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  1. Another character I really liked from the early years was Karen Dean, until the writers had her go off the rails but even then the performance from Belinda Jarrett was terrific.
  2. Justin was being a little too over-protective and you could see Leah building up to her outburst. I'm glad they sorted it out really quickly though and I thought their shoulder bump was nice. Irene seriously over-egged how worried everybody other than Justin was about Leah's disappearance. They barely noticed for several weeks and then when someone did start to show concern it was Roo & Maggie. Marco seems like a right slimeball.
  3. Welcome home Colby! Maybe giving Bella some tough love will make her see sense. At least Mac put a smile on his face. Could they be getting back together? I'm glad Bella and Ryder are still friends. Roo is concerned about Marilyn & John and Marilyn seems conflicted, so perhaps she is regretting what she said.
  4. So Marilyn seems prepared to throw her marriage away without even trying. I usually like her but recently I've seen a side that I'm not keen on. Bella was reasonably calm when saying her piece to Ryder. I hope she will come to realise that he was only looking out for her and that they remain friends. (I stand by my opinion that he did the right thing telling Nik that she had been groomed but when she said it should have been up to her to tell him I did have a twinge). I kind of think that Nik made the situation with Bella worse by avoiding her. I guess he was worried about doing anything inappropriate. How did Dean get out to the Astoni's place if his car was available for Bella & Nik to take? Ok he could have had a lift out there but he wasn't getting one back, as everyone else had left by then.
  5. When I think back to this period of the show (I haven't seen any of the episodes since they were originally transmitted, although I am toying with the idea of getting Amazon Prime so I can watch again), the character I think fondly of is Nick Parrish, who nobody else seems to have mentioned in this thread.
  6. Tane has appeared in a few episodes now, so I thought I'd start this thread. Actor Ethan Browne recently said that he had to leave home to follow his dream (no spoilers). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8300345/Home-Away-hunk-Ethan-Browne-reveals-overcome-macho-stereotypes-follow-dream.html
  7. Yes. The triple ep screening on a Thu was reintroduced for the first time this year on 30th April, which was quite an about-turn from Seven after they took the show off air for three weeks. I think I'm right in saying that there were 6 eps a week all through last year, so assuming they intend(ed) to film / screen the same number this year, they would have had some extra in the can by only showing 4 until the enforced transmission break in March but even so, you do wonder how long it will be before there is nothing left to show. There were spoiler pics in the Palm Beach thread in November which reach Aus screens later this month, so that seems to put us at the usual approx. six month gap between filming and transmission BUT filming was suspended 22nd March, with no known restart date.
  8. DON'T FORGET, as of next Mon 11th, H&A will once again be on C5 Mon to Fri at 13.15 and 18.00
  9. Well that packed a punch. I'm not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye. Great that Leah felt up to going to the Diner and agreeing to go to Ben's party. Also good that she was able to hold Justin's hand and hug Irene. She felt so bad that she wasn't there for Justin Speaking for myself, I think that Ryder did the right thing confiding in Nik about Bella. He didn't go into any detail and Nik was grateful that he had done so. Interested to know Marco's story.
  10. Poor Ryder. He is concerned about Bella and is just looking out for her. I enjoyed the Astoni family scenes. I'm glad that Ben changed his mind about the party. It will do him good. Will we ever see Coco again? (Sorry o.t. I know but every time I see Maggie in those earrings it reminds me of the wire that goes around the cork on a sparkling wine bottle ).
  11. @Mattche1983 do you see this one?
  12. Here's a recent interview with Jackson. Really good. https://www.nowtolove.com.au/celebrity/tv/home-and-away-jackson-heywood-bloom-63300
  13. I saw this on YouTube. Puts a smile on my face
  14. Martha seems to be like Marmite on here, you either love her or loathe her. I'm in the former camp.
  15. Did we ever find out who Ben & Maggie sold the Pier complex to?
  16. So, we finally found out what happened to Leah after she answered that phone call. I'm glad she decided to speak to the police and the situation was handled well. Strange that she hasn't noticed Mason isn't there. I wonder how long it will be before finds out what happened to him? Slightly o.t. but we haven't see Buddy for ages (at all in 2020 I think). It would have been good for him to be around to offer Justin and now Leah some comfort, as dogs can be said to de-stress people and it's always good to see him. I'm glad that Alex & Willow got to have one last night together but I think Alex was right to leave as she did, knowing that Willow's heart wasn't really in leaving to set up a life together, despite what she said. Nice that she turned to Dean for comfort. I really like Willow and I really want her to find someone to love but being a spoiler troll I wasn't invested in Willex, as I knew that Zoe was only a temporary guest, so the relationship would be over almost as soon as it started. Sheriff Palmer tried to run Ari out of town, which was completely out of order. I'm not looking forward to weeks of Marilyn & John going at each other. Tori was on edge about going back to work but seemingly because she had been off for so long, not because her brother was killed at the hospital, unless that is implied but unsaid. How nice of Jas to return to work so that she could be there for Tori and they could support each other. I like their developing friendship. at Irene in goo-goo mode with baby Grace.
  17. Here's a really good interview Georgie did with TV Tonight. https://tvtonight.com.au/2020/04/georgie-awaits-home-away-return.html https://tvtonight.com.au/2020/04/no-regrets-in-summer-bay.html
  18. Georgie talks about her friendship with original Roo Justine. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/soaps/home-and-away/2020-04-29/home-and-away-georgie-parker-original-roo-twin/
  19. I'm glad that Leah was more talkative. It was going well until she felt crowded out. Good idea of Irene's for Justin to ask the psychologist to see what he could do to help. I can really feel his helplessness. At least he got some answers from Colby about Leah's situation when she was held captive. I know some people think that Roo is a busybody but she is only looking out for her friends and she is doing the right thing by Maz & John. I like her. It's not long that I feel sorry for John before he does something to annoy me again but I think that Maz is being equally stubborn about all this. They want their heads knocking together. Gemma was right to speak to Maz about the reason John moved out. If I was her, I'd feel uncomfortable that it was her family staying there that had caused the rift. So, people have started to find out about the Parata's background. I don't think many will care, as something similar has happened so many times before in SB. I enjoyed the scenes between Colby & Willow. He and Jas convinced her that it was the right thing to do to see Alex before she left but will she still be going alone?
  20. I really enjoyed that episode (Mon). I just knew what Maz was going to say when John told her that he wanted to talk about their house guests . Also ouch at her bringing up the arson. Roo spoke the truth when she said that John had only snooped to protect her though. I can see both sides but it was sad to see John moving into the caravan, particularly as the perceived source of his troubles is right next door. (Roo could have offered him a room in the main house but maybe that would have been seen as taking sides?). Good to see Bella relaxing with Nik and coming to a decision about her future and nice that Maggie & Roo were supportive too. I was glad Nik told the truth about his father when Bella asked, rather than cover it up. Their troubled pasts give them some common ground. I liked the scene between Bella, Nik & Gemma in the Diner. Sad to see Alex packing up at the hospital. Good of her to help Ari out in the end.
  21. Odd that they should move a show to a channel where some of the population couldn't then watch it. At least Seven has stuck by H&A, even if the scheduling is erratic at times.
  22. Does what channel or time a show airs really make a difference though? Is digital not widely available in Aus (or was it not when Neighbours first moved)? If I liked a show, I would watch it regardless of what channel it was on.
  23. As I understand it, in Australia H&A gets more than half a million viewers than Neighbours and has done consistently for some time. Why do you think that is?
  24. Interview with Lukas. https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/home-and-away/a32268256/home-and-away-lukas-radovich-neighbours-filming/
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