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Which countries have you been to?

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I haven't been anywhere overly interesting, although I have travelled a lot. I've been to Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, America twice and Australia so many times I've lost count. I intend on doing a lot of travelling to the UK and Europe soon. And I also need to have a good look around my own country as I haven't done that!

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I've been to Spain, Majorca, Menorca, Portugal, France (twice) and Jersey. Also the Isle of Wight and Wales, but i don't really know if they count seeing as i'm living in the UK. I hope to travel the world, when and if i can afford it!

xxx (Menorca was the best by the way, go there!)

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Wow, you guys have all been to so many cool places = I'm jealous! :P

I've been to France, Spain, Portugal, Lanzarote (is that part of Spain? :blink: ) and Italy. Also, like Guevara, I've been to Jersey, I go all the time cause my sister lives there but I don't know if that really counts!

Oh yeah, I also went to Morocco for a couple of days when I was on holiday in the south of Spain. That was the most amazing place.

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1990: Kenya (Africa)

1992: Goa (India)

1998: France (school trip)

1999: Wales (school trip, not really foreign though!)

2000: France/Belgium (school), Majorca

2002: Los Angeles (USA)

2004: Palm Beach (Australia)

Only 2 more continents to visit then! South America and Antarctica! :lol:

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This is an interesting post, I at first thought this would be quick and then I started adding up all the places I've been (damn - I've done a lot of traveling).

I live in the US (NYC) and my travels have been:


England, France, Greece

The Americas:

Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uraguay

Asia Pacific:

Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan


Aruba, Antigua, Bahamas, Jamaca, Cayman, Puerto Rico, Martinique

I have also traveled extensively through out the US.

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