Secret Life Of Us, Halifax f.p., Casualty, ER, Friends, Keeping Up Appearances, My Family, Steptoe & Son, Rising Damp.<br />Fave Actors: Mark Furze, Nigel Harman, Gary Lucy, Jonathan Kerrigan, Jason Merrells, Robson Green, James Nesbitt, John Michie, Colin McCredie, Lloyd Owen<br />Fave Actresses: Rebecca Gibney, Claudia Karvan, Kate Ritchie, Glenda Linscott, Eva Pope, Sarah Parish, Maura Teirney, Sherry Stringfield, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Tansey, Haydn Gwynne, Dervla Kerwan, Maggie O'Neill, Tina Hobley, Claire Goose.

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  1. there not real miss tan tan makes them its so obivous at least wit the bebo ones anyways That's quite a childish and pointless comment . I'm quite sure out of all the accounts created, one of them is likely to be him and it's trouble making time wasters who sit around sad enough to make up fake accounts pretending to be actors. His myspace one is real, he confirmed he has a myspace page in UK interviews last year and stated "i think it's pretty obvious which one's mine". And just for reference, "there" is spelt they're, as in they are, just in case you didn't know
  2. Yeah, Mark added me as a friend, he's on there most days, sometimes there's a gap between days, i'm not entirely sure what he does on it though cause i don't see any changes when i go on it. The Charger page hasn't been accessed since March though.
  3. Sorry, who is Eduardo Bearo? The name's not familiar if it is meant to be.
  4. I adore Mark Furze as well here cop a load at these abs he is sex on legs


  5. I'm still waitng for several replies from Mark and i've written to Indiana once and got nothing back as yet, so my advice is don't hold your breath, i'm not anymore. I've not even had anything back from Kate Ritchie, so to me, that is bad, she would be an inspiration to the rest of them otherwise. It's the older ones that seem to have more manners, Cornelia Frances, Lyn Collingwood and Lynne McGranger. I'm quite annoyed with the amount of people i've written to and the amount of replies i'm actually still waiting for. My Home and Away autographs so far include: Zac Drayson (Will) persona
  6. She's normally quite quick in replying, very loyal to fans, but i suppose like everyone else, it depends how busy she is, i think they do things like fan mail between filming scenes.
  7. Not long i don't think, she's very reliable, i had something back from her in no time at all, she's very loyal and loves her fans, appreciates them. The ones that seem to be a worry who i've written to in recent months are Mark Furze (more than once), Chris Hemsworth (can forget him now), Kate Ritchie and Indiana Evans. I wrote to Sharni Vinson and got a reply fairly quickly, same with Cornelia Frances.
  8. Hi i also luv mark, as well as rhys lol. luv natasha xxx

  9. I'm so shocked, i can't believe it, i saw her at the Logies when i downloaded it, she looked so well and she had so much going on, it's so unfair that she was so cruelly taken away, my auntie died two weeks ago of cancer too, so i can sort of understand. I will always remember her from Home and Away, she was a good actress and i will miss her. She is at peace now, my thoughts are with Rove and her family.
  10. I got a fan card and personally hand written letter from Jessica Tovey today , she answered some of my questions too, she's a nice girl, at least it didn't take her long to reply, unlinke some of her co-stars, whom i've been waiting months to hear something from, and i'm quite shocked by some of them.
  11. I wrote to Sharni Vinson last October and i'm still flipping waiting for a reply. I don't think Mark Furze ever replies to his fan mail much either, didn't get a reply to my last letter along with birthday present yet , i know they're busy, but it's only manners, they should remember, they're still normal everyday people and if it wasn't for the people who watch shows they're in, they wouldn't have fans and wouldn't be famous, keeping their feet on the ground is in need of practice i think.
  12. OMG, that's where i've been writing to, i hope they get sent to the write place in the end. I got a fan card from Cornelia Frances last Friday, sent it on 16th May and it was sent on 13th June, just less than a month for a reply and that was the address i used, so i assume their post is getting to them.
  13. I've been waiting ages for anymore fan cards. I got a fan card from Kip Gamblin's Casualty co-star, Georgina Bouzova(Ellen Zitek) on Friday "To Jan, Luv Georgina".
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