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From Happiness to Hell

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Story Title: From Happiness To Hell

Type of story:Medium Fic / Long Fic

Main Characters: Matilda/lucas, ric, jack, kit, henry, belle,Josh west lots of others

BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst.

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, crime, depression.

Summary: 5 lines max - Sequel to Cheating hearts and Psychotic affections and Can happiness Happen? I am carry on this story after years of abandoment so hope it lives up to the others. The gang are finally happy but with Josh west and his girlfriend around will their happiness be shattered.

So at last here is the sequel to Can Happiness Happen? It is set 3 weeks after the last one (If you havent read the last one it may not make much sense). It may be a bit slow to start but there will be drama and tension as usual, plus a lot of romance (because Im a sucker for it) Hope you like it.

From Happiness to Hell.

Chapter 1 - Sibling Support.

"I just dont understand, I thought it was a great idea, I thought she would want to." Henry said.

"She does just not yet. She is doing this for you." Matilda replied to her brother.

"What she turned down marrying me for my own good. Maybe I should be grateful" Henry snapped.

"Look at it from her side Henry" Matilda said sighing she had said all this to him before. "She went through a lot before when she got obsessed with Ric. She is just making sure she doesnt rush into anything. Believe that she loves you. and be happy with just living with her for now"

"I know. I guess I just needed to hear it. Im so glad I have you to talk to Matilda. I dont know how I lived away from you for so long." Henry said truthfully.

"Thanks I didnt know you cared" she replied jokingly. Matilda leant in and hugged her brother. She didnt let go and Henry suddenly realised she was crying slightly.

"Hey Tilly, what the matter" he said concerned.

"Nothing" Matilda said wiping her tears away "Im just tired and emotional Im a new mum remember."

"How could I forget, my nephew is so adorable. Your so lucky." henry gushed.

"you wouldnt say that at 4 in the morning when he starts screaming, or when you have just sat down in peace and he starts again." Maddie snapped.

"hey, I know it must be hard but you have Lucas right, at least your not alone."

"Lucas now who is he " Matilda said sarcastically "Isnt he supposed to be my Husband"


"Come in" Lucas shouted as someone knocked on his office door. He could do without interruptions he had far too much work to do.

"hey little brother" Jack said walking in "fancy going for lunch"

"Cant mate sorry. I havent got time, work is manic and I need to impress the new mayor. I cant afford to lose this job. Mr West has already laid off a few people."

"Ok mate, chill out you will have a heart attack by the time your 23 at this rate." Jacks voice was full of concern. His brother looked older and tired. "Your entitled to breaks Lucas, you will be no good to Matilda or Adam if you burn yourself out."

"Im no good to them anyway Jack and Adam is only 3 weeks old. Maddie and I dont really see each other at all." Lucas moaned " Everything has changed and I used to have the perfect life."

"You will get it back Lucas, its just all new at the moment it will get better" Jack said reassuringly as he left his brother to get back to work.


"Hi Henry its Jack" Jack was outside the mayors office on his mobile. "I think we need to do something for Lucas and Matilda and we need to do it fast............

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Squeel yay the sequel and third of the series I'm so happy to see it, I litterally did squeel when I saw it. Poor Mattie and Lucas thankgod Jack is looking out for his little brother and getting Henry to do something for him and Mattie I feel poor Mattie is going to suffer from post natal depression Lucas needs to stop stressing about work like Jack said he needs to help Mattie. Great start can't wait to read more.

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Yay a sequel! Can't believe I missed, it's been up for a while.

Your last chapter in Can Happiness Happen? was great, so sad though. I can see all of those things leading into this story. I hope Ric is okay! Yay Jack and Kit :)

Well, the first chapter was great. Too bad about Henry and Belle, but it was a good twist, I hope they are still going strong. Poor Mattie, hopefully Jack and Henry can get Lucas/Mattie to have some quality time togeter.

Well done! Please update soon :)

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Chapter 2 - Work

"Yea Ok, I will see you tomorrow Ric" Matilda said and then hung up the phone.

Peace at last she thought to herself as she lay on the sofa. She picked up the phone and dialed.


"Hello" Lucas said picking up his phone.

"Hi its only me" Matilda said "When are you coming home its nearly 7 and Adam is asleep. I thought we could have some quality time together, if you know what I mean" She hated having to chase Lucas but she really missed him being around.

"Sounds good baby, I will finish up now and be home in half an hour. I love you" he said smiling into the phone.

"You too sweetheart" he heard her say as he hung up.

10 minutes later he had finished and was looking forward to going home and seeing his wife. He was about to leave when Mr West walked into his office with a woman.

"Lucas good your still here, I was hoping you were" Josh West said.

"Actually I was just going home" Luc started to say but was ignored by his boss.

"This is Georgia, she's new. I thought you could take her through the O'Connell file she needs to know it by the morning." his boss said to him and then left the office.

"Hi" georgia said looking Lucas up and down.

"Hey, Im Lucas Holden" he said shaking her hand. "Just give me a minute and I will be with you."

He dialed his home phone. "Sorry baby something came up. I will try not to be too long" he started to say but before he could get all the words out he heard the dial tone as Matilda hung up.

"Was that your girlfriend" Georgia asked curiously.

"No that was my wife." Lucas replied sitting down next to her.

"Wow you seem too young to be married" She said "No offence."

"None taken. Im 22 so I guess it is a little young, but when you meet the right person you know and she is befinately the right person for me" he said pointing at the photo of Matilda on his desk.

"Wow she is beautiful" Georgia said.

"Yes she is" Lucas said smiling "And now she is really angry"

"Sorry" georgia said smiling at him "Lets get on so you can go home."

They worked for a couple of hours and Lucas left to go home


"So what do you think" Josh said to Georgia as they watched Lucas drive out of the carpark.

"Definately a great possibility, he is fairly naive" Georgia said smiling "I might enjoy this job, he's not bad to look at"

"Well take your time, he wont be easy and we dont want to blow this." Josh said and started laughing.


"Honey I am so sorry" Lucas whispered to Maddie as he climbed into bed next to her. He tried to put his arms around her but she pulled away.

"Whatever Lucas" She said

He sighed, how had everything changed so quickly. He missed the life he used to have, he missed his wife.

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