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I thought i would try my hand at writing a fan fic so here goes. It is predominantly about Jack and Martha though there will be a few other storylines with other characters running at the same time.

The Holdens have been in the bay for just over a week. Jack has been transferred to Yabbie Creek Police station and is currently laid off from work after sustaining a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

At the beach

Tony: Hey Jack we are heading of into the surf. Might not be the best thing for you to do with your arm in a sling and all.

Jack: (laughs). Your not wrong there! I might just go for a run along the beach. How about i meet you in Noah's for a drink at 2.

Tony: Sounds like a plan. I will see you then.

Jack: See you.

Lucas: Bye Jack.

Jack is running along the beach listening to his i-pod when he accidentally runs into a guy who is walking with two girls

Jack: (winces in pain) Aaargh.

Guy: (shouts) Watch where your going next time. Once he realises Jack is in a little pain he calms down and asks if he is alright.

Jack: "No i'm fine, sorry about before, it was an accident" he said while clasping his left shoulder which had been subject to a gunshot wound not long ago.

Guy: No worries. I'm Robbie by the way and this is my girlfriend Tash and our friend Martha.

Jack: Hi. I'm Jack.

Tash: Nice to meet you.

Martha: (shyly) Hi.

Robbie: So are you here on holiday?

Jack: I actually moved up here last week with my Dad and younger brother.

Robbie: Your not a Holden by any chance are you?

Jack: I am as it goes.

Robbie: So your living next door to my family.

Jack: Right.

Tash: Um.. is your shoulder OK, only your bleeding a bit.

Jack: (looks down at his shoulder) It'll be alright. Anyways i have to go, i said i would meet the boys. Really sorry again about before. Maybe we can catch up sometime.

Robbie: Yeah why not. See you later.

Tash: Bye Jack.

Jack: See you.

Jack runs off into the distance

Tash: Hey Mac whats up?

Martha: What are you on about?

Tash: You were awfully quiet before arund Jack.

Martha: (sarcastically) Maybe cos i don't know the guy!

Tash: Well if you spoke to him you might do.

He's a bit cute don't you think?

Robbie: (coughs) uh um.

Tash: Not as cute as you of course.

Robbie: (smiles)

Martha: I have seen better! As much as i would love to stay around for this idle chit chat i best get off to work before Grandad kills me. I will see you guys later!

Martha heads of into the distance

Tash: She can be so stubborn at times.

Robbie: Tell me about it.

Tash: Are you thinking what i am thinking?

Robbie: (smiles) Totally!!

At Noah's, Jack is sitting at the table with his juice fiddling around with his phone when Martha walks in.

Jack: (smiles) Hi again. I didn't know you worked here.

Martha: Well you do now!

Jack: (looking slightly bewildered at her rudeness) Right.

In the meantime Tony and Lucas have just walked in.

Jack: Hey guys.

Lucas: Hey Jack.

Tony: G'day. What's happened to your shoulder?

Jack: I kind of ran into someone on the beach.

Tony: Let me have a look at it.

Jack takes off his shirt with a bit of difficulty as he still has restricted movement in his left shoulder).

Tony: Geez mate you could do with a new bandage. I am just going to ask at the bar if they have a first aid kit.

Martha: Hey what can i get you?

Tony: You don't happen to have a first aid kit by any chance do you?

Martha: Yeah i will bring it over to you. Is everything alright?

Tony: Yeah its fine thanks.

Martha looks over to the table where the Holdens are sitting and notices that Jack is in need of attention as he has his top off.

She assumes he has hurt himself after running into Robbie but does not realise he has aggravated an existing injury.

Martha: (under her breath, while letting out a smiler) what a wuss!!

She walks up to the table they are sitting at. Jack is standing up with his back to her not aware she is behind him.

Martha: Here you are Tony.

Tony: Thanks.

Jack turns around knowing fine well who is behind him. Ever since he saw her on the beach he has been thinking about her.

Martha sees his shoulder and is in shock. It obviously was not caused by running into Robbie though the accident did not help it. Deep down she feels a little sorry for him, it does look as though its painful.

Tony: (coughs) Jack.....Jack. Hello earth to jack!

Jack: Sorry what?

Tony: Are you going to stand there all day looking at Martha or are you going to let me put this bandage on.

Jack: (turns red with embarrassment). Yeah sorry.

Martha noticed the look on Jack's face and found it amusing he had been shown up a little.

Martha kept shooting quick glimpses in Jack's direction as he was getting his wound dressed by Tony. Of course Jack did not notice this as he had his back to the bar. One person noticed this though, Lucas.

Tony: All done mate.

Jack: Thanks Dad. I think i will head home for a lie down, the shoulders a bit sore.

Tony: Alright, take it easy.

Lucas: See you at home.

Jack: (smiles) See you later (a half naked Jack said to Martha) and thanks for the bandage.

Martha: Not a bother Martha said while staring at Jack's toned torso.

At the Holden table

Lucas: Hey Dad do you think something is going on with Jack and the girl behind the bar?

Tony: (scoffs) Who Martha? I don't think so. What makes you say that?

Lucas: She kept staring at him when he was here.

Tony: I wouldn't go reading anything into that mate.

Beth has just walked into Noah's

Beth: Hey Martha any chance i can pick up the accounts.

Martha: Yeah sure. I will jst get them for you.

Beth: What are you, Ric and your Grandad doing tonight?

Martha: Nothing as far as i'm aware why?

Beth: We are having a BBQ round ours this evening if you wanted to come along.

Martha: I will have to check with the others but i will be there.

As Beth is about to leave the club she spots the Holdens and walks over to their table.

Beth: Hi I'm beth, we live next door to each other.

Tony: G'day i'm Tony and this is my son Luc.

Lucas: Hi.

Beth: I just thought i would let you know that we are having a small gathering around ours this evening for a BBQ and thought you might want to come along. It will be a great chance for you to get to know the neighbours.

Tony: That would be great. Is there anything you would like us to bring.

Beth: (smiles) Just yourselves will be fine. Come by about 6.

Tony: Great we will see you then.

Beth: Bye

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