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Summer Bay: After Hours

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Summer Bay: After Hours: Episode 01: 'What Have I Become'?

Episode 01 Starring:

Dan Baker, Kim Hyde, Matilda Hunter, Lucas Holden

"I Love You" Matilda whispered in Luca's ear

"I Love You More" Lucas said

"Thats Not Possible" Matilda argued, before kissing Lucas lovingly on the lips.

Tonight was the night, The niht were love conquers all, The night were they finally declared there love for each other.

Lucas grabbed Matildas hand, and held her body close to his, He kissed her passiontly on the lips whilst undoing the top of her top and raising it above her head.

Matilda shiverd slightly, In a sensual kind of way, She rubbed her hands down Luca's chest and kissed him more passionatly then ever before...

"Wow, That was amazing" Kim said breathless

"I know, I know, That was feffin fantastic" Dan Baker had replied, before lighting up a cigarette. "I have to leave soon, Leah will be wandering were i have got two"

"Please dont go" Kim begged "I want you hear with me, I love you"

"I know you do" sighed Dan "And i love you 2, but I love you in a sex first kind of way, I am devoted to Leah"

"I Deserve to be treated better" replied Kim "But i cant do no better then you" he giggled nervorsly

"Leah deserves better, you mean, I love Leah, so much, I love her and VJ and she has made me a better man then i ever thought i was, And i do i repay her, By shagging the best looking bloke on the bay, Thats how, Im such a moron, I dont deserve her" Dan said, before getting up of the bed and pulling his boxers on "I mean, With you the sex is amazing, I can always rely on good Kim Hyde if i want a good seeing too, But Leah the love is the way she has treated me, I really do love her" he said, taking a swig off the Marlboro cigarette that was burning away on the Dr Pepper can on the drawer next to Kims bed.

"Same time tomorrow then" Kim asked anxiously

"I Shouldnt say yes, But what the heck" Dan replied

Dan put his Lonsdale top back on, before going over to Kims side of the bed, Kissing him tenderly on the lips and going out the door...

..Lifting Luca's vest top over his head, and then tenderly rubbing his chest, Matilda countined her kissing inside Luca's mouth- Like there was some buried treasure inside.

Lucas pulled down Matildas skirt- They were longing to be next to each other.

Matilda, shaking outside but anxious inside, pulled down Luca's three quater lengths and countied in the passionate snog.

Lucas pulled away from the snog "Wow, Maddy look what you do to me" Lucas cheekly shared the fact that he was aroused.

Standing in Luca's room with just thier underwear on, Lucas pushed on Matilda to the bed, Rubbing his chest with her hands- Matilda was hungry for him now. Lucas layed on top of Matilda kissing each other passionatly- She put her hands inside Luca's White calvin klien- She giggled quietly to herself- She had never felt or thought of ever touching a penis before.

"You ready, babe" Lucas said to Matilda.

"I sure am" Matilda said, Excited.

The boxers dropped to the floor, and the only things you could hear were panting and the occasinal 'I Love You'...

Please tell me your views, Is it crap or good. I'll put a 2nd part up 2morrow.

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Summer Bay: After Hours: Episode 02: 'Where Do I Go From Here'?

Episode 02 starrting:

Ric Dalby, Cassie Turner, Lucas Holden, Matilda Hunter, Kim Hyde, Dan Baker

Matilda lay in Luca's arm, whilst Luca's was playing with Matildas hair.

"That was amazing" Matilda said to Luca's, staring lovingly into his eyes

"I Love You Babe" Luca's reassured Matilda

They kissed again before Lucas said "I have to go babe, I'll see you tomorrow"

Lucas slowly got changed and kissed Matilda before leaving.

Matilda lay down in bed and fell asleep with a smile on her face...

"It was great mate, It felt like love, I cant wait until we do it again" Lucas told his best mate Ric Dalby "I never expected that I would lose my virginity to girl im in love with, I always thought I'd just lose it with a random girl"

"Nah its better when its with someone you love" Ric stated to Lucas "Its more sensual" he added

"Wanna grab a milkshake then mate" Lucas asked Ric

"Why not"

They walked into to the cafe and Matilda and Cassie were there.

"Alright babe" Lucas said to Matilda before going over to her and kissing her on the cheeks

"Hi, Cassie" Ric said.

Ric used to date Cassie but it all fell to pieces when Cassie cheated on him with Robbie Hunter. It was just cheap, meanlingless sex, but Ric was heartbroken.

He took a seat next to Cassie.

"Wanna go cinemas today then people" Cassie asked the group

"Yeah, Okay" Lucas said before looking at his watch "I better take this milkshake to go, gotta meet my Dad" he told the group "Hes got some news"....

"What Have I Become"? Dan Baker asked hisself as his undone his shirt and jumped in bed next to Kim Hyde.

They kissed, hungrily and went under the covers. Two pairs of boxer shorts flew up in the air and hit the floor.

"Oh, Dan this great" Kim moaned..

Dan sparked up a cigarette and Kim lay in his arms.

At first this sex with Kim was meant to be just that, Sex, But Dan was starting to fall in love with Kim and he was falling out of love of with Leah by the day

"What is up babe" Kim asked a exhausted Dan

"Nuffin" he said, unconvincly.

"Cum on you can tell me" Kim said

"Your the one person I cant tell this too, But the one person I want to tell the most" Dan replied to Kim.

"Okay then babe" Kim said

He kissed Dan on the lips, and the Kiss got more passionate, Dan started to feel like he was in heaven.

He went unders the covers and Kim moaned "Oh Danny Boy"..

Then suddenly Kims bedroom door open..

"Oh just as i expected" the voice said "From one woman to another"

Dan poked his out from under the sheets and the voice said

"Oh My God"

It was Kit Hunter.

Preview of the next chapter

"Leave me alone you tosser" Ric Screamed at the top of his voice "I dont want to speak to you..Ever again" he also screamed.

"Give me a chance to expalin" said the voice "I want to make if to you" ...

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