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  2. Where did Fisher live after his hows burned down in 1995? I can't seem to remember.
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  4. Oh dear phoebe got kicked out of the motel at least she still has a friend in ruby looking forward to reading more
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  7. Thank you so much for the comments, Suzza101 and Helena, Kristen Sorry it had been almost four weeks since I last updated this story. Contains swearing and language. You had been warned. CHAPTER THIRTEEN 5th January 2015... Summer Bay was buzzing with gossip-which had spread around town like wildfire- that Phoebe had ended up in a drunken state last night at a pub and flirted with another man just to end up in a catfight with the man’s angry girlfriend that resulted in the police arriving to the pub to break it up. Phoebe woke up with a throttling headache so she groaned quietly and turned onto her back staring at the ceiling in silence. She felt a pang of guiltiness remembering what happened last night and she knew she didn’t meant to let things out of control while she was flirting with the guy and then pissed off his girlfriend. KNOCK! KNOCK! Phoebe leapt up so she grunted getting out of bed and stumbled over to the door opening it to reveal the owner of the motel standing here. “Um...I am sorry but I have to say this. I am afraid I have to tell you to pack your belongings and leave this motel room. You got until 10am to leave or I will ring the police to tell them to get you evicted.” said the owner. “Okay. Thanks for letting me know.” said Phoebe quietly. The owner nodded briefly at her and then left so Phoebe exhaled deeply closing the door behind her. Phoebe went to take a shower to refresh herself up a bit after having a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. And she tidied her motel room up a bit before packing her bags and then putting them into her car. After paying for the motel room, Phoebe walked over to car when a car pulled up and then there jumped out Ruby who walked over with pursed up lips and a solemn expression on her face clutching today’s newspaper. “Well what’s that we heard about your stint last night at the pub, eh?” said Ruby. “Pardon? How did you know?” said Phoebe. Ruby held up today’s newspaper revealing the front page... And then Phoebe stood here widening her eyes in shock at what it was on the front page which revealed a headline saying ‘PHOEBE NICHOLSON’S CATFIGHT’ including a article describing what had happened from the beginning to the end last night at the pub and some blurred photos of Phoebe and the woman having their catfight. “Oh, ****! That’s just bloody great! Now I am going to be the laughing stock of the whole town! Son of a bitch!” said Phoebe running her hands through her hair as she realised the whole town would have been talking about what happened last night by now. “Why did you go and act like that last night? Pissed off that guy’s girlfriend, didn’t you?” said Ruby folding her arms. “It wasn’t like that! But I know I shouldn’t have let things get out of control last night! It’s just....well it’s just everything!” said Phoebe exhaling deeply. “I know you had been through a lot in the last four days, really. But what happened last night wasn’t like you.” said Ruby. Phoebe stifled a sob when she leant against her car. “I still love Kyle.” said Phoebe rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. “Do you think he will give you another chance and forgive you for what you did to him?” said Ruby. “Well I had stuffed up everything we had worked hard to get a future for us.” said Phoebe. “Look I know you still love him. But I think it’s best to give him some space. It will take him sometime to forgive and trust you again. Because you slept with his childhood friend and lied to him for the last three months, and you led him to believe the baby you lost was his. So he is still hurting and angry, betrayed and struggling to deal with everything that had happened.” “You don’t think I know that, eh?!” sneered Phoebe. “We all make mistakes but we had to learn from them every day. But nobody is perfect, right? Well and by the way, I got your last wages from your job. Brax told me to give it to you. And um...Kyle had packed the rest of your stuff you had left behind in his bedroom into some boxes and I was told to hand them over to you. They are in my car in the back.” said Ruby. “Oh ok. Thanks for that. I think I will leave the Bay for good.” said Phoebe walking over to Ruby’s car to get the boxes. “Do you think this is wise?” said Ruby. “What do you want me do then, Rubes? I am not wanted neither welcome around here anymore because of my actions. The owner of the motel had told me to leave. I don’t think Alf and Roo will let me hire a caravan at the caravan park. I had lost everything. My family and friends, my job, Kyle and Ash, and the baby. And everyone including my friends had turned against me. None of them want to know me at all anymore.” said Phoebe when she collected the boxes from Ruby’s car and put them into her car. And Ruby handed over a envelope of her wages from her job. “Come and stay with me in my mobile room for a while until things settle down. I got a spare room you can stay in.” said Ruby. “What? Are you sure? But what will everyone including the Braxtons and your siblings say about this?” said Phoebe. “Don’t worry about it, ok? I will explain to them why I am letting you stay with me. Look I am sure it will all blow over eventually. Everyone will forget about what had happened and things will go back to normal. It did the same for me too since I returned to Summer Bay.” said Ruby. Phoebe sighed quietly when she played with her bracelet around her wrist. “Yeah sure. I think I will take up your offer to stay with you in your mobile house for a while.” said Phoebe. “Great. Let’s go then.” said Ruby when she got into her car while Phoebe leapt into her own car and then off they went on the way to the caravan park.
  8. So we get a bit more information about Leah, with Irene saying she said she had stuff to do, and Irene apparently only assuming she was going to the hospital. (Mason presumably got voicemail when he tried to call her about Tori.) The big question now is, what was that phone call and what could have been in it to make Leah leave abruptly without explanation? The next big question is, why does it say Leah Patterson-Baker on the Missing posters? She’s been Leah Patterson again on the credits, and in at least some on screen references (notably when she was working at the school), since about 2014. Have the art department been using Wikipedia for reference again? Ben and Maggie checking on Ziggy was okay to start with, but they were just distracting her and I wasn’t keen on them attempting to force her to contact Dean: It almost seemed like they cared more about him than her, and were messing up her job because he’s not taking the break-up well. I really hope this doesn’t end with Ziggy giving up her job for Dean, but I can’t see us following her around the country, so either she’s leaving or she’ll be back in the Bay sooner or later. Meanwhile, Dean is busy showing what a catch he isn’t, and was crying out to be arrested. That seems a very odd marriage between Kurt and Alana. Kurt’s apparently got a reputation (I’m not sure how deserved it is) but Alana seemed less bothered about him cheating on her and more bothered that him hooking up with Ziggy would affect the team dynamic. Is she just being paranoid? Not sure how far Ziggy will go with that guy… Is it me or has Willow’s hair suddenly got really long? A bit (make that a lot) of angst from her over Alex but she seems to have come to terms with it by the end and decided to take the risk. Again. Finally some Ryder/Bella interaction! Her terminal cynicism about relationships aside, they bounce off each other well and he may be changing his mind about Jade (who probably wasn’t keen on being introduced as his girlfriend). I’m sorry to say that I found myself agreeing with Colby at the end. Mackenzie’s probably right about Bella, but it’s not her business anymore and she should just leave them to it.
  9. Bit harsh on poor little sally. I would hazard a guess that some of the attitude comes from youngest child syndrome, always fighting for attention in a houseful of siblings. I personally absolutely adore her little attitude. If there’s a know it all it’s definitely Carly
  10. Yesterday
  11. This is conflicting as they are both Aussie larrikins at heart and have had misfortune in love. So it would have been nice to see them comfort each other when Irene lost Ken and Alf lost Ailsa and they could have slowly started a relationship. As they are both long serving charecters I feel as if it were fitting if they did get together. Although, it feels like the two charecters hardly interact with each other.
  12. No, as not only because Alf got Martha, also Irene was best friends with Ailsa and it just would have been too strange
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  14. Maybe like a Beethoven like movie?
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  17. I bet Perjanik based the Doom Piano chord around him when they were testing out music to befit characters.
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  19. It is very unusual for Leah not to be in contact with anyone, even if something had come up to do with VJ she would have let someone know, even odder she is not answering her phone. Her being a creature of habit has prompted people to act quicker than it would have done if she wasn't. At least Irene is leaving messages unlike some when they get a 'leave a message' response and just hang up - it drives me mad. Did spot Leah is named as Patterson- Baker on the posters. Still no mention if her passport has gone. Colby acted as he should a professional, small niggle but Bella didn't go missing as such he knew she'd been taken by Ross and she was a child. Alf who at first didn't seem too fussed is now as concerned and I liked his talk with Justin as he can, kind of, relate because of when Martha went 'missing'. Agree Jasmine was wonderful, putting her own feelings aside to help Tori connect with Grace. It made absolute sense for Tori not to recognise her, the last time she saw her she was a new born and now she's six weeks older and bigger, not a biggie for everyone else, they wouldn't notice her day by day changes but someone not seeing a baby for even a week would see a difference. You could actually see the moment when she was tidying up the flat. Touching when Tori recognised Grace and accepted her and they did fit well together and Grace seemed secure and seemed to know she was with her mum. Justin was again getting ahead of himself, Tori has a way to go yet before she can look after Grace, not been yet discharged, she needs pyshio to build up her muscle strength so she can hold and handle her safely, her memory is still a bit flaky so couldn't be left alone with her yet. Neither Justin or Mason can be with her 24/7, if of course Leah had been there it would have been another pair of hands. It is Robbo's way always see the negative side, but supposing they don't move to the farm would they stay at Colby's or get their own place? Another knock on from Tori recovering albeit slowly is Alex. She was brought in to cover for Tori's maternity leave as it's unlikely she'll be returning to work any time soon wouldn't the NDH board extend Alex's contract until such time Tori is able to return to full time work? Willow asking Colby if he had known he and Mac were going to crash and burn would he have still have gone out with her was an unfair question as it's a completely different situation. Mac couldn't deal with Colby's job, he wasn't going to be going anywhere. Dean & Mac's weekend away didn't seem to helped him much, he looked in a worse state than when they went. He was in full self destruct mode and nothing anyone said was going to stop him. Unfortunate timing with him asking the female customer to answer the phone when Ziggy rang, natch Ziggy would assume the worse when she said "he's busy" and laughed. Colby had no choice in the end but to arrest him, he'd even him enough warnings. Another one on the road to self destruct is Ziggy, they are so alike in that respect.
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  21. Don was much more full of life and bouncier in the early years, he may not have cracked jokes but he was quite sparky. The way he got back at pupils and how he was a bit of a fitness faatic as he used to go jogging and running around Summer Bay. Also he was seen as the villain of the piece in the first few months.
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  23. They've obviously missed the chance now but do you think they should of got together back around 01? Irene just lost Ken and Alf lost Ailsa they've both stayed on for 19 years with no long lasting love interests for either of them could of had stable couple for all that time and they could of been foster parents together
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