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Topic Title - Christmas

Characters - Entire Cast

Category - Long Fiction

Rating T Mild SC

Genre - Romance

Warnings Mild SC

Summary Xmas in the bay.

Okay, so i did Halloween in the bay :P which i'm still continuing but now as it's Christmas i felt it wouldn't feel properly like Christmas for me without me doing a fic about it. :P

As i am *finally* in the Christmas mood, i'm starting this. I aim for it to not be too long, but it shall cover the Christmas and New Year holidays so while it is the Christmas and New Year holidays i will be writing it once they have past i may not feel the inspiration to carry it on so what i'm saying i intend to update this quite regularly between now and New Year and it may be finished by New Year so just enjoy it while it lasts that's if i get any readers! :P

Here a little introduction for you all. :)


It was Christmas Eve in the bay, and everyone was getting excited about the next day.

Ric and Mattie are still together, although after the Christmas Pageant Belle has been having doubts about her and Lucas’s relationship. I mean they definitely played a very convincing Joseph and Mary, some say it was a little too convincing!

Although, the Christmas Pageant happened Sally’s stabbing didn’t happen she went home that night looking forward to the next morning, which she would spent with Brad the new love of her life she invited him to stay over on Christmas Eve night.

Amanda is with Peter, Jack is with Martha. Luke will be with a new character, and Robbie and Tasha are still in it. Kim is with Kit. Others may come into it, but that's who's in it so far.

Please comment and tell me what you think. :D

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Thanks you three. :)

Here's the first part. :D

Beware sexual references.

Part 1

Someone is at the door at Sally’s house, Sally has just finished doing all her make up and has put one of her finest dresses on for the occasion.

“Well hello, now who’s looking beautiful as ever?” Brad says as Sally opens the door to let him in.

“Oh stop it! You’re making me blush!” Sally responds.

“I must say you’re looking pretty dapper yourself.” Sally adds.

“Why thank you!” Brad says.

Sally point of view

I look at him with a look of desire; my Christmas wish this year is to just enjoy the time I have with him. He continues to talk and I’m happy just listening to his sweet but deep voice.

“Where’s everyone else?” Brad adds.

“Oh, I told them you would be coming over so they have given us the house to ourselves.” I say.

“Oh, how great!” Brad responds.

He can read my mind, that’s exactly what I thought when I was saying that, I don’t have to be kind and selfless Sally for one night and one morning for that matter! I can let my hair down, and be sultry Sally just for Brad and Brad alone.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” I say.

I am horny already just from looking at him, I need to control myself.

“Do you want to kip all of this and go upstairs.” I say being daring and naughty, oh no I hope Brad feels the same way.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Brad responds.

The exact response I wanted, I’m glad he feels the same way.

Matilda is happy with her life at the moment, she is glad her and Luke are now only friends, because she much prefers the muscled body of Ric and her relationship with Ric feels a lot different to her relationship with Lucas and she sees different as good I mean if everything was just the same old routine with Lucas it would get boring, at a pretty fast pace.

Matilda is very happy with the Christmas present she has got Ric, she knows what he likes and she thinks and hopes that he will like it.

Matilda’s point of view

I bought him this metallica t-shirt and he absolutely loves that band so he will wear it with pride! Also, I got him these sterling silver cufflinks I hope he likes them! I saw some fake silver ones but I thought no I can’t get Ric anything that isn’t silver as he deserves the best, as he is the best and that’s why I love him!

So if Matilda and Ric aren’t at Sally’s where exactly are they?

Matilda and Ric booked at hotel for the night, obviously on Ric’s credit card. Although, Mattie isn’t 16 she is seventeen and she really wants her first to be Ric she is so over look Luke it feels like she was going out with him last century.

Matilda and Ric are at the reception of the hotel. Ric got a good offer as it was Christmas the hotel gave him a discount.

“Here are your room cards.” The receptionist says.

“Have a Merry Xmas, and enjoy your stay.” The receptionist adds.


What you think? Any good? :P

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