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Story Title: Trapped

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Chris

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Well that would be telling... :P

Hi everyone! Well at the end of my last fic (Split) i said that i would be writing a new one and actually i think i said that i would post it last weekend. lol. But anyway I have decided to post chapter 1 today. First things first, you should know that Jack is living in the bay and Martha has never been there before. They have also never met before. This is all obvious when you start reading but i just thought that i would say it anyway! I also want to say thank you in advance to Nicole for proof reading and giving me your opinion! Everyone please please tell me what you think, though obviously the first few chapters aren't going to be that exciting because i have to set up the story/scene first! But honestly reviews, good or bad, are all welcome!


Chapter 1

Jack gradually woke up, gently opening his eyes to the light streaming in his window, and gratefully remembered that it was Sunday - the one day he never had to go work. He turned over to go back to sleep, but Lucas came running into his bedroom.

"Come on Jack! You should see the waves at the beach this morning – you have to come and surf. NOW!" Lucas started literally pulling Jack off his bed.

"Ok, ok Lucas, give me a chance to wake up will you?" said Jack groggily. Lucas laughed.

"You never were good at getting up in the mornings." He commented.

"Yes but you still like to wake me up anyway!" said Jack, getting up and grabbing Lucas in a headlock.

"Get off me! Jack!" shouted Lucas as his older brother tightened his grip. Jack finally let go, laughing. He then quickly washed and dressed and entered the living room only to be met with more whinging from his brother.

"Come on jack, get your board and lets go! I'm missing out on precious surf time here!" whined Lucas.

"Ok I'm ready! The boards are outside so let's go!" replied Jack.

When the boys returned they found their father, Tony, sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hey dad! You should have seen the waves! They were awesome!" said Jack.

"I bet they were. Now listen, you two go and get changed; the people who bought next door's house are moving in today and we'll have to go and say hello and possibly help them with the unloading."

"Awww dad do we have to?" complained Lucas.

"Yes you do! And for that comment you can cook dinner tonight!" replied Tony amused at the faces that Lucas was now pulling. Jack just laughed. He knew better than to tease Lucas. One comment and he would be on dishes for the next week.

Martha sat on her bed and opened the draw in the bedside table next to her. She pulled out a picture from the back. As she looked at it, she smiled at the faces of her grandfather Alf, cousin Ric, and Aunty Morag. At least with this move she would be in the same place they were. She had been denied access to her family for so long that she now couldn't wait to get to Summer Bay. She had never been to the town before but Chris had been transferred to the local police station. When he had told her she had immediately recognised the name. She just couldn't wait to get there; to get out of the city and to the beach.

She heard Chris re-enter the house and she hastily stuffed the photo into the back of the drawer.

"Martha sweetie? Where are you?" she heard him call.

"I'm here!" she answered and she moved into the living room. There she looked at her fiancé standing in the middle of the apartment smiling.

"This is going to be great! I really think we need a fresh start." He said pulling her into a hug. Martha smiled at him.

"I think Summer Bay is going to be just great." She replied softly.

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Wow great start!! Have been waiting for what seems like ages to finally read this fic! :P and its only been like a few days lol.

All i have to say is:

Martha...Chris...Fiance...Local police station...hummm...

Looks like this is going to be very interesting, very interesting indeed!

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Thanks for the comments - i love reading them! As always please tell me what you think!

Chapter 2

Chris and Martha drove past the “Welcome to Summer Bay” sign and entered the sleepy town of summer bay.

“Wow!” said Martha quietly, “It looks so peaceful…and look at the beach!”

“We’re going to make a fresh start, you and me; this is going to be perfect.” replied Chris “We’ll make the perfect couple because I know that you can understand why I did what I did.”

“That’s the thing Chris I will never feel that way. You pushed me into it remember?” she said angrily. Chris looked at her angrily and said:

“Why are you like this? Always whining, you should be grateful!”

“Grateful?! I don’t think so!” she said scornfully.

“Martha you’re not making anything better.” warned Chris menacingly. She stayed quiet.

After showering, Jack left Lucas sitting in front of the TV, and went for a walk along to beach. He loved Summer Bay; ever since he had moved here a year ago he had had no regrets.

Martha and Chris finally arrived outside their new house. They got out of their car and looked up and down the road.

“Well it looks nice doesn’t it?” asked Chris cheerfully. Martha ignored him and walked towards the house, keys in hand. She had to admit it was a nice house. Chris had chosen well. She entered and was followed by Chris.

“You should stop being so selfish you know. You only seem to care about yourself.” said Chris. Martha was now aware of the anger starting to grow inside of her. He continued.

“I’m making an effort here, the least you could do is return the favour.”

“Selfish? Me? You are such a hypocrite Chris!” said Martha, raising her voice.

“I don’t really think you should be…” started Chris but he was interrupted.

“I don’t need to listen to this.” said Martha and with that she turned around and headed out of the door, towards the beach. She just couldn’t believe that she was in this situation.

Jack strolled down the beach and started walking further along to a more secluded spot. He had expected the area to be deserted but to his surprise he saw a woman looking out to sea and crying. He couldn’t see her face properly but he didn’t recognise her. He decided to see if he could help. He approached her cautiously.

Martha heard footsteps behind her and she turned around quickly. He looked at her and he couldn’t speak; she was beautiful. Her long wavy brown hair was being blown around by the wind, and her green eyes sparkled as the sun reflected off the watery surface. He scolded himself for getting side tracked and started to talk.

“Umm are you ok?” he asked, looking concerned.

“Yea… I’m fine thanks.” she said, her head bent. She didn’t know why she was suddenly feeling shy but when she had turned around to look at him, she had been unable to speak. She didn’t know if he felt it too but there was just this special connection.

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