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  1. Hey people!!! How are you?
  2. Good night Chris. Well i am going to bed early tonight ready for school. What time did you go to bed HAWFan2006?
  3. Good you? We haven't spoken in ages!!!!!
  4. Hey everyone! So tired still in Pjs! Went to sleep at 2:00am.
  5. I'm very tired stayed up till 3:00am!!!! You?
  6. Yay!! thats awesome. Thanks would anyone like to share an expensive bottle of wine with me?
  7. WOOOOW my computer is fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. HEYYYYYY i have been trying to get your attension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I do know you!! We have spoken, how are you?
  10. My computer is broken and i live in the UK so i have no way to watch Aus episodes!!!
  11. yeh i am good though annoyed haven't been here or watched home and away for ages alot of catching up to do!!!!
  12. Hey everyone haven't spoken in ages my computer is still broken!!!! Not fixed till the end of this week! WOOOOW!!! How has everyone been?
  13. Drew Drew where are you???????
  14. Hey, i am trying top get Drews attention!!!
  15. Same!!! First time i actually come on here when i get the chance no-one is here!!!!
  16. Hey everyone!!!! I miss you all. Especiually my secret lover. Hopefully i will talk soon when my comp is fixed. xxxx
  17. Hope you get better merc. My msn is great!!!
  18. Hey Neither me Drew!!! What with everything going on.
  19. Hey Jess, the only time i come on here and no-one is around!!!!
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