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A Forgotten Past

Guest Penie

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Editing (proof reading) by the lovely Jess ;)

Chapter 5

“Hey, Ric did you catch up on all your classes from yesterday? Where were you, by the way? Come on you can tell your best mate.”

“I can’t and I won’t” I looked at Lucas with the same straight face that Sally gave me this morning. He muttered something like “Fine” but I got distracted as Belle walked past and gave me an angry/p***** off look.

“Wait Belle, please!”

“I thought our relationship meant something…obviously not.” She was nearly in tears.

“It did… I mean, does.”

“Fine we will maybe make up if you tell me where you were both Sunday night and yesterday at school”

“I can’t…”

“Then we can’t be together.” I called her to come back but she ignored me. Lucas muttered about trust, telling her and telling everyone else what is going on.

I walked into the house and thought sarcastically that this day is going great. Not only has Belle in a way dumped me, Sal, and probably everyone else, doesn’t trust me and Cass won’t do the thing with Scott so now I am forced to do it. I focused around the room and to who was at the table, and guess what, it was Scott.

“I didn’t want to be late, I was looking forward to some help. I had a nephew around about his age but I went away and he took off. However I know I will meet him again.

“It is fine Mr Oneway, I am sure you will meet your nephew again. Ric is a good boy; he does what he is told. Any problems come to me.” Sally gave me a look that meant ‘be good and do what you are told’. Scott started babbling about his ‘nephew’ who is me, I guessed. He talked about how I never listened or was a good child and I didn’t do what I was told.

We were in the car and I noticed the car doors were on lock. We were slowing down.

“Why are we stopping?” I said nervously.

“Eric what did I tell you I was doing collecting my stuff and getting equipment?” He emphasised the name ‘Eric’ and it had been a shock to me because it has been a long time since I have been addressed with that.

“Call me Eric and I am not helping you” I was trying to sound braver.

“Looks like you already are, I told you one way”

“Yeah yeah, very funny”. We skidded as he turned round and shouted not to mock or be sarcastic to him. His eye lit up in frustration. I moved more to the side of the car door even though I know he could still hit me.

“Don’t you remember this place Eric?” I looked out the window and saw the houses.


“Let go of Ella this has nothing to do with her.”

“Yeah you’re right. We will do a swap. You get in the car nice and quiet and we will let her go.”

“What have you done to Eric?

“He tided up outside so he can hear all of this.


“Okay…Okay… I will walk. Let go of her…Thank you!”

“DADDY…Nooo don’t leave me…”

“Ella I lo…”

“I said get in the car quietly”

“You do remember I can tell you have that nightmare in your head” My nervousness must have been showing as my hands were shaking.

“Stop messing with my head. My life was fine until you came…now it is in pieces”. He looked like he was enjoying my pain.

“Aww poor Eric. Are we still wetting the bed baby?” I was getting aggravated and angry. I started to remember when I used to do that when I was younger to it recently happening now.

“No that was along time ago” I tried to assure him, wanting him to stop making fun of me.

“Sure my little baby nephew.” I can’t take anymore of him; I want him gone and fast. Get the job over and done with.

“FINE how much will it take for you to go away… one job and what is it?”

Preview: Scott-“It is the only to get your big uncle Scott away for good”

Ric-“No I can’t do that”

Scott-“Maybe I will tell people what happened that night and how my baby nephew was too scared to do anything.”

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