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Forum Revamp

We've given the forum a bit of a spring clean. We've changed the design, moved some things around, and introduced some brand new features. So, what's changed?

New Design

Most obviously, we have a new skin. Our new purple look means we now match the main site, and are thankfully no longer stuck with the perfectly nice, but rather boring, default InvisionBoard skin.

New Avatars

We have a large selection of new avatars in our Avatar Gallery, as submitted by your fellow forum members. You can select them from this page. Unfortunately, any members who were previously using an avatar from our Avatar Gallery will have to select their avatar again, as they're now organised by family.

Forum Rearrangements

The order of some of the forums on the Board Index has changed a little, into a more sensible order.

The Australian Discussion forum has also been password protected. The password is 'australia'. This is to prevent topic titles containing UK spoilers appearing on the Board Index.

The 'Neighbours' forum can now be found in 'General Chat'.

Finally, there is a new 'Vault' forum in the Fan Fiction forum, where fictions which have been abandoned for a long period of time are moved. More details can be found in the forum itself.

We've got more changes coming over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

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I like the colour,To me its more relaxing.

But the board has shrunk,Is there anyway to stretch it again,I think when the boards were updated last time it was mentioned that you can do it as an option for yourself,Where is that option?

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