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  1. Late night snack, my favorite food sweetcorn on the cob with loads of butter, yummy yum.
  2. Harry potter, and it was fantastic. Also SHREK 3, but not very impressed with it, not even my 4 and 6 year olds were laughing or enjoying it as much as the first and second Shrek, it was a waste of money if the truth was told.
  3. Hi guys, how are you all doing. I have not been on for a while as my laptop was slowly dying every night. It was losing power, and the leads were really melted, so i was not able to be on line much. But my lap top finally died last night, and i tricked my hubby in to buying me a new one. LOL. The poor sucker did not even see it coming LOL. All i had to do was circle the tv paper with the things i wanted to watch tonight, and he thought, well if i want to watch my programs. I will have to get a new laptop, LOL. And it WORKED like a charm.
  4. I am so glad this story line has ended, i found it very uncomfortable to watch. As is obviously happens in real life. My step daughter who lives with me said ' i am so glad you was not like that'. But many kids do go through it, and i'm glad it is over, but hopefully it will not drag on with the police and Phil, and did he or did'nt he.
  5. Hi, did any of you guys go and see the Moto GP, or watch it on telly. I just got back home from it, after spending a week there, i am so so gutted my Rossi came fourth, but never mind as it is nearlly half way through the season. So i am going to enjoy the comforts of home, and have a bacon and egg toastie.
  6. It was on digitalspy a few weeks back, that eastenders are willing to flaunt the rules over Dot’s smoking, to keep in with the character, but i have noticed that Pat another heavy smoker does not seem to be smoking. I find the storyline with Stella and Ben very disturbing to watch, and i cant wait for it to be over. There are many sick people out there that might copy the actions of Stella, i am aware this sort of behaviour happens daily, but as Eastenders is a depressing soap as it is, is there a real need to put more misery in to it. Thankfully my young children are in bed usually when it air’s, but i will make sure they do not have the opportunity to watch the repeat on Sunday.
  7. Go down the list , and you will see it, it says moto GP.
  8. Hi all, and how are we all doing this rainy night.
  9. I suppose i am a very sad person, but i have to say i watched the three lord of the ring films today. I really enjoyed watching them, i can't wait until my kids get older. So i can sit down with them and enjoy all over again.
  10. David lee Roth ( eat dem and smile)
  11. Where do you train, meaning Dojo. As i most probably know your instructors. ( i am asking dream this , because she lives three miles from me.). My hubby is second dan, and i am black, he is also a instructor with the Welsh Karate Association. He still enters full contact competitions, but i have not for about 6 years. I have not trained much in the last few years really, even though i should. It is because of my rug rats, but when i think they are able to understand the discipline, Steve will train them. As we dont want them to go around school being power rangers.
  12. That was really funny, how long did it take you to do it. It was realy good.
  13. There are a few sad story lines coming up, and i feel that there is no need for them. I would say , but this is not a spoiler section. I like the new character Sean, and the way Bradley has changed in the last few episodes has been interesting.
  14. It looks really nice mer, all of you must be really pleased with it. After seeing the coffee pic, i want a frothy coffee now. Hope it is all going well for you.
  15. Where you are staying in Portugal, it is all private beaches. So you can have a hell of a time.
  16. Thanks hun, yeah I hope it'll ok in a couple of days Cal!!! How are things with you Di.
  17. Thansk. Man-flu is the kind of flu that only men get. And it`s a 100 times worse than the one women and children get. It`s really just a normal flu, but since men`s not jused to pain, they think it`s the worst thing ever. Ah... Ok. Thanks for explaining... Atleast you don't have to pee out Kidney Stones. Yes you are right, we don't pee out kidney stones, they are extremly painful to pass, the are smaller than a peanut. So try passing something bigger than a water melon, then tell me the difference in pain.
  18. I have been kicked in the area a load of times so I know the pain! Guys go through a "time" aswell. It's not sore, but very annoying. Body starts to change (Like the Womens), facial hair etc. Also, Guys get bullied way more than girls in school... I talk from experience. I am so sorry if you have been bullied, it is not fair to a person at all. I suppose us girls are talking about things that we can't change about ourselves, the same way you will feel about being bullied. But periods every month is a total pain in the butt. Not meaning it was your fault at all.
  19. I think all men should be kicked in the privates every month, at least 5 times a day. So they have some sort of understanding what us females go through. So i will start ' steve where are you, i got a present for you' .
  20. I'm an oldie so is Si-Co!! I'm 34 How are things going with you Di.
  21. Well done Mer, that is such a lot of work to do, i bet you are sleeping on your feet at the moment. I am sure it will be already by tuesday.
  22. I am here,how is everyone.
  23. I am here, being quiet as usual.
  24. That's life, i am sure you will be fine. Hard to get used to your new name. Good on you being a mod, you deserve it sweetie.
  25. Fine thanks, how are you.
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