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Coronation Street


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Corrie characters to smoke cannabis

Friday, March 16 2007, 09:17 GMT

By Dave West

Two characters in Coronation Street are to be seen smoking cannabis, it has been revealed.

The offending pair will be Rovers Return staff member Vernon Tomlin and teenager Darryl Morton. According to the Daily Mirror they will get caught sharing joints in a back yard.

Sources at the show told the paper they realised the scenes may prove controversial. "We've tackled controversial issues before but showing drugs being used was not a decision made lightly and was taken at the highest level," explained one. "We know some viewers could be offended."

Kieran Roberts, executive producer, added: "Not all stories are to the taste of all our viewers. But the vast majority of the time we get it right.

"We do not set out to shock and sensationalise. We're looking for interesting stories and characters. I'm very proud of how we tell stories and the care with which we construct characters, relationships and incidents."

The scenes, filmed already, are due to air in April.

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LOl The only time I ever watch Corrie was when my Legenray Great Aunty Pat Phoenix was on the show playing Elsie Tanner!! but those days were great since leaving the show I thought losing Elsie Tanner was a huge let down!

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^ Aren't you like 17?

Yes but my grandad has all old tapes if you know!! he and my great aunty always send tapes so it was easy for us to watch it!! except I was born after she died!

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