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Ugh. I can't stand them. They need a hate club. So they get one :D

Ok. Only haters read this:

Yesterday, I thought 'Good Riddance'. Seriously, how glad was I when Ethan said 'Look under your seats' and they pull out the Photos. And better yet, Peter walking away. I felt like throwing a Party. Though I would have been happier if Ethan had just murdered Peter... *happy thoughts...*

Okay, even us Kelli-Ethan-Lovers know that what they are doing is wrong. In reality. But in Soap-Land Peter and Amanda deserve everything they get. Simply because IMO they look terrible together. I liked them up until 4336. Then they got boring and... oh you-know-who turned up...

Okay, well express your Hate here please :D:P

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I've never liked Peter or Amanda and together they are just horrible to look at! Okay i liked Peter a little bit with Leah, dont know why but after that i went back to hating him. Peter and Amanda kinda look like siblings to me so i just feel sick looking at them :P

Im downloading the new episode now so i cant wait to the the disaster wedding :D

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Nope, I don't think so. Promo:

'Amanda's got a lot further to fall before I'm done with her'

I think Kelli's planning to do something with Ryan now. Think about who she targeted to get to Amanda:

Belle... Kitty... Peter

Daughter Mother Fiance

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I just don't like them together. I find it weird that Peter would go out with his brother and son's ex and i also hate the way they upset everyone with their relationship yet within the week Drew, Dan etc have got over it and now act like they are made for each other. They are like another Kirsty and Kane (cringeworthy and OTT) where the writers try too hard to show 'true love will always beat family opposition' like they are a Romeo and Juliet type couple. I prefer Amanda on her own being a bitch not loved up as a perfect wife and mother.

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Kat, a huge thank you for this thread. :D

Finally, some place to talk where no Panda fans will ever venture into.

I used to like Panda at first but they became too annoying for my liking. They really ruined Nic's character. All that Panda does is play tonsil hockey with each other. And they have no chemistry. Frankly, he had more chemistry with Leah and Clare. :D

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