Stella Patterson

Stella Patterson (2001: 2002)
Tina Bursill
Episodes: 2969-2972; 2997-2999:3322-3325

Children: Vincent “Vinnie” Patterson
Marital Status: Ralph Patterson

Stella first arrived in the bay after hearing about Leah and Vinnie’s engagement. Along with Theo, Stella’s interference in the wedding drove Vinnie to despair, and he even thought about calling the wedding off. However, after a heart to heart, Stella agreed to Leah and Vinnie’s wishes and gave the couple her blessing.

Stella returned for the wedding where she participated in some of the Greek traditions, and despite being reluctant at first began to enjoy herself. At the wedding reception, Stella kissed Alf, an action that angered Duncan.

Stella returned for VJ’s christening where she came to blows with Helen Poulos over what to do with VJ’s recently discovered deafness. Stella has been mentioned several times since by Leah as looking after VJ. It is assumed that she still lives somewhere relatively close to the bay.