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Summer Bay: After Hours

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Summer Bay: After Hours: Episode 03: Love or Lust?

Episode 03 Starring:

Lucas Holden, Amanda Vale, Dan Hunter, Kim Hyde, Kit Hunter and Peter Baker with mentions of Beth Hunter, Robbie Hunter, Leah Baker, Henry Hunter and Belle Taylor

Shellshocked and horrified at what she just saw, Kit closed the door and ran out.

"Did she see"? Kim asked Dan nervisoly

"No" Dan said, Lying.

"We have to be more careful, babe" Kim said kissing Dan's toned chest and tickling his chin

Dan knew that Kit saw. He had to persaude Kit not to tell anyone, espically Leah.

Dan had never felt like this before a guy before, Kim was his first guy he had sex with and he was starting to fall in love with him..Or was it just lust??

Kim, On the other hand, Is Bisexual and enjoys sex with Men, Women, Girls and Boys. He has never been in 'Love' buy he was starting to think that maybe he was falling in love with Dan.

Lucas Holden was in love with Matilda. He knew that. He loved making love with her any time possible. But he had always had a crush on evil bitch Amanda Vale. He thought she was gorgeous and would probley be very experinced at having sex. He had thought about it a couple of times, and even had a bash thinking about it. But he was in love with Matilda and nothing would ever happen between Amanda right. Shes way out of his leauge. Luca's just thought 'Its Not Gonna Happen, Forget About It' and he couldnt have been more wrong...

Dan knocked at the hunters house and Kit answered the door.

"What are you doing here, Why aint you at home shagging my ex" Kit said to Dan

"Yeah about that, I need to speak to you, Please just hear me out" Dan replied, begging.

"No" Kit said before going to slam the door on his face

"Come on, I Need to chat to someone..I love him" Dan said, Convinslgnly.

"You....What" Kit said, rather shocked

"I love Kim, I love him, I have done for a while, I mean, Yeah at first it was just fantastic sex, I mean, I thought I loved Leah but she has been rather dry with me lately, I needed comfort, I never thought in a million years i would be shagging a guy and falling in love with him. But i have, And that is something I have to face up to. And yes, I will tell Leah so you dont have to tell her for me. I have to tell her, I Dont want her finding out the way that you found out" Dan replied, with tears welling up in his eyes

"I would never have guessed, Dan, Look, Im fine with it, It was just the shock..But its not me you should be opening up to, Your married to Leah and she has a right to know..Please, For me, You have to tell her. It wouldnt be right for you to have sex with Kim again while Leah is at home wandering where you are" Kit knew the right words to say

"Thank you Kit, And thanks for being so understanding" handsome Dan said.

He texted Kim saying "Miss you loads babe, Need you inside me, I think im in love with you..xx'...

Lucas Holden was upset. Matilda Hunter his girlfriend and person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with had gone away to france with her mum Beth and her siblings Kit and Robbie to visit her brother Henry, who happened to be one of Luca's ex best friends. Henry and Luca's used to do everything together, until Henry slept with Luca's girlfriend, even before Lucas got a chance too. He didnt want to go to visit him.

Amanda Vale was crying whilst walking down the street. She had just found out that Belle Taylor was her daughter, and Belle doesnt want to get to know her. Through all Amanda's faults, she honestly did want to be a mum to Belle. Luca's was walking down the street when he noticed that Amanda was upset.

'You okay, Amanda' Lucas asked Amanda shyly

'What..Oh..Just go away..You..' Amanda replied to Lucas

'Are you upset, What is upsetting enough to make the town bitch cry'? Lucas replied, with a fair question

'********, Im not the town bitch, I try to be nice and everyone throws it in my face..I really am a nice person..Belle doesnt think so' she said back

'What the hell has Belle got to do with sliced bread'? Lucas asked dumbstruck

'Oh your find out anyway, She is my daughter, I had a one night stand ages ago and gave her up for adapotion. I didnt want a baby. Im not a evil person. I really aint' Amanda replied obvisoly distraught.

'What..Belle..Is your daughter..Bloody hell..'

Lucas felt really upset for Amanda, she does have her faults but he knows she really, for once, is showing emotions, Something he didnt think was capeable of Amanda Vale.

'Do you want to go back to mine, For a drink' Lucas asked Amanda...

Peter Baker was about 5ft 11 and was blonde with piercing eyes. He looked slightly like his brother Dan, but Dan was much more handsome.

Peter and Dan had been best friends aswell as brothers for many years, but lately they had grown apart. Peter had a thing for Dans wife Leah.

Peter and Dan had the same Nokia phones.

Peter heard a text message come over on his phone, He was expecting a text from one of his girlfriends, a say one of his girlfriends because Peter like Dan loves sex and has 3 girlfriends and is married. He cant keep it in his trousers.

He opened the text message:

I Love You more then I love life itself, Your one of the reasons that i'm still alive. You make me so weak at the knees and your so generous. I think if you wasnt in my life then i'd be so unhappy. On top of everything- you are a fantastic lover. Love and Kisses Kim xxx

P.S. Miss You Big Boy xxx

'That ****ing Poof, How ****ing Dare He..Cheat On Leah With A ****ing Bloke!...' Peter thought to himself...

He wasnt going to tell Leah..He had a better idea..

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Part 4 will be up in the next couple of days- I have wrote the first half i will write the second half a bit later. :)

Ohh I cant wait! :D

Lucas and Amanda..I never saw that one comeing.

Is Rachel going to be in it at all?

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Part 4 will be up in the next couple of days- I have wrote the first half i will write the second half a bit later. :)

Ohh I cant wait! :D

Lucas and Amanda..I never saw that one comeing.

Is Rachel going to be in it at all?

Im thinking of maybe writing her into it in a couple of chapter times.

Your see the conclusion to Kim and Dans affair in the next couple of chapters and im also going to be writing about Jack, Martha and Sally in a couple of storys time.

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