Rhonda O’Mara

May Lloyd

Rhonda O’Mara (2011)
May Lloyd
Episodes: 5367, 5374

Spouse: Unnamed husband (deceased)
Children: Dean & Kelly O’Mara

Occupation: Farmer

Rhonda was the mother of Dean and Kelly O’Mara. Xavier met her when he followed Kelly home to the family farm, which Rhonda had been left running with only Kelly to assist since her husband died and Dean was jailed for raping Bianca. Rhonda tried to send Xavier packing straight away but Kelly pointed out they needed the help so she sent him to stay in the workers’ quarters. However, she was unimpressed by his clumsy attempts to help out.

Rhonda continued to heap jobs on Xavier in the absence of any other workers, getting him to put up a new fence. She also blamed Kelly for them being short-handed, since she had made a statement against Dean. Xavier confronted her on the attitude and she admitted she mainly blamed herself and knew Kelly had done the right thing. She softened somewhat towards Xavier, treating a cut on his hand, but also made it clear she felt life on a farm wasn’t for him. Xavier agreed with her and that night he said goodbye to Kelly.

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