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  1. Breadsticks sounds SO awesome Im about to have toast for breakfast
  2. It's as follows: Mr. Lincoln Lewis Home + Away C/O Channel 7 PO Box 777 Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia Good luck witha reply, I sent him a letter in October and never received a reply. Thank you SO much!! He must get alot of fan mail... :/ I wrote to Todd in Feb. last year and the same goes for Tessa, Jodi but still no replies. Esther replied within 25days and Rebecca replyed in about two months... <3
  3. Your very welcome (:

    It is pretty random, I just saw it and thought that name looks really pretty.

    Its great that your name suits you, I thought it was pronounced like that but I didnt want to get it wrong. Well I think its gorgeous :D I love it !

  4. Just wanted to say your name looks gorgeous, if you dont mind me asking how do you pronounce it? Thinking it may be a new favourite of mine :D

  5. Does anyone have the address to write to Lincoln (Geoff) on....?
  6. Hey just wanted to pop in and say HI! :)

  7. Purple singlet top with white rainbow singlet top over it and blue denim mini shorts....
  8. PARIS!!! Ruby & Geoff haha. Monday night home and away stating :D :D :D

  9. Im good. Just enjoying my last week of holidays! Gee they go by fast! But excited is an understatment of how im feeling about monday nights homeandaway episode. haha


  10. Hey Jess, A fellow UKer ;) Hows life? Hope the cold weather isnt treating you too roughly.

  11. Chocolate truffles and watermelon boost juice
  12. Nothing Just started up shuffle mode... Just Dance - Lady Gaga
  13. Thank you very much for changing my username Dan :)

  14. This movie something to do with up and the guy travels America firing people. Crap movie anyway
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