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Season finale was great, can't wait for the second series (that is if there is one). I don't think Channel 4 has announced whether they have commisioned a second series yet, but I sure hope they do.

Dsingles xxx

They wanned help on the main site from fans :P

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Never heard of it before now, but it looks interesting enough... Anyone know where I can get it?

MAR MAR MAR! Finally I can help you..? I have all the episodes :D Want them? :P

That would be great, yes! I found them on a site, but it's going awfully slow :( I'll give you permission to upload to a folder called H&A upload, ok?

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I love skins! I have only seen it from the 6th episode i think and they were all awesome! The series finale was brilliant! I have tracked down episodes 1, 4 and 5 of the ones i missed to watch but does anyone know where i can watch episodes 2 and 3?! Really want to fill in my blanks before the next series which i cannot wait for! :)

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