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I'm In Love And Always Will Be

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Story Title: I'm In Love And Always Will Be

Type of story: Long fiction.

Main Characters: Tony, Beth, Lucas, Matilda plus others

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Tony and Beth have been together for a while now but recently they have been arguing alot and generally haven't been getting along very well. So will they stay together or will they break-up.....

Note: This fic is in a script format.

Chapter 1

Tony is sitting on the beach,staring out to sea. Holding an engagement ring, he hastily puts it in his pocket when he sees Beth coming.

Tony: Hey

Beth: Hi

Tony: what you doing here?

Beth sits down on the beach next to Tony

Beth: I just needed a few minutes to myself, what with the kids taking over the house with the party. What about you?

Tony: Same here.

Beth looks at Tony

Beth: You okay?

Tony : Yeah i guess

Beth: That wasn’t very convincing Tony.

Tony: Honestly, everything is good. Look, i’m gonna head back home, if thats alright?

Beth: Yeah sure, ill join you

Tony: No its alright, you stay here and enjoy the scenary.

Beth: I can go to the beach anytime I want, but i want to spend some time with you instead.

Tony: You know what, I might go to the bar, and have a drink actually.

Beth: Are you trying to avoid me, Tony.?

Tony :I just want some time on my own Beth, okay?

Beth stands still, shocked at Tonys reaction. She heads home, the party is winding down and people are leaving, Beth walks through the front door.

Lucas: Hey Beth, thanks for letting us have the party here, it was great!

Matilda: Hello.....MUM

Beth: Oh sorry, what did you say?

Matilda: Are you okay, you seem a bit quiet?

Beth: No im fine, love.

Meanwhile Tony is sitting in Noahs bar, Alf approahces him, noticing that he seems a bit distracted.

Alf: How you and Beth keeping?

Tony: Yeah....good, thanks, Alf.

Alf: Look I know im an old chook, but i usually know when somethings up, do you want to talk about it?

Tony: Just mind your own buisness Alf, okay.

Tony walks off, home. He enters the house, Beth is sitting at the dining table, she gets up at the sight of Tony and heads for the kitchen.

Tony: Beth, about before I didnt mean what I said, its just, I wanted some time on my own thats all.

Beth: Sorry, I didnt mean to go off at you either.

Tony: Things have been pretty tense around here for one reason or another, I just flipped out a bit thats all. Do you forgive me?

Beth: Of cause I do. If anyone should be saying sorry its me. So i’m sorry for what happened earlier. Sooo do you forgive me?

Tony looks Beth in the eyes

Tony: Yes. Now how about we watch a movie together, just you and me?

Beth: I would like that

Tony:I'll see what I can find at the rental store. Do you want to come with me?

Beth: No, i'll stay here i think.

Tony: Okay, be back soon

Tony kisses Beth

Beth: Bye.

A while later Tony returns home, Beth is getting changed and Matilda and Lucas are in the living room watching TV.

Lucas: Hey dad, you okay?

Tony: Yeah i’m good thanks mate, are you and matilda going out somewhere?

Lucas: We thought we would stay in for a change.

Tony doesn’t respond.

Lucas: If that’s okay?

Tony: Sorry.

Lucas: Staying in.

Tony: Oh right, sorry.

Lucas: Is everything okay, you seem a little distracted by something?

Tony: I’m fine thanks mate.

Lucas: Oh okay. Why did you you ask if me and Mattie were staying before?

Tony: Me and Beth were going to watch a movie thats all.

Matilda: Cool, me and Luc will watch it with you.

Tony: Well....

Matilda: Great, thats settled then!

Tony: Right...were is your mum Mattie?

Matilda: I think she’s getting changed.

Tony: Thanks.

Beth walks in, in a beautiful red dress, she notices Lucas and Matilda sitting next to Tony, eating popcorn, Tony gets up when he sees Beth.

Tony: Wow, you look......

Beth: I thought you said we were going to watch something together, just you and me?

Tony: I did but, Luc and Mattie wanted to watch it too.

Beth: Why didn’t you just say something to them.

Lucas: Guys, you two can watch it together i’ve seen ‘The Titanic’ hundred’s of times before anyway.

Beth: Well why don’t you three just watch it without me then.

Tony: Beth, don’t be like that!

Beth: You know what, just forget about me.

Tony: Beth, come back, Beth!

Beth storms out of the house towards the beach

Matilda: Why is she so uptight?

Tony: Long story.

Beth is walking along the beach, thinking about her and Tony. She gets her purse out and takes a photo of herself and Tony. She rips up the photo she then falls onto the sand and starts crying. But she didn’t know that Tony was trying to catch up with her at the beach and had seen her tear up the photo.Tony walks back home, feeling terrible.

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I've been pretty busy writing thats for sure :lol: . Thanks Liska! :D

Chapter 2

Its 6 o'clock at the Hunter house, Tony finally emerges from his room after being in their for a few hours to cook diner for him and the kids because Beth hasnt returned home. Matilda and Lucas are playing a board game.

Lucas: Hey dad wheres Beth got to?

Tony: I don’t know mate, she'll probably be back soon.

Matilda: Whats up with your dad?

Lucas shruggs his shoulders. Tony is cooking a stir-fry in the kitchen, but suddenly drops the pan with the food in.

Tony Oh what!

Lucas: Hey whats happened?

Tony: The dinner is now on the floor!

Matilda: Its okay, we will help you clear it up.

Tony: Thanks guys.

A few minutes have passed and the stir fry is cleared up, Tony sits down with a take-away menu.

Tony: How does a takeaway sound?

Lucas: Yeah good thanks dad.

Matilda: Won’t mum be home soon though.

Tony: She might be out for a little bit longer she was pretty annoyed before.

Matilda: Yeah sorry about what happened before. It was me and Lucas’ fault, that she stormed off.

Tony: No it wasn’t. She has been like it for days if not weeks.

Lucas: Whatever it is i’m sure she’ll get over it.

Tony: I hope so.

Beth is at Noahs bar. She has been sitting in the same place with the same expression on her face since she arrived there half an hour ago.

Alf: Are you going to order anything?

Beth: No, sorry I should be going actually, the kids will be worried about me.

Alf: Stay here as long as you want, I wasn’t saying you should go.

Beth: Oh I know, I should be off anyway though, its getting late.

Alf: Fair enough. Just before you go though, I saw Tony earlier he seemed a bit out of it, is he alright?

Beth: His fine, thanks.

Alf: Oh, well anytime you ever need to talk.

Beth: Thank you , but were fine. I’ll see you soon.

Alf: Bye.

Tony phones the restaurant and orders the food, he reluctantly orders for Beth too. He then sets the table for dinner.

Lucas: Hey dad i thought takeaways were supposed to be messy

Tony: Not here mate, sorry

Lucas: How unfair is that!

The takeaway arrives at the door, Tony carries the food into the kitchen, and puts it onto the plates. He puts Beth’s dinner on the kitchen surface, still in the packaging.

Tony: You know what I cant be bothered to set the table up properly, I think we will have a TV dinner.

Lucas: YES! But you just said that you didn't want to eat on the sofa....

Tony: Well, you know, Beth isn't here so......

Matilda: I'll tell her you said that.

An hour later, Beth approaches home, she dries her eyes with a tissue because she has been crying. She stops as she comes to the window of her house, and looks inside, and sees Tony, Mattie and Luc playing a board game together..Beth opens the door, Tony gets up from the sofa and puts the dirty dishes in the sink. Mattie and Lucas carry on with the board game.

Beth: Hi guys.

Matilda: Hi mum.

Lucas: Hey.

Beth: Whos winning?

Lucas: Me!

Mattie: Me!

Beth: Right i’ll let you decide then

Beth heads to the kitchen where Tony is washing the dishes. He ignores Beths presence.

Beth: Hi.

Tony: Do you think you could play that somewhere else guys?

Lucas: Sure.

Tony: Thanks.

Beth: I see you've already had dinner.

Tony: Yeah.

Beth: Look Tony, just talk to me please,

Tony: Why should I, Beth?

Beth: Because maybe if we talk about the situation

Tony interupts

Tony: What situation?

Beth: You and me.

Tony What are you talking about? Everything is fine between us.

Beth: Tony, you know thats not true.

Tony: Well have you got any suggestions on how we can sort this out? Because i haven't. To be honest I dont know whether I do want to sort things out between us.

Beth looks at Tony utterly stunned at what he just said.

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Thanks Liska!! There is quite alot of drama before they finally admit they still love each other after they split. That was a teaser btw :lol:. Hope you enjoy this chapter :D.

Chapter 3

Beth: ....Tony I cant believe you just said that, were did that come from? I know we have been having a few...problems lately, but what do you mean by that?

Tony: I didnt mean it to sound like that.

Beth: Oh, but you still meant the same thing

Tony: Shouts I saw you on the beach, tearing up a photo of us.

Beth walks over to the dining table, and sits on a chair.

Tony: How do you expect me to react?

Beth:... I was upset, it was a heat of the moment thing.

Tony: Do you know how much that hurt me, Beth?

Beth: Im sorry Tony, I am, its just.....

Tony: Its just what.

Beth:I don't know.

Tony: So you just ripped that photo up, because you felt like it then?

Beth: No it wasn’t like that.

Tony: You know what I don't care.

Beth: Tony, where are you going? Tony!

Tony heads to Jack’s place. Lucas and Matilda are watching

Matilda: Mum whats going on?

Beth just looks at Matilda.

Tony knocks at Jack’s door, Jack opens the door.

Jack: Hey dad how you doing?

Tony:..Im not good mate, can i spend the night here?

Jack: Well, yeah sure, whats happened?

Tony and Jack are talking on the sofa.

Jack: Im sorry dad, but you know, tomorrow everything will probably be fine

Tony: Hah...yeah.

Jack: Is the sofa alright?

Tony: Great, and thanks again mate, I really appreciate it.

Jack: No worries, if you need anything you know where i am.

Tony: Thanks.

Jack: Night dad

Tony: Night, son.

Tony sets up his bed on Jacks sofa

Its late at night, Beth is the only one up, shes laying on the sof and Tony still hasn't returned. She stares at a photo of Tony on the living room cabinet, and begins to think moving in together was an awful idea. Its after midnight, and Beth knows Tony isnt going to return tonight so she heads for bed.

Its the morning after. Its 6:30 am, and Beth has just got up and is having breakfast.

At Jack’s place Tony is up and is making breakfast, he knocks a glass on to the floor, it doesn't break, but its noisy enough for it to wake Jack up.

Jack: Morning, what happened?

Tony: Oh, just knocked it off the table, look go back to bed its still early.

Jack: Its alright, ill stay up.

Tony sits at the table and stares at his cereal.

Jack: Your thinking about Beth arnt you?

Tony: Yeah mate, I was so out of order you no, I shouldn't have said what I said

Jack: We all say things we regret.

Tony: Honestly. I’ll be fine mate.

Jack: If your sure.

Tony: I’m sure.

Jack goes off to have a shower

Jack: I know she loves you dad.

Tony:Well I love her, that’s got to count for something.

Its 10:30am at the Hunter house

Beth: Morning Lucas.

Lucas: Morning Beth, wheres dad?... Beth.....

Beth: He didn't come home last night.

Lucas: What! Why didn't you tell me, his my dad!

Beth: I’m sorry, but i’m sure his fine. We had an argument, he just ran out I couldn't stop him.

Lucas: We've got to look for him.

Beth: Lucas, im sure he will come back soon, just leave it a few hours please

Lucas: ....fine.

Back at Jacks place, Tony is clearing up when the engagement ring falls out of his pocket. He looks at it. Tony starts to think about him and Beth, he does love her, but he can't stay with her, if things between them are so strained and awkward. He goes to the beach to think about things.

The hunter house

Lucas: Dad! Were have you been?

Tony: I just stayed at Jacks place

Lucas: You were next door, I was going to send out a rescue party!

Tony: Thanks mate, but i’m fine.

Beth: Lucas is right Tony. You should have at least said were you were going. I was up until midnight, waiting for you to come home.

Tony: Well im here now, Lucas can you....

Lucas: I'm going, good to have you back

Tony: Yeah.

Beth: So....do you want breakfast?

Tony: Already eaten.

Beth: Oh right.

Tony: I can't do this anymore Beth, i’m moving out.

Beth:What!..No, No, Tony, please we can work things out i know we can, I love you.

Tony: It will be better on all of us.

Beth: How exactly?

Tony starts to pack his things

Tony: Its not fair on the kids.

Beth: Well, hows it going to look when you just....move out?

Tony: Its better then us being at each others throats all the time.

Beth: We can work things out.

Tony: Stop saying that Beth.

Beth: Well, what about Lucas, where’s he going to go?

Lucas is watching

Lucas: Your breaking up

Tony: Lucas, im sorry you had to hear that mate.

Lucas: You have one disagreement and you breakup.

Tony: It wasn't just one argument mate, but look you should probably pack your stuff too.

Lucas: I can’t belive you sometimes dad.

Beth is crying on the sofa, Matilda goes to comfort her mum, Tony has finished packing, Beth gets up to where he is standing.

Tony: I’m sorry it had to come to this

Lucas: I’ve packed my stuff.

Tony: Well we better go.

Beth: Will you stay at Jacks place?

Tony: I don't know, its a bit too near. It might make things difficult.

Beth starts welling up again. She hugs Tony.

Tony: Hey, hey, hey.

Tony looks Beth in the eyes

Tony: I love you, that wil never change.

Beth: I love you too Tony.

Tony and Lucas leave the Hunter House. Matilda comforts her mum.

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