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  2. ^ I agree. Raffy is becoming new Coco. I didn't like the way she was introduced to the show, they could've introduced her as their youngest sister who didn't know they're in the witness protection. I'm getting tired of every family in the Bay finding out they have long lost sibling (the Braxtons, the Walkers, the McGuires). What I liked about the Morgans is that IMO they had special bond considering they on the run for so long and until recently they sticked together no matter what. Nowadays I feel they all are doing their own thing, Tori is pretty much on her own, Brodie's focus is Simone, Raffy and Mason are doing their thing and Justin is the only one trying to keep them all together. The only thing they do these days is argue, it's not the same family that came to the Bay.
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  4. Good to get a surprise every now and then and whilst it was inevitable Brody and Simone were going to be found out, I wasn't expecting it to be in yesterday's episode. I do have to admit whilst I generally find Ziggy quite annoying I did feel quite sorry for her (and pretty much have sympathised with her throughout most of this storyline). All her initial suspicious about Simone and everything she suspected has been confirmed. Going by the preview it will be interesting to see what happens with Simone and Maggie later on today. Thought Ben has given Dean far too many chances already. Whilst I make no secret of how much I've hated Ben in the past, I do think there have been a couple of instances now where he's put sentiment ahead of business. Not evicting Alf from the Bait Shop and keeping Dean on this long. Surprisingly quite enjoying the stuff with Alf and Martha.
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  8. I'd love DVDs or for old episodes to be put somewhere online, maybe iTunes or a streaming service or something, so they could be bought/downloaded
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  10. To be honest, I think they were doing a good job of ruining Raffy for much of last year. I really didn't like the way she kept choosing the Palmers over her family for no good reason, although to be fair the show has tried to reverse that a bit this year.But the Raffy I knew and loved was the one who was there for Mason when he lost Beth, who tried to hitch-hike her way out of town to visit Brody in rehab because she was worried about him, who was a brilliant cool aunt to Ava, who insisted on staying with her family when Ava was kidnapped despite Marilyn doing her usual thing of trying to drag her away...not the one that turned her back on Tori when she'd just had a miscarriage because she preferred to be spoiled by Marilyn. Every now and then we get a hint of the old Raffy, the lovable little sister and good friend, and I do feel sympathy towards her over the epilepsy, but she's a bit too bratty at times.
  11. Brody was something of a weasel here, once more wimping out of being honest with Ziggy.And Simone's willingness to put up with vague promises doesn't say much for her self-respect.In the end, Ziggy only finds out by accident, because Brody's hand got forced.To discuss it in more general terms as requested above, I agree that neither Brody nor Simone has come across as particularly likeable in this (although I'm not sure if I'd go as far as to wish them both dead!) and I don't think the show has really convinced that this pairing is worth Brody throwing away everything he's built up with Ziggy. Meanwhile, Colby's probably breathing a sigh of relief that he got back into the police just in time to sabotage their investigation.Him playing ignorant with McCarthy was wrong but expected, but then he actually concocts a lie to stop the police investigating further, and has dragged Dean into it and expected him to cover his back without actually bothering to let him know what's going on.(And that's after promising that if the police ever found out about him killing Ross, he'd keep Dean out of it: I guess self-preservation trumps friendship, but then we already knew that from him letting Dean go to jail for something he did.)There might have been worse cops than Colby, but only the ones that were serial killers, so that's a pretty low bar to clear. Jasmine's back in kind and caring mode.Even though I've enjoyed seeing her lay into Tori, I think she had to let go of her anger at some point or another, if only for her own sake.But I'm glad things aren't entirely back to being all rosy: Jasmine was quick to get away once things went onto uncomfortable territory. And Alf joins the AWOL list, although at least Irene's back now.I'll just about buy it for heartwarming reasons, but having Martha suddenly shrug her shoulders and decide she could cope with the trip after all felt a bit implausible.And I kind of like that Alf's keeping it a secret.
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  13. I really agree with you I think that Brody and Simone should leave the bay and never come back I feel so sorry for ziggy she doesn't deserve to be treated like this at all I can't believe that Justin knew and I also agree with mason being angry with Brody and Justin also if Simone does leave then it will affect both raffy and Bella
  14. I really enjoyed this chapter it was nice of Tamara to make a joke about the coffee and also for her and Lydia to have a conversation
  15. I’m new here so sorry if this has been talked about before but I need to vent about Brody & that homewrecker Simone who has not got a patch on Ziggy! Aww the storyline really annoys me and I really hate them 2 and would be quite happy if they got killed off I really hope when it all comes out that the bay don’t just forgive them right away and they leave. What’s everyone else’s thoughts
  16. Great chapter Tamara making a joke to Brax about taking forever to get coffee. Lydia and Tam meeting was a nice touch. Update again soon
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  18. ^Technically, they are. Roxy Willis who is Gemma and Adam's daughter (they got engaged in Newcastle in 1996 shortly before Cody was shot and since been married) will be joining and staying with Terese (played by Rebekah Elmaloglu), her aunt and her cousins, Ned and Imogen (who incidentally is married to Daniel) are still on the street. Lot of intermarrying in this show but not in the level of Eastenders or Emmerdale.
  19. Truman did come back to play the much less toxic Matthew Thompson in 1993 who at worst attempted to keep Sarah from the wider world. Probably due to her being all he had bar the farm (Her mother had done a legger on them, probably due to Matthew's bible thumping ways). Not sure Andrew would have gone the distance but Stace might have had they not BBQed Phil.
  20. I loved Raffy but they're ruining her lately. I understand she has epilepsy and is frustrated, but its like she's taking it out on everyone and not being very appreciate of everyone's support. I feel like the old Raffy would've had more faith in herself that she could still succeed at school.
  21. Hello, the author here, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has continued to read this fanfiction. Also, thank you to everyone whos takes time out therir lives to write a review. They are so lovely and i enjoy reading them all. Anyway, here's the next chapter. Chapter 23 (9:50pm) 12 minutes later… Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room Tamara was sat talking to an unconscious Kyle when Brax quietly slipped into the room. "Guess what Kyle, Brax has eventually returned and he has coffee." Tamara laughs as she turns around to look at the oldest Braxton "Did they have to pick the coffee beans before making it?" Brax walks over to her and hands over the coffee: "I didn't know you were funny." "Well I am now." Tamara continues to laugh as she takes the coffee "So, what was your excuse then?" "I thought I would give you some time alone with Kyle, before everyone returns to visit. Ended up sitting with Ricky in the canteen then popped into Case's room to check on him but he was fast asleep." "Thanks Brax! I'm grateful that you wanted to do that but he's your brother you can be here too. Also, do you honestly think this whole thing with Casey caring about Kyle is genuine?" "I know I am, but you haven't seen him in a couple of days and the first time you do since going on this stag do, it's in a hospital and he's unconscious. Also, I honestly do so I wouldn't worry about it as Casey seems to be really worried that Kyle might not be alright." "Well first off, Kyle will be fine." Tamara states then continues "After all he has that stubborn Braxton gene. Secondly, you're probably right and I'm just ready way too much into this than there actually is. However, you can't really blame me for thinking like this considering he hasn't really been very nice to Kyle since we got together." "You're right Kyle will be fine." Brax says as he sits down on the opposite side of the bed "No one can really blame you for thinking this way, but we do need to give Case a chance to prove that he can care about Kyle instead of hating him all the time." With that in mind both Brax and Tamara go back to looking at Kyle. They both start a conversation with Kyle in hopes that he would responds to one of them. At the same time… Melbourne – Hospital – Waiting Room "I don't understand why we can't seem him!" Phoebe says to her friend "After all we know him better than any of those other people." Alex sighs and for what felt like the seventieth time he repeats himself: "As I keep saying Pheebs that just because we have known him the longest doesn't mean anything. They are his family and before you say no, they aren't as we are his family, you have done nothing but be horrible to Kyle since he got here and then you pushed him which caused him to bash his head. So tell me, how can you really call him family?" "I apologised to him Alex and he forgave me for what I did. To top it off when I peaked in through the window to Kyle's hospital room, there was a girl sat in there who I hadn't seen before, she has no right to be in there at all!" When Phoebe mentions the girl, Alex starts to describe her to make sure that the girl was his best mate's girlfriend. "Yeah that was her!" "Well Pheebs I hate to break it to you, but that girl has every right to be in there." "I don't understand what you are on about." "The girl you saw is Kyle's girlfriend Tamara." Just then the door opened and Lydia enters and hears what Alex says: "Did I just hear you right?" "Yeah you did Lyds." "I thought she was related to them not Kyle's girlfriend when I told them where to go earlier." "Did they know who you were?" Alex laughs. "No but that's because I didn't tell them." Lydia quickly replies: "Look I have to and check on Kyle then I'm finished so we should head home and come back tomorrow." "I not going anywhere till I've seen him." Phoebe states as she throws herself into one of the chairs. Alex turns and answers: "Yes you are and if you don't walk out of here yourself, I will carry you." With that Lydia, tells them she will meet them back at reception after she checked on Kyle. (10:18pm) 28 minutes later… Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room As Lydia enters the room, she notices that the occupants of both chairs were asleep and she didn't really blame them as it had been a long day for everyone. Quietly she grabbed the chart from the bottom of the bed and then walked over to the machines and started running through the list of things she needed to do. While Lydia was working on this Tamara opened her eyes and sat up: "How is he?" Startled Lydia turns around to find Tamara looking at her: "He's doing as well as can be expected at this stage although we would have preferred for Kyle to have woken up by now, but knowing Kyle he is going to make us all sweat a little..." Lydia suddenly stops talking when she realises what she had just said. "What did you just say?" Tamara asks the nurse as she didn't think she heard her correctly. "Nothing." "No, you just said something that made it sound like you know Kyle." Knowing she wasn't getting out of this conversation, Lydia responded: "Me and Kyle have been friends since high school." "Hang on, you aren't by any chance Lydia White, are you?" "Yeah I am but how do you know that?" Tamara looks at the woman and smiles: "Kyle has told me all about you, Alex Maden and Phoebe Nicholson. My name is Tamara Kingsley, the girlfriend." The last part cause both girls to laugh but they quickly stop when they see Brax move from the corner of their eyes. "Well Tamara its lovely to meet you eventually. Kyle told us so much about you before he even arrived in Melbourne and then continued to talk about you when he got here." "Good things I hope?" Tamara quizzes. "Don't worry not a bad thing was said. We could tell that he really cares about." "I care about him too." Looking at the clock, Lydia notices she has finished her shift and her friends will be waiting for her: "Look I'm about to finish but I'll be back tomorrow morning why don't we grab lunch in the canteen and we can get to know each other a bit more than what Kyle has told us about each other." "You know what that would be great as it will give the others a chance to see Kyle. I guess I will see you tomorrow then." Tamara says then repositions herself in the chair. Lydia bids her goodbye, places the chart back where it belongs then heads off to clock out and go home.
  22. I really enjoyed picnic at hanging rock I watched the whole series
  23. I loved Brendan. I thought Kain did a great job and although I get maybe he wouldn't have worked as a regular, I thought he was a great character. It'd be nice if the show had another disabled character that actually remained that way...not necessarily autism again, but something where they're not going to be miraculously cured within a few months.
  24. Few pics below of some of the times Christmas was acknowledged on-screen, some of which have been mentioned: First pic is the 1988 finale which actually showed Christmas day itself - Christmas decorations were also seen from 1990-1992 but I don't think much fuss was made. Next two are the 1994 finale week which also showed Christmas day (I think that and 1988 may be the only two times...) 1995 finale week again had Christmas trees up in the various households and a few gatherings, including the little shindig in Don's office that's pictured. The 1996 finale which had the residents going around the houses singing carols on Christmas eve, juxtaposed with Chloe discovering her boyfriend Brad was actually her rapist and watching as he got caught in an animal trap in the bush. The last pic was Colleen's Christmas pageant in the 2006 finale. And of course 2004 as Jamie pointed out, it was said to be "nearly Christmas" so Paulini sang Silent Night for Baby Pippa - and then the great closing montage to the episode, set to Away in a Manger. That's all I've got from memory...
  25. They should just pull a random Ramsey from the hat and give them money to stay put lol
  26. Did this actually happen or am I imagining it? I just glossed over some scenes where Steve was looking through old photos a few days before he left for the best school in the country that had no name, but was going to be too far for Steve to come home for five years. Bobby was at the house but she was looking at the Fletcher family photo and said nothing about Lynn. The actor who played him was very convincing. Shame he didnt write himself back into the role again. If Andrew Foley or Stacey stayed on , would they have been successful full time cast?
  27. I was so impressed by Maggie’s professional attitude towards Simone, she showed her contempt, but was restrained in any other emotional reaction.
  28. I'm more than happy to do so on the forum itself. I just don't like getting PMs from people I don't know. It's nothing personal
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