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What should you be doing now?

Guest HeavenForbid

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I should be tidying my room, doing chemistry coursework, maths coursework and the ICT coursework that the crappy computer lost. :)

And yes, I should be doing this all at once. I have loads to do, and it's all for friday. :) (except for my room, that can wait. :P)

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It's 2.40am so i should be in bed...

Agreed, except that it's now 4.50am...

Failing sleep, I should be cleaning up my room, sorting out the rubbish from the junk, and the junk from the stuff i want to keep.

I should also be moving fics, which I haven't done in ages... but it's much too late for important work like that...

I think I may have to go to bed and continue all this tomorrow. Perhaps if I get up at a decent hour (ie, BEFORE 3pm!!) I might actually get something done during the day :o

But for now, the rain shall sooth me to sleep. Goodnight everybody.

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nothing, i have no-one around to tell me what to do, and its only 10am, so its too early to do anything. But i should probs get off the comp and read the paper and watch some telly, oh and make my bed, and have a shower, but that all can wait :)

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