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  1. I'll give it a go, do you have the sizes for the cases ??
  2. These first two I made especially (at your request)... As for the rest they are some I made in my artwork collection... Hope you like em, please credit if you use xxx
  3. Love the colour saturation, it's great I'm still working on mine and can't seem to get them to look bright without blurrying the image, but you have it sussed well done xxx
  4. Hope you like and please credit if you use xxx
  5. Here are my attempts.... Please credit if you use xxx
  6. Hope you like and please credit if you use xxx
  7. No problem, working on some Rachel sigs as we speak will post in my thread later xxx
  8. Did a wallpaper, sig and av, just cause I fancied it.... Hope you like, please credit if you use xxx
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