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Why Me? Why Us?

Guest beckyboo

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Story Title: Why me? Why us?

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: J&M

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC

Summary: Martha and Jack's family life.

Why me? Why us?

Chapter one

Jack looked down as his beautiful fiancée. She was sleeping and he admired her as he did every morning only this morning was a special morning it was the day before he and Martha were due to marry.

He then thought back to the way they had met the 1st time he look in her eyes on her he knew she was the one to tame him. But they got off to a rocky romance as both of them were too stubborn to admit there feelings for one and other. She then finally told how she felt but only after a spider incident that was one of the things he wanted to forget about.

They admitted they had feelings for one and other when Martha was prepared to jump off a cliff to get back in his good books after that they became inseparable.

people often told Jack that he and Martha were the perfect couple!!!!!!!!

Martha suddenly started to wake up but when is did and saw Jack looking at her she was terrified.

What is her secrete for looking at Jack like that!?

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Chapter Two. Sorry its so short I will post more tomorrow.

Martha looked at Jack, he looked at her face and instantly new what was wrong. He did push her he just simply wrapped his two big strong arms around her he told her that he loved and he would protect his princess from anyone who tried to tear them apart.

Jack had now been in the shower and gotten ready for work. Martha asked him “Stay with me please I am so scared Jack I really need you to stay” and with this she collapsed in to a crying heap on the living room floor Jack just looked at her this woman he was marrying tomorrow was now a complete and utter mess because of one phone call last night.

Jack picked her up and sat her down on his knee on the sofa. He asked Martha a question he asked was she still going to marry him tomorrow. Martha looked at him and said I really don’t know. Is this what she deserved a life time of misery and too scared to leave the house alone because this one time she stormed out on Jack. That was the day her life became a mess.

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