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  1. I think Heath is the most intriguing. His character hasn't really done much as opposed to the other two so i'm looking forward to upcoming storylines. And uhm, yeah... he's definitely the hottest guy on the show.
  2. I love how the first time I log into BTTB in ages, I see you've updated your thread and it's a batch of JB icons! Haha, these are great and so are your latest HAA batch!
  3. Totally inlove with these! Great icons Jen.
  4. Wow!!! Thats great So jealous of that Rhiannon card! Im hoping to send one to Rebecca, Rhiannon and Esther. Ive never sent a fancard before, so just wondering how long it usually takes for a reply for someone who isnt living in Aus?
  5. I dont know whether this has been answered or not, but I was wondering if it was possible to delete a topic that you started? I created a topic and then foolishly realised someone else started the same one before me. I know Moderators can close the thread, but is there a way of deleting it? Thankyou.
  6. I read somewhere that JB are coming to Australia! I'll try and find it. :)

  7. I've only just seen you last comment - the one with the link - and oh yes, I've seen it and all it's Road Dogs glory. Those boys do it on purpose. I'm sure of this.

  8. I really like Adrian. I love Phoebe and I'm glad she's in the show for awhile! Cant wait to see what happens with her later on. And is it me or does Dex and Adrian make such a nicer couple than Marylin and Dex?! Ha
  9. Wow! Love the Mattie batch I was wondering whether you could make some April and/or Ruby ones? x
  10. Hey. Nice to see another Ruby fan on here :)

  11. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are <3 I think this is the most amazing song that I have ever heard. Girls, whenever your having a bad day, just listen to this song and I can garuntee you'll feel better. I love Bruno Mars!!!
  12. Omg Jen! These are amazing!! The colouring is simple but really effective Saved some! x
  13. Hey hun! How are you doing?? :) I want to say happy birthday for last Saturday. Here's a late birthday present-a new update of my fanfiction, hehe. :P Hope you have a good weekend xx

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