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A Forgotten Past

Guest Penie

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Thanks all, Alli not many are actually R&C lovers there is more R&B. Thanks for editing Jess.

“Ric, can you look after Pippa today as I need to go out, to get some food for dinner and see a pupil about his coursework” Sally said while holding a joyful Pippa in her hands. She handed her over. I didn’t really mind looking after Pippa because I didn’t have anything to do. Then I remembered.

“Emm…actually I was going to have dinner with Belle tonight, do you mind?” hoping Sally doesn’t mind. “Please?”

“All right as long as you are home before curfew as you have school tomorrow.” I thanked Sally and she left. It has been a month since I went back to school, I have to do a lot of catching up but I want to make Flynn proud.

Pippa and I had a great time - even Cass joined in. Later that evening I was just about ready to go to Belle when Pippa wanted to watch a film. Cass and I decided that it wouldn’t harm her to stay and watch a quarter of a film, as it was late. Cass turned on the TV and was about put in the Lady and the Tramp when the news came on.

“Wait” Cass stopped and looked at me but I was busy starring at the screen. “No..” I ran out the door quickly as I could. I heard Cass shout after me and asking what is wrong. I could not think straight…it was the past….it was forgotten. He can’t come back now. I wasn’t watching where I was going and I bumped in to Colleen. She shouted but I couldn’t hear and I didn’t care.

I sat down on the beach. I thought this is stupid he might not even come to see me he might get caught. He doesn’t even know Dad is dead…maybe that is why he is here….to see my Dad. I don’t want to get involved in what he is doing. Not now things were going great.

I sat down on the beach and watched the waves trying to forget……

”Come on Scott this way it is easier to get revenge and they would never think of Eric as an accomplice”

“What if he mucks it up?”

“He won’t or he’ll have me to deal with…Eric would you hurry up”

“Aren’t you going to say hello to your favourite uncle Scott… You will do this right Eric won’t ya”?

“Ric..Ric we have been looking everywhere for you! Where have you flaming been?” Slowly waking up.

“Just here Granddad”

“ Yes well you’re going to have to explain that to Sally. Belle came and said you didn’t turn up. We got worried and it is past you curfew.

I couldn’t think properly so I just said sorry and okay at the right times. I came home and Sal gave me an angry look and said something about talking about it tomorrow. Everyone agreed and we all went to bed. However I couldn’t sleep, I knew that I would have that nightmare all over again like I did when dad died.

Preview: “Just go away, I want nothing to do with you”

“I just want your Dad”

“He is dead”

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That was good Penie... So that stuff in Italic was that a dream, or it really happened but he was dreaming about it again?

The Italics was-he went into a daze and remembered this day where stuff actually happened the more the story unfolds the more of the dream we find out!! Thanks all.

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Thanks Jess for the editing!

Chapter 3

“Come on Scott this way it is easier to get revenge and they would never think of Eric as an accomplice.”

“What if he mucks it up?”

“He won’t or he’ll have me to deal with…Eric would you hurry up”

“Aren’t you going to say hello to your favourite uncle Scott… You will do this right Eric won’t ya?”

“I don’t want to...”

“What did you say?”

“I...I …don’t wa…Ouch…please...please don’t hurt me Scott”

“If he won’t hit ya I will, so you better do this…and no whines otherwise I will hit you harder against that wall, alright?”

“Ready Eric, just knock on the door like we had planned, tell him about the ball in the tree and we will be there. You will do it right?”


“Nooooo.” I woke up very fast, I realised I was in my bed. The time was four o’clock and it was still dark. I looked down and the sheets were soaked with sweat. I rapidly got up.

“Oh no, this can’t be happening”. I had a shower and took my bedding down to the washing machine. What if they asked me about the sheets, they would think I’m a baby and they might find out about my past. I poured orange juice over my sheets and put it in the washing machine. I can’t go back to sleep now, what happens if I have a nightmare again and… I can stay up for the rest of the night, I stay and put the T.V on and at 6:30 I will go upstairs and get ready for school.

It was 6:45 and I went upstairs to get ready for school. I was ready as Cass just got up.

“Hey Ric, wow you are ready. Sal said that you and her would have a talk after school as she is running late…Are you okay? Where were you last night? Alf said you were at the beach and I bet Belle isn’t going to be happy. I guess Belle is not the only one who will give you a bad time, Sal was so worried last night…we all were. Are you sure you are alright?”

“Yep positive, in fact I shall go to go to school early” I nodded and went out the door as fast as I could.

The sun was shinning as usual but as it was early no one was around. I took a leisurely walk round the caravan before school, that why I would not be really early.

Suddenly someone placed their hand over my mouth and rushed me into a caravan. I tried to stop them but whoever was doing this was too strong. I was shoved on to the bed I got up and he locked the doors. I noticed who it was:

“No, Go away”

“I need your Dad”

“Just go away, I want nothing to do with you”. He had his fist clenched, he noticed I was looking and he relaxed it.

“I just want your Dad”

“He is dead”. He put his hands around my neck and pushed me on to the wall.

“What do you mean? Are you playing tricks with your old uncle Scott?

I cried out in fear and pain “No, please he died, been dead more then a year. Let go of me” I reached for anything I could find and hit him on the head. He let go and winced in pain. I pushed the keys that were in the door and ran out the caravan.

I ran to Granddad’s flat above the diner and looked in the mirror. My face was very red and most probably there would be a bruise. There was no one there as Granddad was fishing, Martha was doing a shift a Noah’s and Morag was away on a court case. I stopped to look at the time, it was 8:30. I could still get in time for school then I realised I had left my bag in the caravan. It had my books, my school planner with all the information about where I live and the phone numbers. I broke down into tears. I crouched in the corner and started to remember the next part of the dream from last night.

“Hello, Eric how are you?”

“I am good Ella, is your dad in?

“Yeah, it was my 8th birthday on Sunday and it was the first year with just my Dad. We are going to see the graves of Joseph and my Mum after we’ve had a special dinner. Do you want me to say hello to your Mum for you?

“Emm yes. Can you please get your Dad?

“Sure, Daddy?”

“I can’t do this”

“Do what… Ella go to bed, I’m here now to talk to Eric”

I woke suddenly from the loud noises from Martha and Jack’s laughing, I had nowhere to hide.

“What are you doing here?


Sally-“And where were you at school may I add”

Martha-“You are making people worry who don’t need to be.”

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