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A Forgotten Past

Guest Penie

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This I think is my first proper fanfic so be nice!! I would like to thank Jess especially as she proofread it.

Chapter 1

I sat on the beach and watched the waves. It had been eight months since Flynn died and things were back to normal. Or as normal as things could ever be. Alf, Morag and Martha had moved back to the flat above the Diner while I stayed with Sally, Cassie and little Pippa, who is nearly three. Although I still wish that Flynn was still here with us.

“Ric…..Ric” someone was shaking me. I looked up and saw my girlfriend. She looked mildly concerned.

“Hey, I was just thinking” I say, looking up at Belle and smiling cheekily.

“Thinking how beautiful I am?” Belle had this cheeky smile that always made me laugh.

“No, thinking I’m going to beat you to the Diner. Both of us run across the beach laughing, and reach the Diner shouting loudly.

“I won” Belle shouts loudly.

“No, I did and you know it looks like you’re paying.” We both looked around and noticed people starring at us. Belle admitted she had lost and said she would pay for the milkshakes. Colleen, as usual, looked as though she had just found some gossip but we were too hot to listen. It was something that Madge Wilkins told her and after that I lost interest. Belle and I made a fast exit holding hand and I heard Colleen mumble her usual words - “Young love”.

Belle and I were holding hands while walking on the beach. The sand was smooth and all I could hear was the waves and our footsteps. It was getting dark, so we decided to meet tomorrow. Belle suddenly looked round.


“I just thought someone was watching us” she said with curiosity.

“It was probably just someone walking past and happening to notice us.”

“Maybe” Belle said uncertainly and we hugged and kissed. I reminded her about tomorrow night at 7:00 when we shall meet next. Then I gave her another short kiss while Sally called me.

I walked in and Sally said she wondered where I was. At dinner we told each other of our day. Dan took Pippa VJ to the park, Cassie went to see Matilda and Sally went shopping with Leah. After all their stories, I thought of how great life was and wished it wouldn’t change.

Preview: Who does Ric see and what does he want? Can this change Ric’s life?

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