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Barry Hyde, The new summerbay's school principal from hell, AKA, Dr Jekill Mr Hyde..

Mr Hyde expected nothing more than his students to strive to excell in excellence in all things, also expected this of his collegues they had to see his way if not then they were repriimaded or sacked.

Barry was'nt liked by anyone including his son Kim, They had a love hate relationship Kim always called him a "control freak" as this was so he needed to control everything.

Barry's relationship with his son was way overprotective...due to his wifes actions end result made him the man he is now.

He started to show his softer side, after Sally split with Flynn.and also his affection for Irene.

Irene : his affection for her made hin listen to her point of views aka regarding Kim, we stated to see a more of a softer side of Hyde than before, he started to see things from others perspective..than just his own.

His relationships with those around him started to see a kinder more soft hearted man under all that hard exterior.

Barry's past was bound to catch up with him especially when it came to Kim, love above allothers!

He loved Irene more than he'd loved any woman since Kerry, but as Irene once said secrets allway's come out!.

Ivar played Barry well, he was ment to be up tight hard to show his real feelings, but for a lot of us he endeered himslf, with that longing look and such a golden secxey voice.

We will miss you Mr Hyde aka Barry!

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after Sally split with Flynn

When did this happen?

It happened after her considerating helping Floss dye a dinginfied death, Sally took took the methedoe from Flynn's cabinet, Flynn teeling her the truth about his mum, aka dealings with euthinasisa.

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I totally agree with everyone on everything!!!

I think Ivar was great in portraying Barry Hyde. He was a great character. I especially liked his voice too... i think he is quite eloquent and soft-spoken which was really nice. I also thought that Chris Hemsworth acted a lot better when he did scenes with Ivar, i noticed that the other day when i was watching those episodes where Rachel came clean to the board about her and Kim etc and Barry was trying to talk sense into them.

Barry is a great character and i will definetly miss his presence. But lets face it... He did save Summer Bay at the end of it all.

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I loved Ivar too as an actor and his character Barry...and not just because he was with Irene either. He was severly underused and I knew somehow we would be saying goodbye to him this year. He's only been on this show for two years?

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I think Ivar will be a great loss..not just because of the Irene and Barry thing...but because he is such a good...no..great.. actor...... He brought a lot of different layers to the character of Barry, who started out as someone no one really liked, and who now is much better understood and is a much lloved character who will be sorely missed.

Like many others I have been bemused by the fact that they have not used him as much as they could have, or indeed should have. To have an acotor of his calibre on the show was a bonus, and I actually think they wasted him at times. However, his performances during several storylines was nothing short of excellent..including:... last summer when Kim was searching for his mother, during the custody battle, when he and Irene got together and more recently when they reconciled and then when it was discovered what he had done. Some of the best acting that I have ever seen on Home and Away has occurred during the last couple of weeks, and Ivar has been superb.

Barry has been a great character and he and Irene are one of those enduring couples whom fans will remember long after they have both gone...Ivar's lovely voice and the nuances and subtleties he managed to inject into playing this rather tortured soul have been more than memorable.

I am going to miss him. I really hope that they bring him back one day.

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