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A Forgotten Past

Guest Penie

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Thanks to Jess for the proof reading. This was her last proof reading as she is going on holiday for a month :( Jess i hope you have a brillient time you deserve it!! :D My new proof reader will be Jacksthehottest. I wish my new proof reader good luck. :P

Fourth Chapter

“Well?” she asked, her voice laced with curiosity. I had to lie.

“I…I left my books here.”

“So what books were they?” her curiosity, fading.

“Just school”

“Jack, I shall give you this film and we can watch it later. I just need to speak to Granddad and ask him if I can change my shift. So we can be together tonight.” He agreed and said his good byes. I have to do some quick thinking because Cassie and Sally will be asking about school.

“Emm… Martha, I don’t mind walking, it is a nice day”. She didn’t buy it.

“What are you hiding, because if you are not hiding anything you can come in the car” What choice did I have? So I agreed, hoping they are not at home.

The car journey was faster then I wanted it to be. We got out, Cassie came out and said the worst possible words

“First you went past your curfew last night and today you didn’t go to school”

“Ric what?” There was anger in Martha’s eyes and concern in Cass’s.

“Ric get inside now, you lied to me!” Great how am I going to cover this up?

What’s this about a curfew? We were in the house where it looked as though Sal wasn’t home.

“And where were you at school may I add?” I turned round she was home and she did not look happy.

“I can’t say” thinking the truth would be worse. Martha looked even angrier then before and Cass just stared

“You are making people worry who don’t need to be.” Martha said but I didn’t reply.

“Well you’re grounded until you can and as for school I am going to personally walk you there. Now go to your room” This is great if I am grounded then I won’t have to see Scott. I went upstairs to my bedroom and shut my bedroom door.

I sat and closed my eyes.

“Hey Ric”

“Scott what are you doing here?”

“Aren’t you going to call me ‘uncle Scott’? I wanted to see you and also I wanted to know if you want your stuff back”. It is good you are doing all this work in school you never used to”.

“Yeah well it has been along time” I tried grabbing my bag off him that he had in his hand but I missed.

“Please can you give it back, I need it”

“It would be a shame if something stopped you from going wouldn’t it and what would your new family think?” He had a grin on his face and it scared me. He was going to blackmail me to do some crime.

“Just give me my bag and go!” He pushed me to the wall.

“I need help with a job”.

“No way” He got angry and held my face.

“You will do this one way…or another. Now I am going to go but I shall see you soon. Oh and I will keep this bag” He let go of my face and climbed out of the window and all I could do is wish he never came back. I lay on my bed and noticed clean bedding. Maybe if I go to the bathroom now I won’t have the same accident.

After the bathroom I went into bed and slowly I drifted into the same dream…

"Come on Scott this way it is easier to get revenge and they would never think of Eric as an accomplice”

“What if he mucks it up?”

“He won’t or he’ll have me to deal with…Eric would you hurry up”

“Aren’t you going to say hello to your favourite uncle Scott… You will do this right Eric won’t ya?”

“I don’t want to...”

“What did you say?”

“I...i …don’t wa…Ouch…please...please don’t hurt me Scott”

“If he won’t hit ya I will so you better do this…and no whines otherwise I will hit you harder against that wall, alright”

“Ready Eric, just knock on the door like we had planned, tell him about the ball in the tree and we will be there. You will do it right?”


“Hello, Eric how are you?”

“I am good Ella, is your dad in?

“Yeah, it was my 8th birthday on Sunday the first year with just my dad, we are going to see the graves of Joseph and my mum after we have a special dinner. Do you want me to say hello to your mum for you?

“Emm yes. Can you please get your Dad?

“Sure, Daddy?”

“I can’t do this”

“Do what… Ella go to bed, I’m here now to talk to Eric”

“Listen don’t come out my dad and uncle Scott’s there. They are waiting for you. Don’t phone the police, as I will be in trouble.”

“Eric what did you do, I am going to kill ya…”

“He didn’t want to help me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“You little liar, Scott get him while I’ll get the equipment maybe we should do plan B.”

“No please ouch, ah…ahh, I’m sorry… sorry…sor…”

“Sorry ain’t going to do nothing now you idiot, or crying. You baby!”

*Crack* “Oahh I think my arm’s broken”

“Scott you have too much blood on you now, tie Eric up so he doesn’t do anything stupid and get changed”

“What’s… plan B, Dad?”

“Shut up or you will get worse beatings when we are home. This is your fault!”

“It is my fault, my fault”. I looked at the time it was 6:00am. Cass knocked on the door and asked if I was all right. I told her it was just a nightmare and to go back to sleep. I looked down and the accident happened again. I did exactly the same thing as yesterday morning but quieter.

As we were all about to go to school, Sally asked me again where I was and I didn’t say anything. There was a knock on the door and Sal went to answer it. To my horror it was Scott.

“Hi, Sally is it.”

“Oh hi you’re caravan no. 6?”

“Yes, I found this outside and I thought it belonged to this house.” It was my bag, I couldn’t believe it he is getting Sal on his side. Sal went over and took the bag and gave me a look.

“I might be leaving in a few days. Need to do a job for a friend I was wondering if any of you could help me move my stuff out of the van and help me get equipment”

“Well Cass will be out, so ahh Ric as you are grounded you can do it.”

“But Sal I can’t…don’t want…”

“Don’t be rude… of course he can Mr…” I saw Sal eyes nothing could change her mind.

“…Mr Oneway” I looked at him and he did a conniving smile.”


Belle-“I thought our relationship meant something…obviously not.

Scott-“I told you one way”

Ric-“My life was fine until you came…now it is in pieces”

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