Michael Patton

Michael Patton (2010)
Jack Campbell
Episodes: 5038-5057

Occupation: Counsellor/Psychologist

We first heard about Michael when Leah talked to Charlie and persuaded her to get some help with her relationship fears. Leah said that Rachel recommended this psychologist to her after the riots but she didn’t feel the need to use the service.

Michael was Charlie Buckton’s counsellor and we first met him in the Pier Diner as he paid for his purchase, he greeted Charlie and discreetly said that he would see her in the afternoon which made Angelo suspicious.

In their first on-screen counselling session Charlie talked to Michael about Angelo. She shared her feelings with Michael about Angelo saying that he was the reason that she was in counselling and he was a loving, caring and generous person and that at first there were some trust issues but now she could totally rely on him. Charlie didn’t want to be with him as being with him terrified her and not having a way out was something that she can’t cope with but at the same time she didn’t know how not to.

Charlie talked about what had happened to her in the past, how it was affecting her future and that she was wrecking her chances with Angelo because it was getting in the way being with someone that she was happy with. Michael suggested that whenever she was thinking that way that she needed to challenge it. Michael also told Charlie that she called him and made an appointment, he told her that he doesn’t believe that makes her a victim or makes her pathetic even though she doesn’t believe it. Charlie knows that Angelo was good for her and that she can’t be with him. Michael questioned Charlie about being with Angelo either now or never. Charlie doesn’t want him to wait around for her, Angelo had given Charlie all the space that she needed and that he would be there for her as a friend.

Michael was at Noah’s, he ordered a glass of wine at the bar and he was holding a fishing magazine under his arm. Angelo noticed him at the bar and quizzed Michael as to where he had met him before then came to the conclusion that it was probably at the Bait Shop. Angelo introduced himself as “Leo”.

Michael gave Charlie the task of writing down her feelings in a journal instead of bottling them all up, although she wasn’t looking forward to reading out her thoughts at the next session.

Angelo had a lunch date with Michael which he had to cancel due to the ongoing investigation at work of an accident at a building site. It turned out that Michael had a tinnie for sale and Angelo was thinking of buying one as he was going to check it out that afternoon.

At their next session, Charlie quizzed Michael about his spare time, if he goes fishing or boating but he moves away from that subject and back onto the subject of Charlie and her reasons for counselling. She asked him if he knew any cops apart from her but Michael declined to discuss it and weaved the conversation back to Charlie once more asking her how she felt since the last session.

Angelo was going to pick up his tinnie the following day and he was considering asking Michael if he would like to go fishing and have a few beers with him.

Angelo was outside Michael’s house and he saw Charlie and Michael through the window. Angelo climbed up a tree outside the property in order to get a better view. During the session, Charlie talked about relationships in general and how good she felt about a relationship she knew that would never last. She felt that the beginnings were good but as soon as the relationship progressed to another level then she felt that it wouldn’t work. Michael questioned Charlie about her sense of doom that she felt and if that person would run away. During the session, they heard someone scream and both Michael and Charlie went out to investigate. Michael saw “Leo” on the grass and Charlie confronted him before they both went back inside leaving Angelo to recover. Charlie finished her session and Michael walked her out through the side of the house. She apologised for Angelo’s behaviour, he offered to talk to Angelo but Charlie said that she would handle it.

At the Surf Club, Angelo attempted to talk to Michael but told Angelo that he would have no further communication with him as it was a conflict of interest and that if he had anything to say that it would be wise that he spoke to Charlie.

At the Pier Diner, Rachel had arranged for Miles to meet with Michael for an informal chat rather than at his office. Michael and Miles have a chat at Noah’s and they chat about Rabbit. Michael asked questions about where Rabbit was and if she was with him most of the time. Michael tried to convince Miles that Rabbit was not real although he knew that Miles didn’t want Rabbit to leave him. They also chatted about the spray painting incidents and locking friends of Leah and Elijah in a van which he knew that Rabbit was responsible for all those things. Michael suggested that they do a full psych evaluation on Miles to establish the right course of action and also medication. Michael believed that Miles was suffering from a psychotic disorder and that it was having a negative effect on his life. Miles had a conversation with Rabbit in the presence of Michael about taking the drugs necessary to stop the visions from happening and that he would see Michael in his office at 3 pm.

Michael still thought that Miles was suffering for psychotic episodes where he departs from reality and that he would like to do more evaluations but the preferred treatment would be anti-psychotic drugs. Miles doesn’t agree but Michael stressed that the longer it gets left untreated it would get worse. He wanted Miles to start the drug therapy.

The next session Michael asked Miles how he was feeling, if he had any side effects from the medication, if anything was troubling him, his emotional state and how the “Rabbit situation” was going. At the end of the session, Michael told Miles that he needed to go to the hospital to get another blood test done in order to monitor the medication levels. Miles said that he would see Michael on Friday for his next appointment.

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