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Everlasting Love

Guest -ParaisGal-

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Story Title: Everlasting Love

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Martha/Jack and their children, Rachel/Kim and their two children, and Sasha/Jarrod (Martha's sister and brother-in-law).

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D L

Summary: The Lives of: Martha/Jack/children; Rachel/Kt/children and Sasha/Jarrod

Alright, here's the sequel, not in this post however.

Later on today, the first post to this fic will be posted, but I'll give you a few hints:

Who are the outcasts?

Who is pregnant?

Who is out for revenge?

Who can never have children again/for the first time?

In about an hour to two hours, the first chapter will be posted.

-Quick Note- I realised this has the same name as a fic on Fanfic. These are different fics, by different authors.

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Alrighty, this is the sequel to Having Faith. Hope you like it. This is around two to three years ahead of previous time. And to the librarians, the little box will be up soon, just figuring it out. Sorry I forgot about it.

Chapter One

“You wanna go for a swim?” Jack asked Martha, and grinned as she shook her head “Come on, please? I always swim when you want!” He begged her “The water isn’t that bad, or cold either.”

She poked her tongue out at him “Like you can talk, tough guy.” She said with a laugh “I remember last time you came down here. You refused to come into the water because of one harmless bluebottle.” She giggled at him. The second youngest Holden family was pretty popular but so was most of the Holden’s. You had the oldest, Tony and Beth, and the middle, Jack and Martha, and the last, Lucas and Belle.

Belle and Ric had broken up because he cheated on her with Tilly, who was going out with Luc. They’d gotten together about three months after the nasty split and the pair were rather serious, which made some people a bit nervous about how they’d end up because they were so serious. Colleen was continually deciding that Belle was pregnant, much to Belle’s amazement but she found it rather funny how Colleen thought she knew absolutely everything, true or untrue, which was actually a good thing, otherwise Colleen would find herself at Belle’s wrath, seeing as she had a rather nasty temper. And it was also no hidden fact that both Belle and Luc were keen to start a family, so much so he’d proposed to her and she’d accepted. Some saying Belle had said she’d wanted to be married before she had a child, so the rumor’s were flying rapidly around the Bay, with the couple trying to stop them at first but they’d given up. In fact, family were beginning to wonder if that was true and with good reason, judging by Belle’s signs. All the women who’d gone through pregnancy had been watching her and were more and more coming to the conclusion that she was pregnant.

Callie decided to steal the attention off her parents as she ran down, followed by her siblings and jumped into the water.

Martha saw Callie coming and grabbed her, practically throwing her to Jack before grabbing the two youngsters, who couldn’t swim properly without floaters. She securely had one in each arm, grinning at Jack as they tried to get out of her arms “No I think not.” She firmly told them, holding their little hands as she went around, dragging them through the water, relieved that she'd gotten to them in time "Don't do that again!" She scolded them.

“Uncle Luc! Aunty Belle!” Kiah squealed, fighting her mother off roughly and hurrying out of the water and to her uncle, where she threw her arms around him.

Belle smiled at Kiah and she gently untangled the child from Luc’s knees as she picked her up and put her in her arms, walking her back to her parents as they got into the water, swimming around together.

Martha sidled toward Belle as they put the youngest two with them, leaving Callie to keep on drowning her father, so that the two could have a girls chat “How’ve you been?” She asked. Her and Belle had grown rather close, and closer ever since Ric had cheated on Belle. Tilly and Ric had gone away, actually, because the Bay wouldn’t accept the fact they’d been so cruel to their previous partners, who were popular members of the Bay. They weren’t allowed near the Gym, that Amanda owned, because Amanda had forbidden them to go near her gym. Colleen was nasty to them, so they’d decided to get away from the Bay.

“I’ve been alright.” She said, smiling at her soon-to-be sister-in-law.

“Colleen still believes your pregnant.” She smiled at her.

“Well, between you me, our family, people like that I am actually.” She admitted.

“Really?” Martha’s face lit up “So you and Luc’ll be married and twenty when the baby’s born.” She said.

“Yup, Luc’ll be nearly 21 when the baby’s born. I’m four and a half months along.” She said, happy. Her stomach was slowly starting to stick out but her one piece and shirt hid her belly.

“Who else knows?” She asked.

“You, mum, Peter, the Hunter’s and Holden’s, I think Lucas is telling Jack now, Irene, Robbie. I’m going to let everyone see my baby belly, I’m not telling anyone else.” She told her with a grin “They can figure it out. Robbie was happy, so was everyone else. Tasha had Ella when she was 18, and Roxy and Alli when she was around 20 to 21, so Robbie kinda had to be happy.” She grinned “Tash had her first child two years before me.” She laughed.

“She did.” She admitted.

“So, how are you? Any exciting news?” She asked with a smirk, her meaning clear.

“Not yet. I’m only in my mid twenties so there shouldn’t be any trouble.” She told her honestly. Belle and Martha basically told each other everything.

“How many you want to have? Luc and I decided around three to four children, but if we get more we’ll be fine and if we get less we’ll be okay, but I refuse to have a single child. They get spoilt.” She smirked “How long have you been trying for?” She asked, playfully splashing Kiah.

“A few months actually. I’m starting to get worried though. What if I can’t have anymore? Jack wants a few more.” She said, the worry clear on her face.

“Jack will be happy with whatever happens.” She reminded her “You’ve already had two, and you’ve got Callie as well as Rory and Kiah. So I’m sure he won’t divorce you because you can only give birth to two children,” She said firmly “Jack’s not like that.” She said softly.

“I know, I just want another baby. I know I should be happy with what I’ve got it’s just, I was one of four and I loved it, and I saw families of five and six who were happy. And I saw parents with two or one child struggling when one went away to a friends, with the other child.” She said quietly.

“You’ll be fine.” She promised her “I’ll bring our kids over when that happens. Callie wasn’t that bad when Kiah went to stay with Tony.” She said quietly.

“I know, anyway, let’s get off this depressing topic and go to the diner for some food.” She declared, picking up Rory and smiling at Belle who took Kiah “Jack, come on let’s go to the diner!” She yelled to him.

“Fine!” He yelled back. He turned to Luc “I reckon we’re going to be talked into staying at the diner for dinner, since it’s six thirty.” He said, smiling.

“Well Belle loves eating heaps lately, because she’s pregnant so no doubt she’ll be alright with it.” He laughed.


“What do you want, Belle dear?” Luc asked, sidling in beside Belle who had Kiah beside her. Belle was her godmother and Belle would often offer, when Martha was having trouble with one or more to take some with her and she didn’t show favorites, which was a factor that Martha and Jack loved.

“I think that I’ll have a burger with the lot Luc.” She added “And I’ll have desert after.” She smiled innocently at him.

“Alright.” He said, kissing her forehead lightly.

“Daddy can I have some chicken nuggets?” Callie asked, turning around to face her father who she was using as a chair.

“Alright.” He agreed.

Martha smirked at Belle “He can never say no to her.” She said, leaning into Jack.

“I see why.” Luc said softly, handing her the drink Irene brought over.

“Oh no, please don’t tell me we’ll have two people spoiling her!” Martha groaned.

“Three.” Belle corrected her, pointing to herself.

“Four.” Tony said as he walked into the diner with a grin.

“Oh god. Well I’m just gunna take Callie and run while she’s still a nice polite seven year old.” Martha decided.

“No you’re not.” Jack told her firmly “You’re not going anywhere with her.”

“Really, Jack?” She said, putting on her pleading eyes.

“Yes Martha.” Jack said calmly, already ordering their meal.

“How are you going darl?” Irene asked Belle quietly.

“I’m alright. The baby’s being nice today.” She said with a smile as she fondled her growing belly.

“Congratulations by the way.” Jack said “Luc told me today.” He said, grinning at Belle.

“Thanks.” She said with a grateful smile “Fortunately mum was thrilled too. I was worried how she’d react but she loves the fact she’s gunna be a grandma. She’s already insisting on being called nana.” Belle said, looking at Luc “Which reminds me, since you’re here, what do you want to be known as? Pa, pop, grandpa, grandpop, grandfather?” She said, rattling off names.

“I think I’ll stick with pa.” He said with a smile.

“Really? You sure you don’t want to be grandfather?” She asked him.

“Callie, Kiah and Rory call me pa. I think I’ll stick with that so as to not confuse them all.” He decided, smiling at Belle.

“Yes, fortunately we’ll be married by the time the baby comes.” She said smiling at Luc as she leaned into him, relieved she was marrying him. They’d both realised they were better suited than Luc and Mattie had been, as well as Belle and Ric.

“Alright, now let’s talk about the wedding.” Martha urged them and they were only too happy to comply.

“Alright, bridesmaids were hoping for are Cassie and Sasha, with Martha being the matron of honor. Groomsmen are hopefully Jack and Jarrod, with Tony being the head. Callie we were thinking of being flower girl, and Kiah we were thinking might like to throw some rose petals down the aisle. We know that she loves throwing things.” She teased Martha.

“Don’t mention that, her favorite thing to throw is a tennis ball, and she loves throwing it at Jack’s head when he has a hangover.” She teased Jack.

“Alright!” Jack declared, throwing his hands up in the air “I surrender, if that was what you were after.” He said, giving Belle a dirty look for starting it and giving Martha a dirtier look for finishing it.


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OMG that was absolutely hilarous. I still hate you, but Kiah throwing tennis balls at a hungover Jack is just hilarious. And when Belle was going through all the grandfather names, i just laughed. But i hate you because Martha cant have no more babies :( But i love Belle :) Great start

More more more pleeeeeeeeeeease :)

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“Don’t mention that, her favorite thing to throw is a tennis ball, and she loves throwing it at Jack’s head when he has a hangover.” She teased Jack.


Kiah squealed, fighting her mother off roughly


“Colleen still believes your pregnant.” She smiled at her.

That made me laugh for reasons beyond me...:D

“Oh god. Well I’m just gunna take Callie and run while she’s still a nice polite seven year old.” Martha decided.


keep it up, pari! More please! :P

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OMG YAY my favourite little girl is back CALLIE!!! i love that little girl lol... Jack and Martha are sooooo cute and yay Belle is pregnant!!! :)

aww i hope Martha can have more babies... but gosh how many children do they want to have... i want like 1 maybe 2... too much pain lol :P soo did i mention i like callie? lol

lol callie drowning jack lol soooo cute lol... well that was a GREAT chapter i loved it :D



<3 Tiff

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She poked her tongue out at him “Like you can talk, tough guy.” She said with a laugh “I remember last time you came down here. You refused to come into the water because of one harmless bluebottle.” She giggled at him.

Awww. That was sooo cute. I could imagine this happening on the show :D

“Colleen still believes your pregnant.” She smiled at her.

Colleen would believe anything if you told her she could.

-End proper review-

Ohh yay. Belles pregnet. But what is she doing pregnet at 16?!

Yay. Callies back. I love her. so adorable.

Update when you have the chance.

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