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Borat to Wed

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Nov 26th 2006

NOTE: I have rewritten the article in my own words, because the writing was so horrifically shoddy. I think they were trying to imitate the character Borat or something. Anyway it was poor. If you want the real write up, i'll type it, but it's barely understandable (IMO anway) and i haven't actually changed any details of the "story".


BORAT TO WED (and bride will NOT be his sister)

News from the infamous Sacha Baron Cohen is that he has finally convinved Isla Fisher to marry him next summer after she converted to Judaism last week. She converted because Cohen didn't want to "marry outside his faith". He met ex-Home and Away star Isla in 2002 through friends and they have been a couple ever since. Sources close to the couple say, "It took Isla nearly a year to fully convert and they're making wedding plans. Sacha can't wait - and there will be a lot of A-list celebs there". It isn't the first time that Isla is making wedding plans, she was once engaged to Darren Day.


Enjoy xx


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^^ LOL! I'll never be able to separate that guy from his alter egos...so for me, any wedding news will always be greeted with much hilarity. :P

It's from TNOTW...I wonder if it's actually true? :P Thanks for posting, Clare! :D

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