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  1. I cannot believe that I never picked up on this but you're 100% right there! Nicolle has a much darker colour naturally (somewhere between chestnut and auburn) and her hair is much sleeker and straighter, whereas the wig is mousey and quite wavy with lots of split ends! She definitely wears a wig during her 1995 return too, as Nicolle actually had very long hair at that time. In fact, her ghost style looks the same as her 1988 style - did they recycle the old 88' prop (even though Bobby was dark blonde when she died)?
  2. hey! remember me? not seen you in a decade! good to have you back!

    1. nenehcherry2


      Enjoy it whilst it lasts as I'm closing my account down!

    2. Bobby Forever Missed

      Bobby Forever Missed

      hmmmm can't say i blame you!

  3. No, you didn't imagine it! It was when Bobby was first thinking of fostering in episode 690 (the same episode Stevo left). She was getting a sense of fostering from Pip and Lynn came up in conversation!
  4. No, never perceived a sudden change in 92 but can see a slight (but gradual) difference over her tenure. Nicolle was 18 when she started and 24 when she finished. Women's voices do "mature" a little during their late teens - mid 20s, so I'm guessing that was probably it (e.g. Isla's also changed a lot between 94 and 97). Her line delivery did change a lot though (probably to reflect Bobby's maturing character development). In 1988 - mid 89, when Bobby's a much angrier character, she has a tone of aggression when needed (especially in emotionally charged scenes, like finding out Don was h
  5. This was from Nicolle's guest appearance in GP back in 1995. She actually appeared in two eps as a tough teenager (Nicolle was 26 by this point!). Aussies on the forum will know more about it but GP looks a bit like the Doctors of today shown here in the UK. Nicolle looks much better with long, naturally coloured hair (hated that awful blonde do she had in her final year as Bob)! She must have worn a wig for the ghost episode (where her hair looks a lot like Bobby's early 1990 style), as in all pics I've seen of her from 1994 - 96 she has very long hair!
  6. Great share, Nicolle looked really good with much longer hair (like Bobby had around late 1990!) and it was good to see the fading of those awful blonde highlights she had in her final year or so as Bob. I wonder if the events discussed in this video inspired Nicolle's creepy characterisation of Bobby's ghost ;)... Nicolle's ghostly encounter - interview recorded just before she left the show (she must be recalling where she stayed whilst doing the panto in Kent, from which the first above pic was taken!)
  7. She did panto that Xmas in my county - I met her, one of the best moments of my life (some things you never forget ;)).... We've now just reached the first eps that were recorded after the 92 - 3 xmas break (I think), so she'll probably be back next block. In fact, I'm sure there's a storyline coming up very soon when she misses her birthday party because of her attitude to Tug.
  8. Is it just me, or has Bobby's hair just been getting blonder and blonder over the last few months?
  9. The legacy of Narelle lived on for quite some time though. She's mentioned in 1991 when Bobby runs away with Sam as a possible place she could be and also Bobby thought about having her as a bridesmaid for her wedding to Greg.
  10. Actually, it was 127. She made a very brief, rather pointless, comeback for Christopher's birth in 156-159 (I think).
  11. Yes, I had noticed that too. Also, in Jan 1989 Ailsa is "42" yet doesn't celebrate her 50th until 2000.
  12. I thought Floss and Neville's reactions to Scotty turning up in Episode 51 were a little theatrical and flawed, even in the language constraints of Home and Away. You wouldn't say "Oh Lord" and roll your eyes when you anticipate a serious family barney brewing. And Pippa pretending to be crying when chopping onions for a joke was hillarious. Now, can you honestly imagine Debra pulling that one off?
  13. Lynne's first ever scene was with Bobby and Greg in the diner! It is on Summer Bay Journal and is from Episode 1147 I believe.
  14. Happy birthday Nicolle Dickson, 38 on New Years Day just gone!
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