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  1. Happy Birthday Lincoln aka Babe. I threw u a party with some friends and we had cake. Plus sang to u! Love u
  2. Heey Hunni, I have been Great but buy with School, how have u been?

    OHMYGOSH!! It happened last night. Plus they kissed that was so worth the loong wait. I LOVED it... I started screaming when they kissed lol.

    On Monday I think she tells Charlie that Geoff is her Boyfriend!! (I just love that sentence!! :D)



  3. Sorry about the late reply Paris! I have been holidaying in Fiji and have not seen Home and away in ten days :(

    I have no idea how Xavier confronted Geoff lol. Have Ruby and Geoff become any closer in the past ten days? I really hate how long this is being dragged out as well.


  4. Hannah Montana Movie <- On the plane yesterday
  5. In Fiji (Where I am holidaying) it is a nice sunny 37C. I am overlooking the beautiful ocean as I type!
  6. Ice-cream, The shorts that Nicole wore in an episode and Big hoop earrings!
  7. I got cut off from the last comment! but Aden would take much better care of Nicole. I dont believe that people can change overnight so there still must be a bit of the old Liam left somewhere! but in home and away who knows?? lol

    I really want Ruby and Geoff to hurry up and get together lol. The chemistry is incredible!

  8. Haha that is annoying!!

    I completley agree with you and I honestly dont think Aden will ever move on from Belle especially with Nicole! (As much as I would love to see them two get back together)

    Nic got with Liam on Friday night anyway... so I guess that her and Aden are even furthur off ever getting together now than they were before! I agree that Liam may have change

  9. Coke, Hot chips and Parra flag! ( I went to the game!!)
  10. TV shows most of the time don't show every single detail of what happens after a death. Just because they didn't show the ashes being scattered doesn't mean she wasn't cremated. She may have been cremated but they did, not want to show every single boring detail so they did not show the cremation. On the other hand she may not have been. TV tends to not spend weeks burying and mourning for someone! Dotti, that would have been amaingly gorgeous! Especially if Aden was crying. *aww* :wub:
  11. Thats okay

    I hope you had a fantastic day!


  12. Thanks, I really love yours! Especialy your sigature :)

    OHMYGOSH! we do have heaps in common :)

    You just read my mind lol. After watching last nights episode, I have finally decided that I like Geoff and Ruby together, better then Geoff and Nicole. An that it would be cool if Aden and Nicole got back together, I think they have lots of chemistry. I think that she goes with Liam

  13. Aden-5 Alf-5 Charlie-8 Colleen-4 Dexter-3 Geoff-11 Harry-7 Indigo-3 Irene-5 Jai-5 Leah-7 Liam-6 Martha-2 Miles-6 Morag-6 Nicole-11 Ollie-3 Ross-5 Sid-4 Xavier-4
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