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Summer Bay: After Hours

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:ph34r: Finally got Episode 5 written, sorry for the long wait, and it might be a long wait for the 6th episode as im very busy writing other fiction and stuff, but I will get it up as soon as possible..Anyway heres chapter 5!

Summer Bay: After Hours: Episode 05: New Beginnings


Amanda Vale, Matilda Hunter, Lucas Holden, Dan Baker, Jack Holden.

Sobbing on the beach, Leah had realised she had come to an all time low.

Her husband had run off with another bloke and she slept with her gay husbands brother- How could things get any worse she thought to herself. She had decided to leave summer bay and move to the United Kingdom where her cousin Alex and wife Brodie are currently setting up home.

'My life will never be the same again' she said to herself, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Matilda had just arrived home from France and she was misrable. Her flight was delayed by seven hours and she had just arrived back to Austrila is a vile mood. The last thing she needed was the bump into Amanda Vale.

'Alright bitch' Matilda huffed at to Amanda

'Excuse Me' amanda said to Matilda

'I said Alright BITCH' Matilda laughed at Amanda and went to walk off

'Listen here' Amanda shrekied before grabbing matilda by the hair and pushing her up against a wall 'I dont need this **** from you- Ok- Espically when I have something that could ruin your life'

'Whats that? You shagged another grandad' Matilda said lowly

'SHUT UP YOU IMMATURE LITTLE BITCH' amanda said before swinging at matilda

'Come on hit me..If thats all you got' now matilda was fuming

'THATS IT- Here goes- Your boyfriend little lucas- Isnt really little- Isnt that ironic?' amanda laughed in matildas face before letting go of her hair and getting out her mobile

'Have a look' she demanded to Matilda

'WHAT?....Dont...Dont..DONT..say..THATS YOU..and THATS LUCAS' Matilda started to sob

'Yes- Hes a right little mover- Up the wall- Three times- He was LOADED- You should really see to him you know' Amanda laughed and walked off.

Matilda was devastated. How could he..With her..Amanda..'He will pay...'

'I've never felt like this before mate' Dan told his best friend Jack Holden 'Hows life with you'

'Its all good mate- Me and Martha are getting married in a couple of weeks- I cant wait- You still gunna come'

'Of course' Dan replied

'I never thought that you'd be gay though mate- Ive known you for years- And you have always been a ladies man' Jack told Dan 'You've had sex with more women then I could ever imagine' he laughed

'Thats true- But with Kim- Its not sex- Its love- I've never been in love before- And you what- It feels fantastic' he smiled

'With a bloke- I....Lets not get into' Jack laughed

Dans phone starts to ring..Ten minutes later he comes back

'Its Leah..Shes moving to London..She knows about Me and Kim..Its not just that..Pete attacked her..And she wants to press charges' Dan said in one long breath

'Flippin' Eck mate' Jack Said 'Lemme go round to Leah's and take a statement about the Peter accident..Dont worry mate..Everything will be ok'

And with that Jack left..Not knowing that in a couple of hours time- Hes love life could go down the pot..

'Its OVER' Matilda screamed at Lucas 'You slept with Amanda- Your a PIG- I hate you' She screamed so loud at Lucas who was shellshocked

'It was a mistake- It only happened once, I was drunk, she needed a shoulder to cry on' Lucas told the truth

'So you stuck yourself inside her' Matilda screamed 'YOU MAKE ME SICK!'

'I'm Sorry' Lucas reassured Matilda 'But you havent been here for me- Have you- You never want sex anymore- Your more focused on going out with Cassie and Belle then you are at spending time with me- I needed some relivement- But Im sorry- Ok' Lucas had a tear in his eye- He really was sorry

'As far as im concerened- Were finished- I cant even look at you- I love you lots- But i dont like you' she cried and with that- The new fiesty Matilda left.


Who celebrates a marriage proposal and who is left devastated when a loved one is shot?

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