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Topic Title – Heartbeat

Topic Description – Amanda, Peter, Belle and Matilda. Rated A. (SC)

Type of story: Undecided

Rating: A (SC)

Main Characters: Amanda, Peter, Belle and Matilda.

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: Same Sex couples. This is a warning as I know some people are offended by that sort of thing. Also spoilers for overeas! :wink:

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Amanda and Peter are happily married. Amanda has the perfect tight knit family. Could that all go wrong in one heartbeat?

Part One

It was one of those perfect, deliciously warm Saturday afternoons in April, when the air on your cheek feels like silk, and you want to stay outdoors forever. It had been a long, sunny day and driving home at five o’clock, took Amanda’s breath away as she looked out across the water.

She glanced over at her son, looking like a small blonde replica, of her, beside her, except his hair was sticking p straight where his baseball cap had been, and there was dirt all over his face. Ryan Baker has turned ten the previous Tuesday. And just sitting there, relaxing after the game, one could feel the bond between them. Amanda Vale was a good mother and a good wife. She cared, she loved, and she worked hard at whatever she did.

“You were great this afternoon,” she smiled over at him; one had briefly leaving the wheel to ruffle his hair. Ryan had the same thick, wheat coloured blonde hair that she did.

“I couldn’t believe that you kicked your first goal!” Amanda gushed. She always went to Ryan’s soccer games with him. She did it because she loved it, and she loved him. It was obvious when he looked at her and she knew it.

“I thought I was going to miss for sure, but I didn’t!” Ryan laughed as he glanced out the looked out the window. Amanda laughed along with him. It had been a nice afternoon; she wished that Peter could have been there, but he was called into work at the last moment.

Amanda had everything she wanted, a husband she adored and who loved her. A secure life and two wonderful children. Amanda and her family lived in one of the nicest houses in the town. Ryan was ten and attending the Summerbay Primary School and Belle was seventeen and attending the Summerbay High School. Amanda had always wanted more children, when Peter and her had married. She asked peter about having another child. Peter’s reply was a simple “no”.

Amanda pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. Ryan bounced out of his seat, with his baseball cap in his hand. Amanda locked the car and let Ryan inside.

“Feel like some ice-cream?” she asked him.

“Sure,” Ryan grinned at her. It was impossible not to laugh at Ryan as he stood in front of her crossing his eyes with a goofy grin. It was fun being alone with him, usually Belle would be home and cursing at the TV, Belle had taken a sudden interest in game shows and always got involved in watching them. Amanda had talked Belle out of watching TV today, by giving her fifty dollars and a bus ticket to the city for the day.

Amanda passed Ryan a small bowl with two scoops of chocolate in it. They sat outside by the pool and ate quietly. Ryan had some dripped down the front of his soccer uniform, but Amanda told him ti didn’t matter. Everything had to be washed away, so why did it matter if he had a few drops of ice cream on it. It was a gorgeous day and Amanda talked about going on a picnic the next day, certain that Peter would be free.

“That would be neat,” Ryan looked pleased as the chocolate ice-cream on his nose dripped down to his chin. Amanda looked at him overwhelmed with the love she had for him.

“Your cute… you know that? I know I’m not suppose to say stuff like that, but I think you’re terrific, Ryan Baker, and a good soccer player to… how did I ever get so lucky?”

Ryan grinned again, even more broadly, and the ice cream was absolutely everywhere, even on her nose as she kissed him on the cheek.

Amanda had finished her ice-cream first; she waited patiently for Ryan to finish his before taking both bowls inside. Amanda put them gently in the dishwasher and watched Ryan run out of the kitchen and into the lounge room. She heard him yell out that he was going upstairs to clean himself up. Amanda glanced over at the clock above the stove, it was only five thirty, and Peter wouldn’t be home for another hour.

Amanda heard the front door slam, thinking Peter was home early, she went into the lounge and saw Belle sitting on the couch with her cheeks tear stained. Amanda slowly walked over to her and sat down next to her.

“Belle,” she said softly.

“I saw Drew…” Belle began to sob as Amanda pulled her into her arms. Belle rested her head on Amanda’s shoulder before continuing on,” he was with someone... he was kissing... Matilda.”

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Another Panda fic? :blink:

It's a good start, Shannon. I like where it's going. And, Drew and Maddie? Very interesting.

Awww, at least you have a new baby, now that BTS is going to be finished. :(:)

Update soon. :)

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