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  1. heey, hehe From the way my profile is yeah im a massive Ruff fan. LOL

  2. ^^^ Love that song! Two is better than one ~ Boys like Girls feat. Taylor Swift.
  3. I am liking Romeo the more I see him, he seems like a gentle caring young Boy. I just dont like how he 'stole' Annie off Jai! I believe that people are harsh against all new characters but in the next few months hopefully many will warm to him.
  4. Ohmygosh! Being a MAJOR Ruff fan, I love the avatars. Every single one!! Great job. Can I use one and credit it back to you?
  5. heey fellow ruff fan! How are you?

  6. heey how are you? I notice you are a Geoff and Ruby fan! ;)

  7. I love Miles I am glad Kirsty's gone though... she seems to be a bit of a negative influence on poor Miles. Although I miss little Ollie!
  8. Aww thanks! I have missed you SO much as well. There over. YAY! I think I hopefully did okay. Thankyou for the ruff quote, its now my desktop background with a ruff picture next too it :)

    Gosh, what a pain.. at least you can put it back up in a few months again! Have you got any plans for the weekend? xoxo talk soon

  9. got cut off -

    Belle and they deleted it because of the same reason as your Jack and Martha pic.

    I LOVED the beach date SOO cute!! I had a great weekend, besides the studying. How was your weekend? xoxo

  10. Hey hunni, Firstly sorry I have not been on I have had exams ALL week but they finish tomorrow and I promise I will be around more :)

    OMG I cannot beilieve they did that! err that really irrates me but you can put it back up for sure once its aired. Can you send me the line they say to my inbox :P I am really curious now!! Thats annoying I had a ticker in my signature for Belle a

  11. Twinkle twinkle, little star (My little Sister is in the room)
  12. Happy belated Birthday =)

  13. By the way I love ur ticker and the Jack + Martha pic =)

  14. PHEW! Thanks Hun. I am soooo relieved to ehar they survive until Geoff leaves :( *cries*.

    I will enjoy them together for sure!

  15. Aden-8 Alf-6 Charlie-12 Colleen-3 Geoff-11 Harry-7 Indigo-3 - 1 = 2 Irene-6 Jai-2 Leah-7 Liam-6 Miles-6 Morag-6 Nicole-16 + 1 = 17 Ross-5
  16. Two is better than one - Boys like Girls Feat.. Taylor Swift
  17. haha thanks :)

    I am relieved that they did not drag it out, its soo cute hoe Ruby confessed to Geoff that she liked him but he was soo cute and too nervous to do anything but on the inside kicking himself for not asking her out. I could not have asked for a more perfect start to there relationship that kiss was extra sweet. Cant wait for monday ((Fingers crossed)) that Geoff and Ruby are on.

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