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Love At First Sight

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Story Title: Love At First Sight

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Jack/Martha and their families

BTTB rating: T (Some parts A)

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC L V/D

Summary: Jack and Martha are working in the city. They both return to their family homes in Summer Bay


- Jack and Martha never knew each other!

- Tony is married to Jack and Lucas’ mother Kate

Chapter 1

Jack Holden looked at the clock on his office desk. 16:55. He was so tried and wanted to go home. When Jack was younger, never in a million years did he think it would be working at 9 – 5 job. Hated the thought of it in fact. Jack watched the clock. 16:56. One minute had pasted. He was going to see his family for the first time is years. He would be spending the summer with them and hoped that he would have a lot of fun. His phone rang. Jack picked it up

“Jack Holden’s office.” He said

“Hello, Jack” replied a familiar voice

“Dad!” Jack grinned

“Yeah, mate. Can't wait to see you” his father Tony said

“Yeah, I know. I will be getting out of the office in a few minutes and I should be heading up there at 6. Should arrive at 9” Jack answered

“Well, I already have plans for tonight” Tony replied

“Like?” Jack asked

“You, me, Lucas, and your mum. Dinner. Half 9.” Tony answered

“Ok, Right, well I should be off. Talk to you later then” Jack said and hung up the phone.

Jack started to get his things ready. He looked at the clock again. 16:59. One minute to go and then free from work for 3 months. His boss, Kevin Johnson walked into his office.

“Here you go, mate” Kevin said handing him an envelope.

“What is that?” Jack asked

“Open it and see, Jack” Kevin smiled

“Oh! Thanks Kevin” Jack replied

“No problem. You have done this firm good service and you deserve that bonus. You are a great lawyer, Jack” Kevin answered

“But, a 2500 dollar bonus?” Jack asked

“Yes, well I must go. I have people to see and places to be. Enjoy your holiday and I will see you back here in 3 months” Kevin said and walked out of Jack’s office

Jack looked at the clock. 17:03. Time to go. He smiled. He packed up what he need and locked up his office. He went home to get his suitcase and set of for Summer Bay.


Meanwhile, 3 miles away from Jack, Martha Mackenzie was getting ready for her work. She looked at herself in the mirror and was disgusted with what she saw and what she was doing. She was wearing a tight top and skimpy shorts which were given to her by her boss. It was the best work for a “High School drop out” she was would often say to herself. She cleaned up her flat. Her “customer” would be here soon. Martha made sure everything was prefect. Her last “customer” complained that the lighting was wrong and it put him off. There was a knock on the door. Martha took a deep breathe. She put on her 4 inch high heels and walked over to the door. She opened it and smiled. Smiling back at her was a 45 year old man. Married. 4 kids. Either mid life crisis or bored with his sex life in his marriage and needs to see a whore to be satisfied. Martha thought.

“Hello. I am John” the man said

“Hi, John” Martha smiled in a seductive way

John walked into the flat. Martha and he went straight to the bedroom. Martha started to kiss the man on the lips. He sat on the bed while Martha kneeled down. She kissed his neck and opened his shirt. The man smelled on OB and alcohol. Martha felt like she was going to be sick. Martha unbuttoned the man’s trousers and she took of her top. She went down the man’s body kissing him while trying to hold her sick feeling in. She looked into the man’s eyes. He was grinning. Martha sat on John’s knee kissing his neck again while he fondled with her breasts. Martha stood up and started to dance on him. After a while, they were on top of each other on Martha’s bed. Hours pasted and Martha was lying beside John who was smoking. Martha turned away from him. She always felt so dirty after. John got up and put back his clothes on.

“I will definitely be back!” he grinned

Martha smiled. John threw her 70 dollars. He walked out of the room. Martha went into her bathroom and scrubbed herself until she was raw red. She hated what she was doing. Hated it! If her family ever knew what she did, they would freak out. Martha got out of the shower. She screamed. Her pimp, Ricky was sitting on her bed and it gave her a fright.

“I thought I would let myself in” he grinned

“Oh, you scared me” Martha laughed nervously. She hated Ricky. He was dangerous and violent.

“So, was did the customer think? Remember this had to of gone well for you to stay with me. So did it?” Ricky asked

“Yup, went fine” Martha said brushing her hair. “No complaints”

“Ok, where is the money he paid you?” Ricky asked “I know he pays well”

“Why?” Martha asked

“New tax. I get half” Ricky smiled

“What! You can’t do that!” Martha said “35 dollars! That is nothing! How can I live of that?”

“Well, I can” Ricky laughed

“You have about 20 girls working for you tonight! I got 35 dollars tonight and that is all I will be getting for a while!” Martha yelled

“Don’t talk that way to me, Martha” Ricky said

“You know what! I have a family that I can go home to. So you can shove you job with you hole. I am ****ing out of here” Martha said and got a suitcase. She started to throw clothes into the suitcase.

“Where are you going?” Ricky asked

“Home…” Martha smiled

“Yeah, your family will be really supportive when the find you that you are a hooker!” Ricky laughed

Martha paused for a minute. If she told Ricky that they didn’t know, he would tell her family.

“They already know. And they don’t care” Martha said

“You are making a bit mistake, Martha” Ricky shouted as Martha walked out of the flat

“Maybe I am making a mistake, but soon we will all find out if I am. I will send you a postcard” Martha laughed

Martha walked out. She got into her car. She saw Ricky's car and saw a girl in it. Martha smiled. She got out and walked over to her

“Heya hun. Listen here, Ricky is an asshole. He has been screwing many of the girls including me. We had a quick shag up there only a few seconds ago. Why you are with him I will never know. Good luck in the future.” Martha smiled “You are going to need it”

Martha walked back over to her car. She got in and drove off looking at Ricky fighting with his girlfriend. She couldn’t stop laughing.

“Summer Bay, here I come” she said and drove off into the sunset.

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Chapter 2

Just as Martha left the city, Jack arrived in Summer Bay. Jack drove up to his house. Standing there was his mum Kate, dad Tony and younger brother, Lucas. Jack smiled as he drove into the driveway. He got out of the car. Kate ran up to him and hugged him

“Hey everyone” Jack smiled

“Jacky, my little baby. I have missed you so much” Kate said crying

“Hold the Jacky and little baby, mum.” Laughed Jack

“We should go inside. The taxi will be here in a few minutes to take us to the restaurant” Tony said

“Yeah, ok. Hey Luc. Any new girls?” Jack asked walking into the house

“Nope” Lucas smiled

“Yes, there is!” Kate smirked “What about that girl, Mattie?”

“Who is Mattie?” Jack asked grinning

“His girlfriend” Kate said

“Oh my god! You are all so embarrassing!” Lucas said going red

“Ah, don’t worry about it! Mum and dad did this to me when I was 17!” Jack said

“Yeah, remember that girl Sarah?” Tony said

“Oh, yeah! You guys told her that you had bought me condoms and that I knew how to put them on and dad had showed me on a banana!” Jack said laughing “She got so freaked out!”

“Yeah, why was that?” asked Kate

“She didn’t believe in sex before marriage” laughed Jack

“Oh my god! I am never ever bringing Mattie around here.” Lucas said looking at all the grins on his families face’s “EVER!”

Tony looked out the door.

“How was the drive up?” Kate asked

“Great!” Jack smiled

“Taxi is here” Tony said and put his jacket on

They all walked out to the car and got into the taxi. The taxi man brought them to a restaurant in Yabbie Creek

“This is a new one that just opened” Tony smiled

“Yeah, it looks lovely” Jack said walking into it “Very modern”

“Hello, Mr Holden. Table for 4?” asked a waiter

“Yes please,” Tony replied

As they walked to the table everyone smiling at him and saying hello. Everyone sat down.

“How come everyone knows you, dad?” Jack asked

“This is my restaurant” Tony replied

“What? You own a restaurant! Are you serious?” Jack asked

“Yeah. It opened a month ago and is doing very well. I have been working on it for the past two years” Tony answered

“Show how often I come here” Jack said sadly

“Jack, we all know that you are a very hard worker” Kate said

“I know but still” Jack said

“Let’s order!” Lucas grinned

The waiter walked over and took their order and left again.


Meanwhile, in the city, Ricky was still fighting with his girlfriend

“I haven’t slept with her! She is a bitch and she will pay!” Ricky said

“How?” his girlfriend asked

“I don’t know yet, Candy” Ricky said and grabbed her and kissed her

“Why do you want her back so bad?” Candy asked

“Because she is one of the best girls I have” Rocky replied

“And…” Candy said

“And business will start to go down, babes” Ricky said

Ricky walked over to the phone and dialled a number

“Hello, I need a favour” he said

After a few minutes he hung up the phone.

“I have to go babes” he said and kissed Candy

“Where?” Candy said “I was hoping to spend some private time together if you know what I mean”

“I will only be gone for a while. Have a bath and be ready you a very late night, sexy” Ricky smirked and smacked Candy on the bum. Candy let out a little scream and slowly undressed and walked into the bathroom. Ricky smiled and walked out of the apartment. He got into his car and drove off very fast. He drove down an alleyway. It was dark and he could see anything. He turned the corner to find a man standing there with a smoke in his mouth. The man through the smoke of the ground while Ricky got out of the car. It has begun to rain. Ricky walked over to the man

“Thanks for meeting me here” Ricky said shaking the mans hand

“No problem, Ricky. So what’s up now?” the man asked

“One girl left me tonight and I really need her Johnny. I don’t know where she is gone. Business is going to start going down now as she was the best girl I had” Ricky said

“What is her name?” Johnny asked

“Martha Mackenzie” Ricky answered

“Have any pictures?” Johnny asked

“Here. These were only taken last month. Found them in her flat. That is her there.” Ricky replied

“Ok, thanks. I will do my best to find her” Johnny said

“Johnny, I am giving you good money for this. I want to hear from you within a week or else I will have to get some of my boys after you” Ricky smiled

“No problem, Ricky. We have been friends since we were 5 or 6. You can always count on me. When have I ever failed you?” Johnny asked

“Never. Let’s keep it that way.” Ricky said and walked back and opened his car door “Remember one week. Next Saturday! I want to have heard from you by then”

Ricky got into his car. He drove off wondering would Johnny ever find Martha. Meanwhile, Martha had been driving for hours. She pulled into a gas station and changed her clothes. She could never ever let her family see her in her work clothes. She got something to eat and set off again. She looked at the sign “Now Entering Summer Bay”. She was finally home after been away since she was 19.

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