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  1. Fair comment. Thanks for entertaining my curiosity, William. Kudos to you! You do realise that the 1995 character taking the **** out of Shannon wasn't "Jesse" but the same actor playing a different role , right? Or maybe your third point just a bit of wit from your part
  2. Is the meaning of........ supposed to be somehow implied, Mr MacDonald? Disgusting is a very subjective perception. What disgusted you exactly? Ben Unwin was a very sexually attractive man to many people, me included. That's also a subjective view, granted. But I'm genuinely curious over the cause of your personal disgust (a strong word) to others acting on their perfectly natural instincts in "drooling" as a response to a sexually attractive man's poster?
  3. Yes, I do know where that gorgeously grungy, auburn haired photo of Nicolle is from! It was just ahead of her guest appearance in "GP" in mid 1994 (apparently some Aussie medical drama, I'm sure some Aussie in the house will have more info)! Nicolle grew her hair very long in 94 / 5 and it really suited her (plus the riddance of that awful blonde do she had in 93). She had shorter hair again by the time she played ghostly Bobby - though, I'm convinced that that was a wig! Very bizarrely, this pic (or one from the same photo series) was recycled as a H&A prop when Sam and Sally were looking at old family photos in 1998, not long after Pip left. Odd as it was a pic of auburn Nicolle taken the year after Bobby died with shorter blonde hair You're welcome! I miss The Big Breakfast in general, even now! You're so right RE the 2014 pic of Ross and Nicolle. Someone (and it was possibly you, forgive me if that was the case) was rather villified by the "woke" brigade on here when they suggested that the chemistry awkwardness on Ross' part could've been, at least in part, driven by his sexual orientation. As a gay man myself, I don't find anything offensive about that analogy whatsoever. It's a perfectly valid comment and could easily have been the case with Ross' physical awkwardness with Nicole (though, a great actor would bypass that); I am a terrible actor and being forced to hug, snog / pash with a woman, however friendly we were in reality, would definitely be met with visible awkwardness from this side! DebPip's attitude to Frank and Bobby in that return story is thoroughly strange (and nothing to do with Debra playing scenes which require 1989 actor memory that she didn't have; the strangeness is in the script itself). Firstly, she says that "You and Frank have a very strong PHYSICAL attraction which isn't the basis for a relationship" (a far cry from Pippa's attitude to them at the time of their marriage). Is she saying that she now thinks it was just all about sex? Bobby / Frank never seemed to be just about sex to the 88/9 viewers, quite the opposite given the silly "I don't want to throw my viriginity away" nonsense on their wedding night (two unconventional Gen X teens in 88 waited until their their wedding night to get jiggy with it?! Whatever!). My bet is the "it was only really ever lust" retcon was an embarrassingly ineffective tactic of the writers, trying to convince the viewers that that was the case to validate Greg as being the "one true love after all". Talking of episode 911, I further cringe at the screen every time she then shouts at Bobby "I'm the closest thing to a real mother that you and Frank will ever have"; whilst she is technically right, I find that very arrogant for Pippa, not her usual style - I put it down to her being pissed off about Sophie's pregnancy reveal.
  4. I always enjoy your posts! While it doesn't necessarily prove a love for Alex, I think Nicolle's comment (along with the facial reactions) at just after 9:00 makes clear her feelings performing "love scenes" with Ross... I love how Nicolle dressed offscreen in the early / mid 90s versus Bobby's wardrobe. She (like Ray, Bruce and occasionally Debra) would annually "disappear" from the screen for two weeks to appear in Panto here in the UK. On this particular occasion (between eps 1181 - 1190), they didn't even give an explanation for Bobby not being around (whilst with Alf, he was going to see Roo in NYC), talked as though she was still there, and then she comes "back" with longer, wavier, even blonder hair and looking like she'd put on a couple of pounds (and a birthday which had suddenly moved to March)!
  5. Semi-closet pansexual Dodge obsessively hunting for Stevo on Grindr and wondering why Jeff Samuels ("rough top looking for twink gym buddies") is the only profile coming up in range? This story is then recycled a few years later with Simon and Blake. DOCS taking issue with Pippa's preferences in marrying men who wear questionably tightly fitted, denim shorts in the company of of minors. Sarah or Angel threatening to get Adam listed as a pervert for hanging around schoolgirls as young as 15. Irene sending Selina to a sex addiction therapy group Bobby wearing nice, modern checked shirts (not Hawaiian) with no Ailsa plane jumpers or ants dresses. More pills and condoms on sale in the store (if that'd even exist)
  6. Completely agree with all of these, especially Don going to jail. On remand, Bobby and Matt still would have found the evidence against Al to get him sent down but Don would have been kept in for concealing a manslaughter, albeit on a short sentence. As per my post, I think the marriage and engagement rate of the younger couples especially would have been much lower, period of cohabitation longer combined with higher divorce and abortion rates. Pippa probably would've still got with Michael quite quickly for the security aspect but not sure they'd have rushed to marry (and DOCS, no doubt, would have been okay with the fostering licence being shared by an unmarried couple). Would the general stores have all existed in the first place? Or would they have been parts of a chain (when the commercial world is now less "SME" based) or not even there at all? Would the likes of Alf have been the owner? Again, don't know the demographics of rural NSW very well but, here in the UK, it would be someone who looks more like my Father (!), even in a village, and probably part of a chain like Tesco Express or a franchisee of a "symbol group" like Cosco or Nisa. What would the ethno-cultural backgrounds of the Fletcher kids be? To avoid this becoming a cliché , I don't know enough about inner-city Sydney demographics to speculate, so help me out with that Aussies!
  7. As much as I'm not keen on Bobby with Greg, I'm also not keen on her with Frank. Perhaps that stems looking at it many times plus living in a different world. Whilst Nicolle and Alex have chemistry, I now find their relationship and marriage boring (subjective view, granted). I actually prefer the Bobby on her own (both in 88 and then the bit between Frank and Greg where she really gets better and better and had BOBBY-led stories). Of all of her romantic conquests, the one that I still consistently like watching the most is with her and Danny; there is definitely something interesting about that chemistry (and Geoff/Bobby definitely the most painful, as it always was). Some strong female characters work better just on their own and that's part of what gives them their identity. And that's why I love Bobby the most in those periods. Yes, they break hearts along the way but they are not part of sickly "supercouples". Alas Shannon, Irene, the real Michelle Fowler in EastEndsers etc. Soaps have a consistent habit of making most of their young characters relationship dependent- if anything, that trend has worsened whilst (quite rightly) it is the opposite way now in in real life with young, Western women being far more self-assured and less "man-dependent". In general, I find all those "romance" led stories boring (another subjective view, I know!). That view has got stronger with time and no doubt diluted by rewatching!
  8. Firstly, what a super fun thread. I love it! In general, would the likes of Celia behave as she did? I'm looking at this from an urban UK view, so, Aussie forum folks, please advise if the archaeetypal "local sticky beak" still exists to a realistic degree in rural New South Wales (or would she have been either older or reworked?). Can't imagine Roo rushing to marry Frank (or, with no pregnancy involved, Bobby with Frank, Carly with Ben, Bobby and Greg or Shane and Angel, etc etc for that matter). Average age of first marriage in Australia is now over 30, more couples cohabit in general without this obsession with marriage and there is far less taboo of a 16/17 year old being pregnant (and certainly marriage wouldn't have been a solution). Advances in DNA testing also would've made it silly for Roo to try and conceal the fatherhood in the first place.. Which leads to... Bobby doing an Ancestry DNA test to find out her real parents, with a lonely, curious Barbara coming up as a maternal aunt (to be fair, she was nagged into signing up by family historian, Celia, who is also a technophobe). Morag pushes Alf to concoct a story that Debra is the real mother (who had disappeared 18 years before leaving no trace). Bobby becomes obsessive, to no success, in finding Debra - leading to a Police search for her Murder (with questionable circumstantial evidence). Months later, Bobby's fatherhood comes out when she has a likely paternal Aunt match from Mary Croft. Donald confesses everything to a characteristically suspicious Ailsa (in earshot of local online troll, Alison Patterson) - including which Stewart sister he really slept with... Morag and Al given custodial sentences for the illegal adoption (and Bobby's "grandparents" charged with child neglect). Narelle as the local Tinder super swiper with Martin then Adam as the Tinder menaces! Ailsa's killing of her father coming to light when Bridget asks Emma to run a Google Lens image search of Ailsa's face combined with a photo aging app which has a positive link to a picture of her wedding to Alf on Carly Morris' Instagram account. Ailsa blackmailing the openly intersex Miss Molloy on one of her visits to the Fletchers to keep Shauna's identity a secret. Miss Molloy reminds her that it's only a matter of time before a curious Shauna is old enough to run an Ancestry DNA test and connect with of one Ailsa's relatives. Allison Patterson as Summer Bay's nasty online troll, framing Roo for her actions and, eventually, outing Morag as Bobby's Mother and leading to a rift between Roo and Morag. Eventually, a common grammatical mistake in using "there" in place of "they're" or "their" (which would appear to be a common occrance with trolls) outs her. Danny would have later trolled Morag, initially framing Bobby. Alf and Celia being challenged on their unconscious bias of David Lee's relationship with "their Ruthie" (now that there is a lexical term for what Ailsa and Roo were accusing them of). Ben criminally charged with his emotional domestic abuse of Carly. Michael referring to David as "Perth's answer to Prince Andrew". Andrew Foley, quite rightly, being picked up on his creepy style of interaction towards young women in general. Advances in communication technology, mobile phone ownership, social media etc means there would have been less of the three-episode long likes of trying to find Pippa for Sophie's labour etc. Nowadays, it would have been one PM from Bobby to Pip and she'd have been in the ward in minutes. Those kinds of stories which were built on the suspense of finding characters who had gone shopping in Yabbie Creek etc were a mainstay of the early years - and I find it very painful to watch them again now in light of world changes!
  9. Bobby's characterisation in early / mid 1990 is a bit all over the place, going from one extreme to another. I agree RE that silly, filler Carly skirt story, she's very 88 Bobby like in behaviour (and her hair had just been cut a bit 88 like, strange). Just a week or two before when Grant started teaching at the school, she had acted far more grown up (in fact, identical to how she was when Luke started working for Don, a blatant copycat story). As in, she still stirs but in a more clever way. By the time of her pregnancy, she's pretty much what I'd call "middle Bobby" - generally settled but still more than ready to flare up reactively and enjoys a little stir with say Adam or Carly. That then lasts I'd say until around just after she marries Greg and Maz leaves. In her final 12 months, she seems bored and vacant a lot of the time, as if Nicolle battling with the producers about staying is spilling over.
  10. You're welcome. I have access to British Newspaper Archive for business reasons and have been known to do the odd H&A search Nicolle came to the UK to do panto every Xmas between 1990 - 1994 and some of the reviews of her panto performances even then were rather scathing. Tbf, that could just be attributable to the early 90s UK establishment's general view of Australian soaps or it could be that Nicolle is better at dramatic screen acting than stage performance, who knows without seeing it in person? RE reunions, well Nicolle has clearly kept in touch with (at the very least) Emily (her real-life best mate), Alex, Ross, Judy, Debra and Rebekah (and no doubt other former co-stars) whereas Helena seems to have lost touch with them all. In fact, someone tweeted Kate about the Helena mystery and she ignored it, so my guess is that she is not in touch with any of the original H&A team / crew. Forgot to add - with the exception of 1991 - 2 (where she performed with Mark Little, aka Joe Mangel from Ramsay Street), she appeared opposite Alex Papps in all 3 other other years
  11. Assume you mean Nicolle Dickson? I found her on LinkedIn as Nicolle Bell with no profile picture (based on the school she attended, as well as the years of attendance and working as an accounts assistant in Western Sydney). Bizarrely, she accepted my connection request but never read or responded to my message. She's connected to a few former H&A cast and crew such as Andrew Howie, Bruce Roberts and Tina Thomsen which implies that it is THE "Nicky" (you can only view her connections when a 1st degree connection yourself). She never seems to post, like or comment. I also found both of her sons on Facebook. Lincoln (her eldest) is connected to Mat Stevenson as well as a woman who looks like an older Nicolle called Cheryl Dickson (her mother's name). He posted about Nicolle's father dying recently (verified by this link here); I have interviews where she states her parents' and sisters' names. The Dicksons seem like a very close & happy working-class western Sydney family. Based on a picture of her parents that Lincoln shared, Nicolle clearly has her father's eyes (further inherited by Lincoln!) but her mother's height! Felt rather inappropriate to message on a private social media channel at a difficult time, so refrained from contacting him.
  12. I cannot believe that I never picked up on this but you're 100% right there! Nicolle has a much darker colour naturally (somewhere between chestnut and auburn) and her hair is much sleeker and straighter, whereas the wig is mousey and quite wavy with lots of split ends! She definitely wears a wig during her 1995 return too, as Nicolle actually had very long hair at that time. In fact, her ghost style looks the same as her 1988 style - did they recycle the old 88' prop (even though Bobby was dark blonde when she died)?
  13. hey! remember me? not seen you in a decade! good to have you back!

    1. nenehcherry2


      Enjoy it whilst it lasts as I'm closing my account down!

    2. Bobby Forever Missed

      Bobby Forever Missed

      hmmmm can't say i blame you!

  14. No, you didn't imagine it! It was when Bobby was first thinking of fostering in episode 690 (the same episode Stevo left). She was getting a sense of fostering from Pip and Lynn came up in conversation!
  15. No, never perceived a sudden change in 92 but can see a slight (but gradual) difference over her tenure. Nicolle was 18 when she started and 24 when she finished. Women's voices do "mature" a little during their late teens - mid 20s, so I'm guessing that was probably it (e.g. Isla's also changed a lot between 94 and 97). Her line delivery did change a lot though (probably to reflect Bobby's maturing character development). In 1988 - mid 89, when Bobby's a much angrier character, she has a tone of aggression when needed (especially in emotionally charged scenes, like finding out Don was her Dad, threatening Roo, etc). This phased out but would still appear at full force in context (like when she says to Fiona "you'd better get out of here before I do something I'll regret"); one of the many ways Bobby stayed very consistent (whilst changing a LOT). What I have noticed is how different Nicolle sounds in more recent interviews compared to Bobby. Her voice is far huskier and her accent even sounds very different (pronouncing her Rs at the end of words, very unusual in Australian English). Apparently she smokes, so this could be the reason why.
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