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The Ada Nicodemou (Leah) Thread

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I am such a huge fan of Ada Nicodemou.

I have loved her work in Police Rescue, and Heartbreak High. I did think she was pretty average in The Matrix, but then again, she did not have much to work with. I did however, love her in Dancing With The Stars, and am so glad she won. Ada also was with Danny Reco (Alexi), for a while.

Comment on what you think of this bubbly talented actress, whether of her work in what I mentioned above, or her acting and storylines currently on Home And Away.

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Katerina was one of my favourite characters on HH, and Leah and Vinnie are one of my favourite couples ever on H&A, so yeah, I pretty much love her. :D I really hope she sticks around on H&A, she's a great long term character, and her friendship with Sally works particularly well. I can see that growing and growing, with the two of them reflecting back on old times in years to come...

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