Rob is excited about proposing to Roxy until she tells him that she never loved him. Roxy leaves the Bay. Rob gets in trouble at the school when he hits Jack for turning up late. Rob quits and buys the boat shed from Michael. The residents of Summer Bay continue to refer to Rob at the boat shed even though he is removed from the opening titles and never seen again.

Shannon is attracted to a guy called Eric but it turns out that he deals steriods. Jack is initially interested in buying steriods but has a change of heart and reveals Eric’s true nature. Eric tries to force himself on Shannon and she has nightmares about someone chasing and trying to grab her. She reveals that she was abused by her uncle when she was younger. Later in the year, Shannon battles anorexia and has a crush on a female writer, Mandy Thomas.

Alf hits Angel with his car and she is left in a wheelchair. Shane tries to cheer up Angel by arranging for her to see her son Dylan. Dylan recognises Angel as his mother. Shane and Angel buy their own house. Shane’s bucks night is a memorable one as Donald gets drunk after Damian and Rob spikes his drinks. Then Jack tries smoking a cigarette but doesn’t like it an tosses it under one of the caravans. Sally had left the gas on in the caravan after conducting a science experiment and the caravan explodes. The next day, Angel gets up out of her wheelchair to walk down the aisle and gets married to Shane.

Jack explodes a caravan / Shane and Angel get married

Damian and Sarah both return for Shane and Angel’s wedding. Selina and Damian get close and spend the night together. Selina then discovers she is pregnant. Damian wants her to terminate the pregnancy but Selina decides to go ahead and have the baby adopted.

Alf and Ailsa have an Italian exchange student stay with them, Laura Bonetti. Jack and Curtis fight over Laura and Laura leads Curtis astray by going to nightclubs, staying out late, etc. Tragedy strikes as Laura is killed by a train whilst performing the stunt of running across the tracks. We are introduced to Travis Nash who witnessed the accident and has supposedly lived in the Bay all his life. Alf punches Donald for reporting Curtis to the police! Curtis drowns his sorrows with alcohol for a while, then offers to be a father to Selina’s baby. He and Selina get together. Selina suffers a miscarriage.

The new maths teacher at Summer Bay High is Donna’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Andrew Miller. Donna hits Andrew and feels terrible for stooping to his level, after which they begin to reconcile and Donna moves in with him. However, Andrew gets jealous of Donna’s continuing friendship with Rob and hits her again. Donna moves in with Travis.

Ailsa suffers a breakdown from trying to look after two businesses while Alf is away. Her mental condition worsens after she faces an intruder ater hours at the Diner. Ailsa pushes Alf away, believing he doesn’t love her any more. Ailsa is in the kitchen one night, drugged up on five-year-old anti-depressants, and sees a vision of a Bobby appear from the fridge! The ghostly Bobby tells Ailsa that Alf really does love her, after which Ailsa admits that she has a problem and needs help.

Ailsa suffers a breakdown and sees a ghostly Bobby!

Marilyn Chambers returns to Summer Bay after the break-up of her marriage. She offers to buy the beach house from Irene but Irene does not want to sell and Marilyn becomes her lodger. Clumsy Marilyn manages to lock herself and Angel in the store room at the Diner (which didn’t seem to exist before) and Marilyn decides it would be the perfect location for a beauty salon.

Shane and Angel get custody of Dylan. They employ Shannon as their babysitter and Shannon develops a crush on Shane. Shannon lies to Angel, claiming that she and Shane are having an affair. Angel and Dylan leave town on the sea plane (along with Teresa Lynch, Summer Bay High’s failed deputy principle). The plane crashes and Shane is worried that Angel is dead. It is actually a Yugoslavian man who is killed and Pippa and Michael take in his scared daughter Maja. Shane and Angel reconcile.

Irene gets engaged to Mick O’Reilly but Marilyn notices a mark on his ring finger and discovers he has two other wives! Soon after, Irene runs into her ex-husband Murdoch and he makes her realise that his walking out on her was her fault because of her drinking problem. Irene lets Murdoch stay at the beach house and they appear to be reconciling. Selina is suspicious as Murdoch “accidentally” keeps walking in on her getting changed. Irene discovers the truth as she sets Murdoch up by pretending to be Selina asleep in Selina’s bed. Murdoch tries to get into bed with her and Irene runs him out of town.

Irene confronts Murdoch in Selina’s room

Steven Matheson returns as Summer Bigh High’s new maths teacher and has a fling with Marilyn.

Angel is stalked by Dylan’s father, Paul. Shannon rescues Dylan as Paul ties Angel up with the intention of taking his son away. Soon after, Shane and Angel learn that Dylan has leukaemia. Angel considers having another baby with Paul to give Dylan a bone marrow transplant but she falls pregnant to Shane first.

Irene’s country singer sister Wendy McFarlane arrives in the bay with her son Nelson at the start of the year. Nelson returns in June and starts dating Sally. Jack is partnered with talkative Chloe Richards on a school project and takes a liking to her. However, Chloe’s overprotective and racist father, Max, tells Jack to stay away from his daughter. Max takes Chloe away to Western Australia. Jack and his mate Rad steal a car to go and see her but the car crashes and catches fire. Rad gets away, leaving Jack trapped in the car. Nelson rescues Jack and suffers severe burns as the car explodes, starting off a huge bush fire. The residents of Summer Bay evacuate their homes as the fire spreads. Donald fights to save the school from the fire, unaware that his house is burning down. Dr. Kelly Watson is introduced at the hospital, attending to Nelson’s burns. Chloe later returns to Summer Bay and Irene takes her in.

Shane and Michael fight the bush fire / Donald saves the school

Murdoch’s burnt body is found after the fire but an autopsy reveals that he was murdered before the fire and Irene and Selina are suspects! Dodge returns to Summer Bay after getting out of prison. He was the first foster kid that Pippa failed with and was respinsible for the death of Steven’s uncle Philip when he set fire to the original Stewart’s Store. He is back in town for revenge on Steven and has Murdoch’s harmonica with him – he is the murderer! Dodge fakes his own death by jumping overboard from the charity cruise boat which Jack organises to raise funds for the victims of the fire. Steven is suspected of murder but receives messages from Dodge to let him know that he is alive. Dodge abducts Kelly and plays games with Steven to see if he can find her. Steven finds Dodge at the top of the cliff. They wrestle and fall off the cliff together. Dodge’s body is not found.

Steven and Dodge wrestle each other over a cliff

Selina is stung in her throat after a bee gets inside her drink can on the beach. She has a near-death experience in one of the show’s most memorable graphics sequences! She claims she saw her miscarried baby, Maddie. Selina is later stalked by Jeremy Riggs, an unpopular student from school.

Selina’s near-death experience

An American lady, Quinn Jackson arrives and claims she is Alf’s daughter from an affair he had while he was in the military. Pippa and Michael are at war with Alf and Ailsa for a month or so over Alf’s plans to sell some land for a time-share development. Quinn leaks the plans, ruining everything and goes back home after finding she doesn’t like her father very much.

Shane and Angel’s lodger, Alex Bennett starts dating Shannon. Shannon and Selina go for a ride after Selina gets her license and they are followed by a truck. The truck driver turns out to be Alex’s cult leader father, Saul Bennett. Saul feeds Selina his ideas about the reasons behind her miscarriage and near-death experience and Selina moves on his commune with him.

Kelly accidentally jabs herself while giving an injection to an HIV positive patient and worries that she may have caught HIV.

In the season finale, Steven and Marilyn hold a Christmas party in Donald’s office for him because he has been working so hard. Donald has a little too much to drink and tells Marilyn that he has been wanting to ask her out! Shane goes out on his motorbike to get some ice cream. He is almost run off the road by a truck and stops to catch his breath. While stopped he is hit by a car and flung from his bike.

Kelly has an accident with a needle / Shane is knocked off his bike